Trying To Use Monopoly Money At A Vegas Casino!

Porter oh I forgot my wallet, bro. I Totally forgot my wallet. Do you have your wallet? Can you cover me? I don’t have mine. I left her in my car, dude Oh my god, I gotta bring this to her right you guys. Aw you guys take Apple pay. Okay, perfect. Oh you do, okay It should be enough It should be enough right that’s like $50 worth from my grandpa’s farm Yeah, so should that cover it? Like for Apple pay oh Because they’re organic for my grandpa’s farm No, yeah Apple pay look isn’t that the new thing if it’s not enough we got a lot so You only take granny smith apples These are Macintosh, is this the wrong is this the wrong kind of Apple. Oh Shit really you don’t have any Granny Smiths – no, I have no Granny Smith. We could grow grab some real quick Do I have some in the car? What Apple works for Apple pay? Okay, the green ones okay once okay ours are brand new Lee ripen – granny just picked them So do you want to take a bite of one? They’re actually really tasty Yeah, very sweet a little too sweet be honest mmm, okay, we’ll be back Hey boys, ladies do construction back in the day And we tell you it’s nothing fucking worse than getting hired to do a job and then have some fucking boneheads have to help you Got to fucking construction guys wallpapering up the full sunroom. I’m gonna act like fucking I got contracted in from Craigslist We’re gonna have a couple of darts and get in their way How’s it going boys Yeah Is that a girl’s name? Oh no. No, so what are you doing in here boys? Top bright boy. Hey they wanted you read You boys smoke. Oh, yeah. Come on dirty smokes weed weed. Yeah. Are you all in there boss? Okay, good. Yeah. Oh Hey, we’re in California boys from Sorry was that Bullshit No, no, Mexico New Mexico not like one of those Mexican if you don’t even know me a whole lot of free in there, but No, oh great is it the razor blades I play with oh Well, you got a box cutter Oh No, are you gonna be going Across Girl Come on downs. You want me to what? Get their button or no I’d offer you guys a beer, but I only have one case left Ladies out here boys. Check this one out bud Yeah, he’s my cousin but like oh, yeah, I mean boy tool a Crim long and then uh Backing your down right across fuckin and then Bottom line dude, you got to get away with the cigarette man. You kidding me. What’s that? Yeah, you gotta move off 4600 am I getting a bit there the fucking smoke bomb? Sorry bite Around Rob, but I won’t Know I Don’t know if I’m a lot of drink. It sees my boss if he Can have a beer he won’t let me drink dude. We got a job through fucking beers get the job done. No Hole is he? Flirting get a vulgar beer if you want to get fired. Oh, yeah my bug uncle We don’t do that But I thought you were just fuckin fuck Right, we’re to party down and make a good story Come on. Yeah Go better than I know would tell you any pads. Oh Really bro Can you do that those fuckers are leaving without me Banks gets a little fucking antsy All right banks. What’s good? What’s good for the weekend? You know anybody who’s anybody he’s gonna be either we got marshmallow? We got Travis Scott. I think we got cardi B. Geez. He’s gonna be there Heath Ledger is gonna be there fucking Dude was like five years ago. He hasn’t made a film in years. But whoa, see that was spot that was What he said yo you sit he hasn’t made a film in a few years what’s going on with that? Plain beers are no plain beers. Yeah, we’re in specialist playas We’re going to is it a plane son, ser, do you crank beers on the plane or no? So you crank beers on the plane. Never know Okay, I’ve never done it. So I’m thinking about it, sir. Do you crank plain beers ever? No, no never okay. This is good. I’m gonna come back sad, so I want to be happy now All Right your own we’re not playing no fucking games brother. I Platinum’s some Pilates. It’s quick. Oh shit. The rotors were sneaked You hook us up with the line brother cheers to you I’m just going in. It’s a table All right, we just pulled up to the fucking palms I’m fired up holy fucker at the pump. What are we getting absolutely? Clocked we’re gettin fuckin cock this weekend boys. Not cock cock. Duh. No, no Jesse’s getting cock We’re getting caught we’re gonna find Jesse on the strip 90% chance You owe me one Room service room service That was a good day when I know Isis very killer shirt on smells like ass. Yeah just took a shit Got the liquor got the chase. Let the shitty Heinie’s by the red wall Nirvana, but there’s no limes should complain. That’s your job. What a pass be really Wow I have boys were in Vegas reducing gambling. But uh, we’re gonna try some different kind of currency We need more than that. We got another one Jeff shit. We bought the whole game for the I’ve got a splash today. Yeah Bartender job. He looks like he’s a 4-time