Try Not to Laugh Ultimate Cat and Kitten Compilation 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

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43 thoughts on “Try Not to Laugh Ultimate Cat and Kitten Compilation 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

  1. 6:06 is cruel. 12:18 is a repeat and so is 12:44 its a repeat of 5:30. 15:00 is also a repeat. 16:00 isn't right as cats clean themselves. 22:53 is just cruel.

  2. At 1:21 NOT FUNNY!!!! My sisters cat died in the dryer just like many cats have. Any sane responsible cat owner would never let their cat in the freakin DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PATHETIC!!! This video should be taken down NOW!

  3. Cats are awesome pets!!!! My three are indoor cats to protect them from evil people and loose dogs. We built an outdoor pen for them.

  4. OH-MY-GOD! How could this happen?! How could this possibly happen to me?!? And in just under 30 minutes! Hey out there….does anyone know anything about a 12 Step Program for Awesome cat videos???

  5. 5:47
    Dog: You wanna fight, HUH PUSSY!? Come on! Show me what you got!

    Cat: Bruh. I don't give a f**k, dog.

  6. At 1:53 cats attack under bed sheets because they think there is a mouse under it and it’s sooooo cute lol

  7. Please don't put cats in costumes it might make you laugh but They hate it so much. Have some feelings stupid people.

  8. Nice cats, clever cats, funny cats VS some cruel stupid narcissisitic owners. Not much to laugh about.

  9. Sorry but i say no screens for kids under 15…. like… its sick to see them mezmorized . Its unnatural ! Turns them into zombies

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