Tuesday Tank Reviews Top Fin Bettaflo Soothe 3 5 Gallon Aquarium Update

welcome back y’all it is Tuesday which
means it is time for another tank review now because so many people have
requested that I actually do a secondary review of the betta flow
soothe after getting it actually all scaped out and truly setup so here we go
now oh my gosh I did want to get a video of Amin scaping out the tank but
unfortunately the footage turned out absolute terrible Ness it was just a
blurry blurry mess I think because it’s just the way that the tank is set up and
where the tank is set up and I had my camera set on auto focus like a fool so
none of my footage turned out well at all
I started to actually think that I was never gonna be able to escape this tank
out because I drove to several different locations just to get the very few
plants that I really wanted for this tank setup and then on top of that I
ordered rocks and I ordered my substrate online because weirdly enough I could
not find fluorite substrate at any of the stores they were all completely out
so I ordered that and I ordered my rocks online and of course they delivered them
to the wrong address luckily luckily since I have amazing neighbors the
people that they had delivered my packages to ended up bringing them to my
house thank goodness because I really started to think that maybe this project
was doomed so without further ado let’s get into what I absolutely love the end
don’t quite love so much about this tank so for starters let’s just go ahead and
ignore all the little wire mess that I have going on on the side of the tank
that’s gonna get taken care of I needed to buy more zip ties I
ran out of zip ties which I use and absolutely love and recommend if you
want to deal with all your wires and get those nice and straightened up the
filter on this thing seriously is completely silent like I cannot hear
anything seriously every time I turn the light on on this thing my camera light
actually starts dimming you can kind of get a better idea of how bright this
light really is now that the aquarium is scaped but it really still doesn’t quite
do it justice of how bright this lighting is so I did go ahead and put
some Amazon sword plants in the back and then of course we’ve got my nice black
and gray and white rocks that I added in here then right in front of the rocks I
went ahead and put some crypts in and then I added some dwarf hair grass
throughout the tank which hopefully that will start carpeting soon and really
fill in and start looking amazing so I am pretty excited with how this tank did
turn out now some of the things that I don’t fully love about this tank that I
didn’t notice at first is that this lid is a little bit more wobbly than I would
have preferred now I mean it is a pretty tightly fitted lid as far as your fish
being able to get out but as a cat owner I do worry that my cats might figure out
that they can pull this off I have had one cat previously pull a tape lid off
before and it was not pretty so that is one thing that I don’t absolutely love
about this the other thing that I kind of don’t absolutely love but at the same
time I kind of do is that is that with having this shape of a tank it can cause
a little bit of a magnification effect on your background like the back the
back half of the tank so my plants when my background kind of appear a
little bit larger than they actually are on camera now having said that I
actually do kind of like the magnification effect it kind of creates
an interesting it kind of creates a more interesting look and it makes my
background really really pop but I’m not really sure how that’s gonna work out
once I actually add a fish in that when it swims towards the back of the tank it
might look a little weird so I’m not a hundred percent sure I do still really
really like this tank so far but it has only been up and running for about a
week now so only time is going to tell whether or not my plants are gonna grow
well I am dosing the tank with co2 to try to help get this grasp going and
carpeting and of course I’m gonna be dosing it regularly with fertilizers and
of course adding root tabs as needed so there is a little bit of work involved
I’m hoping that these lights are gonna be bright enough to be able to grow
these plants if not I do have a back-up plan so these plants are gonna grow no
matter what but I’m not a hundred percent sure if they will grow well on
this light and loan I’m sure that the swords are gonna do great because I’m I
have grown those in pretty low lit tanks before and same with the crypts I’m a
little bit concerned with how well the grass is going to go ahead and grow so
all in all I would definitely still say that I really really like this tank so
far and that it definitely was worth the money now for those of you out there who
were voicing your concerns as far as the round shape of the tank being a problem
for bettas or fish in general having a slight curvature to a tank is gonna be
very different from having a spherical tank the spherical tanks like bowls are
going to create that weird fisheye effect that you
see whereas having a curved tank while it will cause some distortion it’s only
going to cause a little bit of a magnification effect and it is gonna
make taking photos a little bit more tricky a little bit more difficult as
there’s a lot more surface for light to reflect off of so there might be a
little bit more of an issue as far as getting good photographs when you’re
trying to take pictures of your tank just because of how the light is going
to hit this tank and like I said it does cause a little bit of a distortion as I
pointed out some of the things like it towards the back of the tank look a
little bit larger than they actually are in reality but overall there’s not a
whole lot of distortion going on in this tank so anyway guys that’s all I really
have for y’all today as always thank you so so much for watching I love you guys
and I will see you in my next video bye

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tank Reviews Top Fin Bettaflo Soothe 3 5 Gallon Aquarium Update

  1. The Topfin Bettaflo tank is a nice tank but has its pros and cons! I like the way you set up your tank. Have you tried the Marineland Portrait five gallon tank? I have one of my male bettas in this decor tank. It is very nice except the water flow has to be adjusted.

  2. Objects in the back of the tank seem larger? Might be a good thing Mandy:) If you stick a Betta in the tank it may appear as a huge colorful Great White Shark at the back of the tank:) That way Miss Kitty may think twice about taking the lid off;) Or, put a bigger target on it.
    Tank looks amazing Mandy! Thanks for the video:)

  3. I’m really really trying to like this tank. I love your scape. Just not a fan of the big white tube in the middle. Like it looks and works good for the most part but wow. I really tried to just give this tank a chance to change my mind on it but nope. I still am not a fan of it. You did good scaping it though!

  4. Is a huge bowl any different from a cylinder shaped tank from the fish point of view. I think not. We have a big bowl, community betta tank here. With little distortion from our side looking in. Only a little bit in the back corners if that make any sense. And i can tell the fish are doing alright. You know you can tell if the fish are stressed out, right.

  5. Amazon sword plant get big. Mine got too big for a 10 gallon. I couldnt imagine it can stay in there long term. Are you using a different light than from the tank lid because I dont think that counts as medium light either which is what the sword will like if you keep it. I doubt it would be enough for carpeting plants either. I dont think it's meant to be for plants but maybe a DIY lid and decent light will help a lot.

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