Trying Dog hacks and DIY Pet Life Hacks! Simple Life Hacks & More by Blossom

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and today
we’re doing some dog hacks! Featuring my new dog, Benji. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our headphones. All we got to do is clip these off. So, there we go. Get those out of here. Now, I need a tennis ball. But where could I get a tennis ball? (gasps) I have an idea! – What are you gonna do with me? – Oh, you’ll see. – Oh boy. – Okay, turn around. – Why?
– Just do it. – Okay!
– Here we go. – Now just get the old glue gun. Oh no! (screaming) – Aha, now I just got
to wait for that to dry. – Wait for what to dry? – All the hot glue! – What did you put in my back? What? Where is.. What did you put back there? – Oh, you’ll see! – What is it? – Let’s just wait a little
bit for this to dry. Okay, I let the glue dry a little bit. Are you ready to see what it is? – Uh, yes. – Okay, here’s my phone. We’re just gonna plug it in. There we go! It looks like it’s dangling! – Is this really what this is? – Yup, you’re now attached to my phone. – What! – Now let’s try this out on Benji! Okay, we got the Benj. Ready to try this Benji? See the toy? Okay, come on, try this. Come here, you see the toy? You see the toy? Come on, look at the toy. He keeps eating my hat instead. Benji, come on Benji, come on. (murmurs) Benji! He doesn’t seem very
interested in the toy. Maybe if I take off my hat.
Okay, here’s toy, look at toy. (snarls) Well guys, I guess we can say this one– Okay, yeah. Looks like we can say this one works! You’re a good boy, aren’t you? (crunch) (screaming) (photo clicking) (upbeat rock music) So here’s our water bottle. Gonna remove these really quick. (tearing) Don’t need these. Now we gotta cut them up. Apparently, I just cut this one like this. Looks good! Now, I’m supposed to make a
perfect circle in this one. So, I’ll do my best. Yeah, looks good! That’s a perfect circle right there! Now, we just kind of make a
dog feeding thing right here. Just like that. Yeah, looks good! Oh, it looks like I messed up. So apparently, I was
supposed to cut the circle into this one. Oops! Oh, well. (creepy laughter) That looks good! Now, we just put this guy into here. Just like that. Yeah, this is definitely
going to stand up. Now, time to get the dog food. Here’s our dog food. Scoop this into here. Wow, its actually standing up! Nope, now it’s not. Yeah, looking good! Wow, I guess it’s actually dispensing. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! (upbeat pop music) (growling) So here’s our turtle neck. Now, apparently we’re just supposed too– Oh man, this is a lot bigger
than I thought it was. I’m supposed to measure my dog. Benji, come here! Benji! Okay Benji, so apparently
I’m just supposed to measure you like this. And, nope, just lay down on your back. And I’m measuring you. And you’re about that long. This is how long you are. So, the bed needs to be
about as big as this. Well, I guess we’re in luck! It looks like they did
it like under the armpits right here so I’m gonna go
ahead and sew that really quick. Here we go. This is gonna take a while. (upbeat music) Need some more yarn, some more thread. (upbeat music) Oh man, okay. 20 minutes later, we finally did it! I’ve sewn this part. Can you even see it? You can’t really even see this. Okay, next step. Now I gotta do more sewing. Well, first, I gotta stuff stuff in here. Now, I gotta sew the turtle neck. I was looking all over for
a turtle neck at Walmart so I ended up going to a thrift store. But, I re-watched this video
and I don’t even need a fricken turtle neck for this. Oh well, now time to sew this thing up. Okay, and we’re done with that. Just fold that over apparently. Now, we gotta fill this with stuffing. I’m gonna go ahead and
recycle these old pillows. They’re pretty nasty but,
you know what, It’ll work. We’re just gonna cut
this open, there we go. Just gonna put all the stuffing in here. There we go. Oh, man that is nice and stuffed now. Okay, now it’s time to sew the bottom. Here we go. Ouch. And just enough thread to make it. Cut that off. Yeah, looking good so far. Now, I gotta put the stuffing in this guy. Think I’m gonna have to
break this up a little bit. Aha! Now, we’re just gonna start
shoving it in the sleeves. Get in there, come on! (grunting) Okay, there we go. Have some more. So this is gonna go around like this. Oh man, I think I might of
over stuffed this a little bit. Oh no! Well, it’s gonna be a really
comfy chair now I guess. Almost done. Aha, I did it! Now, I gotta attach those arms together. This thing looks so weird. Okay, now we gotta sew
these arms together. Wow, this is gonna be
harder than I thought. Oh boy, here we go. I don’t even know. You mean like that? I feel like this just
doesn’t look quite right. Oh well, I mean see what I can do. There we go. It broke off. Just gonna start all over. I feel like an artisan. I’m a handmade artisan. I make artisany things. Okay, these are together, kind of. I mean, they’re as good as they can be. Okay, so now I gotta sew
this thing to this thing. Wish me luck guys. Maybe I’ll do it like this. I don’t even, frick, how
am I supposed to do this? I definitely over stuffed
this bed way too much. Maybe like that. We’re gonna do it, just like that. Okay, next part. Maybe I can flip it in like this. Oh wow, that looks a little better. Actually, I think I just ripped it. I’m not good at this. Let’s get to it. Okay, so I’m done sewing
it for the most part. Let’s see how this looks. Okay, yeah. I guess this isn’t as bad
as I thought it would look. Maybe fix this a little bit. Oops. It should be good. Now, let’s test it out on Benji. Okay guys, so I actually taught Benji how to come when I howl. So, watch this. (howling) Benji, come on! I’m depending on you! (howling) Benji! Oh my gosh, he came in all by.. Hurry, get out of the frame. He came in all by.. Benji, come back. Oh Benji, you came all by yourself. You’re such a good boy! Okay buddy, I got you a new bed. Do you wanna try it out? Here you go.
