hey what's up dude welcome back to another video today we are doing try not to laugh on Jen's channel we're gonna try not to laugh to cats getting pranked by cucumber stop looking at this cat in the corner we moved over to Jen's Channel yeah and basically we're gonna watch these videos apparently cats as scared of cucumbers we know this because we try to as a clown try to do it to cloud it did not work no he's too savvy he's not fool him didn't fool him but apparently all these cats have been fooled we're gonna watch that we will try not to laugh if you laugh from this video guys that makes you a bad person because the forecasts are getting tortured subscribe there will be many more that is right many you guys ready we have the ice cubes right here guys check them out ok so we're gonna watch two videos you got two of them apparently they're amazing it's got like 9 million views ready anybody I think really bad boy had that horrible thoughts okay today he's just sniffing the cucumber they think it's a snake you can't make the other person laugh by saying mom you can't just create alright this is gonna get interesting I could say whatever I want then you feel it okay is that it am I done oh man into my belly boy now the rapper rapper soy delicious that's what cloud wow that's a big green piece of poop in the whole universe okay I'm gonna take some o slime now okay chewing delicious this is going down okay man you said you can't be change the rules dad I started screaming look at me yeah didn't even see the cucumber we're working on most of the cats there – smarts is that cat and a baby carriage yes yes you see I'm gonna fly down all right once on the person laughs you can laugh afterwards that once it's pause yes because he went okay we just really watched that flying out right now yeah yeah let me rewind a little bit here we go now what's it far enough look at him you totally cucumber the opposite oh my god it's gonna be dripping the cucumbers over there on the side that's a drawing um over in the middle okay that was a toe out just alright oh yeah I'm pulling one out of my shirt yeah I'm pulling one out you can't reuse I skip my essence is now on there Nate okay shoulder okay back entrance [Laughter] that's the butt that looks like poop no it doesn't yes does that's not the reaction I was thinking the other cat maybe well that was I think we're eating it very curious there's gonna be one I could feel it yes no no it wasn't a lot was a reaction of not laughter okay okay fine she literally flew to the heavens yes kill the cat ninja cats how does the cat I notice this excuse I'm literally under his coat no all right okay okay I think I just peed my pants you don't have to share that with everybody okay the cow still hasn't noticed oh no okay okay I don't think that was a real person I think they had a bed I'm not sure I couldn't tell you guys get ready for this guy's okay you've never seen one and it's going down towards your okay there's a dog behind it I start not bad but laughing at nothing and now I'm winning here we go okay we need a good spot maybe maybe like right in the back completely oh you missed it you can't do it again you only get one try anyone died in that he just went right through oh it's gonna be a bad one like a sneak don't look down little friend we made it through guys all right so this one is in they have to make it through four and a half more minutes all right this one's these are Chinese cats okay or some kind of asian cat there's not too many repeats all right this looks different look at its water bowl looks like a porta potty oh I remember that cucumber it has a very distinct color to it right they all look like that definitely not seen that one okay we've seen this one okay there we go you should be better by that okay okay we're gonna make this interesting from now on for laughing so much whoever does it laughs that's a new one it becomes two ice cubes from now on what – okay we're running out of ice cubes Oh No static you could burn anything no talking oh look he's attacking the snake wouldn't that be amazing if cloud was in here somehow that would be really awesome still awesome videos like two years old what is he doing fighting the snake I think he's like a really tough cat let's watch together okay we keep bumping oh oh is this slow motion okay so here we go guys oh no he spotted it he's gonna touch it who I barely made past that was you I couldn't speak a word or just laughter would come flat out him I was I really wanted to say it looks like he's going out of nipple right now but then I would have started laughing so I had to hold that in here we go ladies apples pears onions pears I think we got the whole meal okay here we go do they realize they're just supposed to do the cucumber not like the whole the whole shaboots shebang they figured let's just do groceries it's a cucumber little cat it still has the wrapper oh that's fish wrappers on it how don't want these cats I realize Clyde was too intelligent for it wait that was it'll be one here comes the second one all right feel em anymore I love how it's like moving its head no weird direction it's like getting all ninjas – how honey it's gonna smack that cucumber oh he was like he was doing the crane from the karate kick oh so we both laugh yes okay so we each get two okay we have like none left can you stop laughing so much shot are these two work for you I'm not splitting anything we're gonna go at the same time but at the same time can this cast that means so weird here I leave you two here I need a fresh one alright let me put some more in there we might need these yeah we only have like a minute left we can do this I hope this one and two is very long it's like very funny right now oh yes okay the funny is on my father so ridiculous oh my gosh okay no it no it moves on keeps piling it just fighting this thing for five minutes or cubes go down cube number 53 okay yeah just leave just leave cats always coming back now eating is only three oh and I've got one that I just took out of my shirt so we each grab two of these okay these are the final cubes that we have and I've already recycled some from my bag I see a bunch all over the floor okay okay so we're going down anymore laughs all right – we're watching a seven-minute video speed 45 so funny watching a cat you're not even affected anymore so cold do you see is there still plastic on it all right well it's over I think I want one Jen come on oh I don't think I've ever actually won this I know you really can't hold it it I saw a lot bad action boy we hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to leave a thumbs up and also also forget to subscribe if you laughed you have to subscribe you lost if not I will pour this down your shirt there's water left you


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