Trying to Save A 3-Day Old Kitten (Sad Vlog)

good morning and look I have bedding it is starting to finally look like a lived-in cabin I will get a chest of drawers I will get a chair and ottoman the leaves are starting to change although I'm kind of sad because they're not like beautifully like orange and red leaves they're just dead like everything's just dying anyway I am leaving the cabin today and I'm going up to my grandparents in Idaho and I'm actually camping there tonight with all of my cousins so we're actually really late so I gotta go okay I got here and Paige just vomited oh hey that's my cousin Kimberly and you love her okay this is my cousin Kim have you been on the vlog before oh maybe once before we go way back um and one of the things we go way back on is like finding cats up here on this farm and this is really sad you might want to skip ahead in the video now because apparently not pregnant cat that we saw all those weeks ago had the kittens and then died so that's awful I feel so bad telling you guys that um and there's a kitten now that is still alive we're gonna try to rescue it but it doesn't look like it's gonna make it oh is that it meowing Kim I can't I'm not emotionally equipped to handle this this is it right here Kim oh it's days old oh it's not even oh my gosh this is I mean I could pay money to have the cat euthanized so that it would put it out of its suffering but I was asking I was like what the cat be wiggling around and crying if he was like very close to death and the vet said no he said I should go get some kitten formula and not do that I'm also going to wipe off his eyes and I'm going to I'm gonna put some Caro syrup on his tongue to give him like a shot of sugar that might help him make it until I can get the formula he's not crying he's not crying buddy buddy hey buddy hey hey bud hey bud I gotta give you some carrots here I know I know I don't want to touch you I really don't want to touch you come here buddy come here here hunters have this have this eat this come here lick this I know I know I know buddy here have a shot of that open it again open your tongue open your time open your tongue again open your mouth okay there we go there we go okay okay okay hang on okay hang on I'm gonna be back hang on okay we're here at Walmart and I'm looking for milk replacement formula we got it weird business okay guys prepare yourself because we may be too late a lot of other kittens just scattered buddy did you make it buddy did you make it Hey oh my gosh you're alive are you serious oh my gosh hey bud I got formula holy cow okay gloves okay um I did not think you'd be alive buddy ah two tablespoons per for round I think he just needs to eat as much as he wants I'll read the instructions after I get him going buddy oh I spilled it everywhere of course I did oh my gosh I literally just spilled it all over buddy good man hey hey buddy hey buddy right here right here right here drink it I don't know how to get him to drink it he wants to drink it I don't know I don't think he can suck out of a bottle whoops I just drowned him okay hold on you got it buddy you got it please don't die hey you got it you got it buddy you got it come here Hey Ya Ya drink out of the bottle drink out of the bottle boy he doesn't want to come on come on they'll let you down in this in a VidCon shirt okay you are the youtube cap all right okay why do they make these baby wipes so hard to open all right I got one okay Club back on hey boy yeah you're looking good you're looking good you want another drink there you go sorry guys I'm not doing this on camera here he is okay you gonna make it you thinking about making it don't die don't die how about some math formula how about some more formula whoopsie oh my gosh please don't let that drown you there you go yep chew it up swallow it down there you go lay back down you got this boy you got this you got this okay he's had some formula now so I think we just need to wait now and make sure he stays warm I need to go to the bathroom so bad and Molly is still in the car that's getting dark in here alright let's still kind of fill this up a little bit more I don't know how these bottles work I think maybe he just doesn't know how to use it don't die boy just sleeping right just sleeping okay I have moved little buddy to the car how you doing bud hey can I get him now yeah I'm gonna let you sleep okay I'm gonna let you sleep so it is later cat is still alive somehow and Kim here is happening to me fits my tent thanks Kerry hi hi I was telling her I don't think I've pitched this tent since 2011 when I took my cousin's daughter to Assateague Island and there was a torrential rainstorm so we ended up sleeping in the car anyway because for the last few years I've just been a lazy gamer sitting at my computer and haven't got outside so yeah I'm gonna end this part of the vlog now okay hi guys so it's about midnight and I am going to feed him again I'm gonna wet wipe him completely but then hold him under the dryer of my car because then he gets really fluffy and then I'm gonna bring him into the garage for the night okay so he's doing a lot better as you can see I am going to put down I've got a newspaper here I'm going to try to keep him warm in the garage so I've got newspaper then the cardboard box then the cushion thing let's put the VidCon shirt like this right now I need to massage his butt so that he will poop I got to massage your butt I'm sorry there you go bud I'm gonna come back in a couple hours curl up get comfy and then we'll put this on top of you okay and I think that's your best chance of staying warm bud I think he has kind of peed hopefully he just needs to poop now how do I get myself into these messes alright page you're on Cat Duty okay page is like why okay I'll check in a few hours okay guys so it is now 7:30 in the morning he made it but he's so sad he wants his mom it's just not I'm not cutting it me but please show the camera his eye was open for a minute but now it's not but he's just a for me which maybe is a good thing I don't know all right here's the buddy he's doing good my grandparents were just looking at him I wish I could have logged it because they were like cracking