Do you like it? No Benji, come back. Benji, I need you to sit on the bed. Benji, let’s sit on the bed. You don’t wanna lay on the ground. You want to sit on this warm, comfy bed. I’ll be right back guys, I’m sorry. Benji! If you’re good I’ll give you a treat. Isn’t that good bed
that daddy made for you? I made this all by myself. And now, you get to love it
and like, lay down on it. Okay, maybe if I try some treats. Okay, Benji. Here we go. You see the treat Benji? Come on, let’s go Benji. I’ll put it inside of the bed. And you’re gonna love it. There ya go! It’s in the bed, see? Oh my gosh you’re sitting on it! Wow, he loves it! No, Benji you’re supposed to love it. Wow, he loves it! He’s sitting on it. He.. totally appreciates it. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! I guess it’s kind of Benji approved. (upbeat music) Here’s yet another sweater that
I’m going to basically ruin just for the sake of this craft. So all we gotta do is cut this bad boy. Easy peasy, nice! Then we just go ahead and sew these up. Here we go, just gonna sew these up. Start here. Okay, that side looks good. Let’s cut that off. Now for the other side. Okay, this side looks
good, lets tie it off. Cut that. Okay, yeah, looks great! Now let’s test this out on the Benj. So first I gotta put this thing on. It’s a little hot to be wearing
a sweater but, it’s fine. Benji, come here! Okay, Benji. Time to go in my little pocket. You ready? Go in my little pouch, now
you’re gonna love my pouch. Come on, you like it? This is your new pouch. This is where you’re gonna live. I mean, it kinda fits him. No, go back in! Go back in! No, it’s okay! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Why are you destroying this? Don’t you love me? I made this for you, with my love. And it looks like he fits! You like it buddy? Well guys, I guess we
can say this one works! (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our pants. I don’t have any socks
or anything that I really want to throw away yet so,
I’m just gonna go ahead and use this big ol’ bag of like fluffy stuff. Yeah, so just put all that in there. Looking good. Keep going. Okay, now other leg. Here we go. Okay, now apparently we’re
just supposed too tighten this. Just like that. Then you go around another couple times. Yeah, good enough. Then we just cross the legs. Just like that. I guess, kinda like this. Okay, yeah that looks exactly
how it looks in the video. Let’s try it out on Benji. Okay, Benji. Now time to enjoy your new seat. Do you like it? I think he likes it. He really likes it! Oh my gosh! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! (upbeat music) So here’s our baby onesie
from the child that I previously had. I traded him for a dog. Oh man, that was a great
investment, I tell you what. So lets cut this up right here. Just like that. Get rid of that. Perfect! Now, let’s try it on Benji! Okay, so we’re gonna be
trying this outfit on you today buddy. Ready? Be good for daddy. No, just no, be good. No, Benji, you’re gonna love this outfit. No, Benji stop. Okay, okay there ya go. Yeah, you got your head in. Now we gotta get your paws. Okay, it’s okay! No, Benji, It’s okay! (yelling) He’s biting my face! (sighing) Yeah, it looks like.. Oh gosh. It looks like it fits him! Well guys, Benji come here! I just need you for a craft! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (yelling) Yeah, looks pretty good. (upbeat music) Here’s our beanie. So, we’re apparently just
gonna cut this top part off a little bit. There we go. Then we just cut some arm holes. And this one. Looks good! Now, time to test this out on the Benj! Okay, as you can tell he’s
really liking all this hacks. Benji, here ya go. Slide this over your
head, just like before. There ya go. Okay, arm, good. Okay, ahhh my hand! Okay, we got it. Okay, well guys, I guess
we can say it works! As you can see, he really likes it. Is it Benji approved? I don’t think he likes it very much. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our glove. Here’s our hot glue gun. Now, we’re just gonna put
hot glue things all over. Just like this. I hope I’m doing this right. I completely think I am. Okay, now we gotta wait for this to dry. Okay, we’re all dry. High five! Now, let’s try this out on Benji. Okay. (grunting) Don’t ever talk to me like that again! Just kidding. (chuckles) Benji, come here! Benji! Okay, Benji. Get this off of you.