Casino high stakes. Everyone says he can’t film on a casino. That’s what we do though, boys So any chance like a snake a dart off you thank you so much I need a fucking hack darts while I’m at the Chino. You know, he light it up for me All right. My hands are fucking sore. I’ve been fingering girls for the last three days Sir I’m gonna need you to I’m gonna need you to get up. I’m feeling this slot machine right now Can I play here? So I’m fuckin my mom having a good feeling about it. I just lost my fucking car So like I’m trying to make a comeback right now, would I be able to play here? Is that only have one more car left? Like I’m not trying to feel security Can I ask you for a small favor sir, would I be able to borrow like five thousand dollars off you I’ll pay you back I just literally lost my fucking car man. My wife is gonna absolutely kill me It was a no five Honda Civic like I’ve been getting kills in that since grade six So like honestly, I’m gonna throw it all on black though Like I’ll come back right once I win like I have a really good feeling about black right now like, you know you get those feelings Oh Touchy subject that if you want to ball out with me, I got some I got some girls too. So all right Okay, excuse me, sir, could I ask you for a small favor? Would I be able to borrow like no Nothing nothing Dude, have a you know when you got a feeling on red though Yeah Like I got this I woke up today and I got a feeling about red and then I saw you you were in the red Shirt, I’m wearing the red shirt I feel like you I feel like I’m if I borrow 2.5 k off you I’m gonna throw it on red Yeah, I’ll give you 60% of it back – no Do you feel red though or no? All right. Hi there. How are you have any of these tables been hot, you know? Not yet. I was just playing craps and I just lost my wife’s house. So I’m trying to make a comeback now I’m gonna sit down I’m gonna just choose one beep beep beep beep beep beep Yes, this is the one definitely Fine with this stew 200 to start probably Yeah, I’ll do 200 Yeah, monopoly money you can’t use that here really I Literally just sold my car to some guy. He said I could use monopoly money here. I Thought everyone plays Monopoly tough What’s that? What planet I don’t know like I just I literally sold Park Place – I Sold Park Place, I still have boardwalks. I can’t I can’t bet Park boardwalk either. That’s literally the second best piece in the game No, oh My god, I got scammed. Okay, I’m gonna have to figure something out I’ll try to sell my dog, and then I’ll maybe come back. Thank you It’s going say you what’s that are you yeah It’s an old photo but Who’s in my beauty days like when I grew up the lettuce? Yeah, I’m ready to ball it. What’s the what’s the max here? Yeah The chips for that yes And you look up where I just cleaned up. I rinsed my grandparents like I beat my uncle so bad I bought boardwalk off from my uncle. He’s a drunk idiot. Yeah, I always win monopoly. So High-limit cage okay right there Yeah, do you guys ever play Monopoly Okay. Hit me up if you want to play Okay Kyle did a prick inside of fucking see know with monopoly money holding his ID. Is that fuck illegal? Yeah No, that’s illegal hundred percent. I don’t even know if we go get him then they’re gonna like know that we’re coming That’s sketchy bro, we gotta be gotta thought they were holding my ID they wouldn’t give me back my ID They were trying to say it was like 250. You’re like are you paying with counterfeit money? And I was like nah, like it’s just been awfully money into like I bet you that’s a law like trying to play with Derek You never know. They could easily be dicks and like the laws the law I mean you just sit down to play if we should get outta here though. Yeah, we should definitely definitely scene out Okay, it’s over here. Mel’s guys. No drugs today No drugs, okay, everyone that’s relevant to the front, please Can I see you You’re not gonna get it you guys are ready are you guys actually relevant though? Because there’s no irrelevant people in this party. It’s Coachella, right? We’re not in LA anymore. We’re at Coachella Like let’s get with the vibe here

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  5. I was gonna say the Target girl is dumb as dirt, but she is an angel with great customer service skills. Not being sarcastic. She kept her composure and I would hire her in an instant.

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  8. I know so really dumb people in my life time! These bunch of idiots are the most stupid assholes I have ever seen. I hate their mothers for having such stupid ass children. They have nothing going for them in their life’s so they act like a bunch of fools and make click bait videos get a career! Because you and your friends are fucking stupid!

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