ladies and gentlemen welcome to this video yeah it’s not that great … My friends I have a revolutionary idea the principle is that if you laugh *boooo* wait I finish ! The earth EXPLODEEEEEE No that was just a video this was not real the earth will not explode because I did not laugh okay without messing it’s been a long time that we didn’t watched funny videos and even in my own life it’s been a long time I look at a lot of meme but it’s not videos it’s just … Images before starting I warn you that my level of demand it has increased a lot in recent years I will not laugh for nothing let’s go first video free your mind Neo Vine no no no it will makes me laugh oh nooo I’m sure it’s the same the end of the video is something else [Music] yeah right nothing very surprising here kid mirror selfie [Music] WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK MARRY ME NOW Oh dude he has a charisma, really cool Trash management in Russia ViralHog what is this ? [Music] nooooo noooo it’s soooo coool he is so kind, it’s so cool dude what he made is really good because if a two-wheeled vehicle don’t see the mattress he will surely crash This type of videos are beautiful this type of things are so kind, I am moved Amazon Alexa hacked into Billy Bass Fish oh nooo it’s a shame :’) I like the fact that it turn his head towards you when he respond it could not watch you when he talk but it’s watching you when it talk so Anthony Hopkins MY GOD he literaly had a mental breakdown wait wait wait wait Because some people surely don’t know this LEGEND actor who is Anthony Hopkins okay watch him and his charisma more and more enjoy this moment you will rarely see a guy with this charisma in your life and you don’t need a lot to be impressed because you are to youtubers without charisma like … I won’t tell you names what happend to him ? he broke the myth I love it Some … body I know this meme it’s so good with the music of Shrek I didn’t laugh :’) it’s always gets me :’) so we continue we want fun we want to laugh It’s a hard knock life a lot of views and a lot of likes, you surely saw it but me not it’s not that funny, it’s peoples that hurt themselves It’s Clément that choose and send me the videos he has no heart And no you are not allowed to respond it’s my video ok ? you have no power I regulary eat my boogers but I cut this parts with montage She hurted herself 😮 What happens to me I can’t laugh, everything make me sad ! wii sports resort, oh this, I speaked about this before It’s videos when at the start it’s something and after it’s something in real life you’ll see I’m sure I’s make me laugh because I imagine if it’s real That on wii sport resort the preview is really this Boring cat I like everything related to animals, you know that ohhh it’s so cute dude he use your hand to have strokes the car is not boring, he’s just cute dude I have nothing to say, my car Jumbo don’t do this 🙁 that’s all, I don’t play guitare so it’s normal it’s not making me laugh ok next one, I like what happen I saw this one, it’s really funny it’s crazy that with everyday objects like this little things you can do something really funny 5 millions views ?! and I did not saw that it’s a shame I want to see this right now What do I have to watch and where ? Oh thank you ! what will he do ? The guy with the blue shirt ! Dude I practiced gymnastic for 3 years and I don’t know how to do this I know how to make the move but not dodging the ball I’m a lier Clément you find my weakness, YOU KNOW THAT MY WEAKNESS IS THE “PROUT” How dare you use it against me ?! yes. this man that laugh in front of farts is the 3rd biggest youtuber in France. And you watch his videos Woaw this video was so fabulous I can watch it all evening dude Oh watch this, it’s the same thing with the phone you bastard :’) There’s a meme that consist of making appear the song and the communist flag in a situation when you don’t expect it and there I admit that … so what’s the ending is it the communist thing ? what will it form, it will form this I’m sure An iguana fart in his bath but stop ! it’s not even funny anymore everybody know my weakness very immature, really immature The best pirate I’ve evey seen I want to sail with this man I really good remake, better than the original, really want to see the next ones why making fun of him, he dare making it, he don’t care that he is good or not he dare making it, singing he dare making himself happy and this send him love ! My friends, it’s looks like the earth did not explode oh shit Like the video if enjoyed the video I’ll make a video like that every 4 months a video where I watch other videos every 4 months Thanks for watching Take care of you, warning a little magic trick before the end oh no no it’s just for the intros in the next video I’ll make another magic trick Goodbye !

100 thoughts on “TU RIGOLES LA TERRE EXPLOSE !

  1. En début de vidéo
    Lucas :'' Mon niveau d'exigence a bien évolué !''
    Quelque seconde plus tard 0:44
    Effectivement le cas tu as bien évolué , avant tu aurais ÉCLATER de rire…?

  2. Tu a oublier que si tu rigole la terre explose mais la planète aurais bien exploser depuis longtemps si sa serais vrai !

  3. la terre explose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tout le monde à terre tout le monde toute la terre aller sa va exploser vite à terre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. squeezie tu à pas suivi les consigne tu à rigoler la terre explose donc tout le monde à terre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. c'est quoi la musique du 1er mirror selfie svp.
    je l'adore mais je connais pas le titre.
    sinon… 6:00 merci d'avoir censuré la vidéo…

  6. 5:44 quand le personnage principal d'un film deviens un dersh qui lâche des ruines pandant 2 heures…pour ceux qui on vue idiocracy 😛

  7. :squeezie: Je sais faire la figure mais pas esquiver le ballon

    :voix chelous: je suis un gros mito man de c'est mort???

  8. A 6:20 il y a la musique de Stranger Things et après il y a le russe sauf si on regarde dans la série il y a des russe étrange non parce que la vidéo a à été tournée en 2018????

  9. 5:27 je l’ai déjà fait mais c’était moin styler car quand j’ai lancée le ballon j’ai pas eu le mec que je voulais tirer, J’AVAIS LE SEUM MDR?

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