TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Pets That Will Brighten Your Day!

everyone it's time for a brand new weekly video of the cutest pets and funniest animals Rosie you're being dramatic you can't you can't have them they're not for dogs okay no you can't have them they'll make you sick I'll make you sick you can't have them Rosie oh my goodness that's pathetic that's pathetic no no you think he's leaving move your paw move your paw move his Paul he's trying to cover his piss what the cake doughnut canes are you serious Hector Decker say mama mama daddy can you sing daddy good job Maxie okay good good good okay yeah it's hard to time make you said when did it happen my peers my baby's only ten months I ready we're gonna catch it she can't even find it what's behind you this is what I deal with every day okay so the meat thing didn't go so well so we're gonna try a carrot this time yep I think it's working out real well okay we're gonna try this one last time we're gonna try a noodle are you the worst ever do you what's the boy like paper to play with do you see the hay in her eyes [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] why you wanna play hide and seek what do we I didn't sink okay I'm gonna go hide and then ready you have to find me okay she's parking at that picture is gone get it get it mom come in it mom come so probably too much information but I come home at noon and they do my business and I got a friend that joins me every day pinky I see [Laughter] chalky White's on your butt chalky what is there what's there what's are you buddy jibanyan lookin clean up to his head oh my buddy come thanks for watching animal lovers don't forget to hit that thumbs up and tune in next week for more funny videos until next time you

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