up at him he's doing so much better hi buddy here have some more have some here you can do it you can do it he hurt a lot I'm gonna cut a bigger hole in the bottle you can go back to bed now you can go back to bed now buddy he has got a lot of will to live my grandpa was just cracking up I wish I would have captured it it's okay boy you're feeling yourself now you're feeling better yeah I want my mom I want my mom oh my gosh what have I done can you see me it's kind of dark hi guys so it is now like 5:00 p.m. this is I think I basically been caring for this cat for 24 hours now I think he's doing good I like he needs to kind of poop I'm a little worried that he's not really like doing that kind of stuff but he's been having the formula and I've been heating him up and he's swaddled right now actually he's not crying so I'm not going to show you him actually I got a walk Pedro moly they've been so cooped up it was rainy this morning I don't know what I'm gonna do with this cat I honestly don't know it's too early to say like oh are you gonna keep it like I don't know I don't even know if it's going to officially survive I don't know you know how I can balance work with taking care of a newborn kitten it would probably the smarter thing to do would probably be to like surrender it to a like a Humane Society where they you know they would never like euthanize the at um I don't know what to do guys what a situation how do you always find myself in these situations could someone please explain that to me anyway I'm gonna go walk the dogs I wanted to go to the fair today the eastern Idaho State Fair maybe tomorrow maybe I'll stay up here more days I don't know I don't know what to do about this guy yo I don't even know what happened to this vlog like I don't know what I've said like what I've been updating on it is now midnight on what's today mom yeah after Labor Day the day after that well Monday it's midnight on Labor Day like so now it's Tuesday and I got up here on Sunday so like it's been definitely over 24 hours he's looking great actually like better than he was I still everytime I come out here expect him to be dead honestly and he's just so small but I I feel like I haven't been saying everything about the circumstances I don't know I don't want to recap it all in case I've already said it but basically there was another kitten I think that was dead the mom was nowhere to be seen Oh I talked to my grandpa and he said that he had seen this kitten for two days before Sunday and he didn't want to intervene in case the mom came back which is smart but the mom wasn't there and it was like literally it would not have it wouldn't it would have died it would have died probably just from the cold and from not eating so here he is or she we don't know yeah buddy oh that was a shake he's never done that before or she it just ate so I'm kind of like rubbing his stomach cuz he hasn't pooped in awhile he pooped yesterday but that was like from whatever food he had already so now I'm kind of burping him and then I'm gonna rub his tummy his eyes are super crusted shut still it's really gross um but yeah this is this is the kitty littles kitty I've ever seen all right buddy lookin good lookin better see you in two hours yeah see in two hours we're robbing your belly cause we think you're constipated so maybe you'll poop look at him okay bud it's okay sad news guys the kitten didn't make it um I came out it's 3:00 in the morning and um and he wasn't he wasn't alive anymore and I'm pretty sad I just you know we don't really know what might have caused it I don't know if he just was fighting off maybe an infection or if he just got cold or if he you know just couldn't deal with the the switch from his mom's milk to the formula I don't even know if he ever had his mom's milk but there's some pretty important nutrients that they're supposed to get from that initial feeding that if they don't get they need like a certain vitamin I've been reading lots of things online I don't really know um but I am happy that he seems to have died peacefully in his sleep I'm gonna show him so if that's going to bother you I won't go close up but um you know fast forward in the video or it's okay to click off the video it's okay to be sad I'm sad but he is so he's just sweet little kitten and he just was asleep and I tried to kind of revive him and blow some air and do it like his open mouth and kind of massage him and you know get him even warmer but he was gone good news is that he definitely died knowing that you know someone was trying to help him and he wasn't just out on the barn floor struggling so you know he never did poop once I started giving him the formula and that's what I was researching it Beckett um the last feeding some people said I needed to rub his belly for like 20 minutes and you know I sat there and massage tit but you had to stimulate every time like I have to make him pee and he was doing that but I don't know I don't know what the cause was I'll never know but you know we tried and it was it was pretty hard given that it was a Sunday night and then a holiday there's really nothing I think I could have done more so this is one of those things you know especially learning today that my grandfather said that it had been 2 days before I the day that I got there I think you know he really he looks so much better though um like from when we started to now I really thought he was going to be able to pull through and the last feeding he was a little bit more not as vocal and like calm but I thought that that was just more content like he just seemed more able to to suck on the bottle faster and to fall asleep faster and it didn't seem like he was weaker at all um he was still climbing he'd climb up my my chest almost oh gosh that freezer just turned off there's probably been a loud humming for the last five minutes I don't know I still don't know if it was a boy or girl so it was either like a little Ragnar a little Milly um but yeah I'm sad I'm sad but I knew that that was a possibility I just caught me by surprise anyway I'm gonna say goodbye to him and then I'll probably bury him in the morning all right okay bye little fella sorry it didn't work out hi guy