Get rid of that. Okay, so I just need to put this glove on while holding my dog. As you can see… Oh, I accidentally put in on the… Oh, I think it just broke. Oops. Well, I just don’t need that. Put it on the wrong hand. I guess I’ll try it with this hand. Here we go. (grunting) And, like half the glue just fell off. Benji, I need you for the craft! Here we go. Now, I’m just going to pet my dog, and theoretically, a bunch
of hair should come off, Ready? Let’s do this. (roaring) Oh God, he loves it. I can tell! Wow, there’s so much hair on this. By the way guys, I was being sarcastic, there’s no hair on this. I guess we’re gonna have to
say this one doesn’t work! Oh well. (upbeat music) Here’s a kid shirt that
I bought for $10.42. Let’s just go ahead and cut
off the collar, shall we? Yeah, this one’s real complicated. I don’t know if I can handle this one. Benji, don’t scratch at the carpet! There we go. Okay, now we don’t even need this. Yeah, we got our collar. Looks good! Now let’s try this out on the Benj! Benji! I got another fun toy for you! Okay Benji, you’re gonna
be a good boy, right? Let’s try to put this bad boy on. It’s okay, you’re gonna love it. You’re being a good boy
this time, aren’t you? (Benji growling) Oh, no you aren’t. Just gotta button this thing. Oh, we did it! Yeah, we got it on, perfect! What a good little guy. I even got you a little bow tie too. Let’s put that on. It doesn’t look like the
bow tie wants to go on. Well, bought that for nothin’. Well guys, I guess we can say it works! Do you like it, Benji? I can tell you really like it. He loves it! As you can see. Okay, be free bud. (banjo music) Okay, so here’s our box. Oh, too big to fit on my desk. Come on, okay. I got to reposition my camera. Okay, as I was saying. Here’s our box. Now we just gotta cut a hole in it. I’m gonna tape this shut first. Now that should be good. Now we’re gonna go ahead
and cut a hole in it. Here should do fine. Yeah, looks good. Now, I would do anything
for my little dog, so I’m gonna take the shirt off my back. Here we go. Now we’re gonna put it over the box. I don’t know what the
difference is between putting a shirt on this and just kind
of making a hole in the box. But, as you can see it’s
definitely worth it. (grunting) Come on. Yeah, there we go. Almost there. This might be ruining my shirt, but it’s worth it for the Benj. Yeah, looks good! Let’s try it out! Okay, you guys ready for this? We’re just gonna put Benji in there. There you go Benji. It’s your new play place! Get in there! Oh my God, he love sit! Benji, no, go back in. Benji, come on! I know you like your new box. It’s your new home. Go back in there. Benji, get in the box. I don’t think he likes it very much. So, Benji, is it Benji approved? (crickets chirping) Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! Right Benj? ♪ Oh my literal actual God have ♪ ♪ You see this brand-new puppy dog ♪ ♪ He’s the best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Oh my literal actual God have ♪ ♪ You see this brand-new puppy dog ♪ ♪ He’s the best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Best boy in the world ♪ – [Robby] What are you doing? ♪ If you think your dog is cuter ♪ ♪ Then you surely are mistaken ♪ ♪ Yeah your dog is really
nice but more so overrated ♪ ♪ If you lay a single hand on my baby ♪ ♪ I’ll kill your family ♪ ♪ Oh my literal actual God have ♪ ♪ You see this brand-new puppy dog ♪ ♪ He’s the best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Best boy in the world ♪ ♪ Oh my literal actual God have ♪ ♪ You see this brand-new puppy dog ♪ ♪ Benji’s the best boy in the world ♪ – [Girl] He’s not fluffy anymore. – Okay guys, thanks so much
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much and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. Awkward Eddie. Okay Benji, Let’s go! (screaming)

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