24 thoughts on “Trying to Save A 3-Day Old Kitten (Sad Vlog)

  1. For those watching this now, please know a few things! Never feed a kitten on its back like a baby, they need to feed on their tummy down. Otherwise they can aspirate into their lungs and get and infection. If there is crust on the eyes, most likely is an eye infection that needs treatment and in a kitten so young can take their life so quickly. Also due to it being a farm cat, it most likely had flees. Which unfortunately again in a kitten so young can make them anemic and pass away. And finally, kittens of this age need to be fed consistently every two hours, and for a kitten of this age is usually 1ml-3ml per feeding. They also need a heat source such as rice in a sock microwaved. And put under a towel. I hope this helps anyone that find this video and may be in the same situation. I'm sorry you lost this precious one, you did what you could with what you had and what you knew ❤️

  2. 1.I must be some kind of monster. Even though cats are my favourite animals, when you said it had died, I DIDNT CRY!! 2. And i thought he was doing sooo well ;-;

  3. You should stay away from playing nurse because you are a disgrace ! What caring person leaves a newly born kitten without any heat ! As usual stupid Americans interfering in things they no nothing about . Your constant procrastination is painful to watch Get over yourself and leave the caring to someone who cares and knows what they are doing . This is not a subject to fill your boring Vlods !

  4. Of course it didn’t make it! You couldn’t YouTube a video to learn!? Smh…. should’ve just smothered it

  5. Stacy, these things always happen to you because you are always willing to do whatever it takes to help.❤️

  6. I once housed 5 newborn kittens and you are saposed to NOT feed it tillting on its bake you have to sit him upright. 4 of the baby kittens i cared for died unforcenetly and we had to put the last one down.?

  7. well….then you didnt care for him the correct way, Always get knowledge before trying this people.

  8. I'm really tearing up right now. The consolation we all get is that at least the poor kitty didn't really die in misery. It probably knew that someone was really trying hard to save it. Nature has it's way and nature took it's course.

  9. This kityen should have been taken to a vet and should have been brought into the house. Hed be looking for his mom ,so he should have been attended to round the clock. It surely looked like rubbing rhe stomach was bothering him. If someone else took care of it,, hed probably be alive. Why do you post this stuff? Rediculous.

  10. I have a cat and I’m afraid that she will die soon she is 14 and her name is Dixie

  11. Stacy, next time, instead of trying to feed a kitten that young and that unhealthy, try a syringe and to slowly force the liquid into his mouth'

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