sorry what the guys call some skin for today’s video we are doing another try not to laugh and challenge as you guys know we’re gonna be watching a compilation of funny videos try not to laugh and we want you guys to play along with us see if you can make it through this entire video without laughing or smiling I’m commenting back to a ton of you guys right now and all you have to do is just turn on my channel post notifications that’s it so step number one you must be subscribed to the channel and then step number two just click that little bell icon that will notify you whenever two videos are put out and comment down below keeper squad once you’ve done those things then I’ll comment back to you also demantoid we’re liking a ton of yasin photos on instagram all you have to do is just follow both of us on instagram and turn on our post notifications and like our most recent photo and comment on a keeper squad we’re gonna put the direct link to our most recent photos in the description down below and if you want to do a slime version of the try not to laugh challenge where every time we laugh the other person gets to dump slime on us let us know by liking this video and if this you get enough thumbs up then we will do that also comment down below what color slime should we use for that video without any further ado right now let’s get into it and let’s not let’s do this Scottie stop leaving your banana in my face something you wanted well just kidding I got it I love this video it sucks like none of them get to hit people ask you didn’t even try is that a chicken let’s get it dirty [Music] oh my gosh that can’t be good run like you think I’m an awesome things and I’m your freestyle dance teacher whoa okay Tom Devon any new stuff cat Savage I can hard to tell oh here you know mm-hmm mmm no gonna do it just do it do it do it the decision [Music] oh yeah [Music] [Music] that’s actually kind of terrifying yes hey there your danseuse you do that let’s trap my favorite romanian vlad the impaler DW reckons his works just great but everyone else’s people i can pick a so crap Rothko crap Oh Pollock crap aiming of course crap the pile of bricks crap I would be prepared to accept fifty thousand pound for it if anybody wants to bite [Music] [Music] rest in peace oh the prophecy is true really I like off his wacky focus Hoss through it don’t let your dreams be dreams yesterday you said borrow just good I’m true my favor I the out of any of them bro what are you going it’s not delivery its DiGiorno you can’t deliver – or no it was awkward the entrance I’m here so dearly every new Vilma ok ok ok calm yourself dr. coffee sir calm yourself calm calm calm calm be calm hey cheese as well oh I’m gonna wear these before they’re pretty crazy oh oh gosh can you get like fly right out the ball guy oh oh oh I think that guy’s gotta take it drills great what what you can tell us dude trip at all god what the heck healing and coke and mentos love him so crazy [Music] what is this it’s like some sort of like meme that’s gonna run right now or something where it’s like stop bragging hurt me too I miss that oh my gosh once you go so many times oh my gosh my name’s Freeman oh boy I gotta learn some of these moves man Brigid Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel he’s in Sugar Mountain North Carolina I’m like you think why oh my lady for us but let’s turn to some other news we’re following on this test Oh as embarrassing that’s crazy but that was very embarrassing yeah I’m not my deck ramming your back oh that’s me that’s people are like a trying to cringe compilation right there that’s not that’s not a Wow poor guy okay what sir yes what yes what is it sir what sir what somebody sir what sir right what is wrong with you sir answer me [Applause] yeah [Music] oh we can’t it’s always the second guy look I can do that Oh third guys yep oh oh that lady got clobbered [Laughter] [Music] I couldn’t have gone worse I’m so cute yeah and fingers are still learning how to walk man yeah why why don’t you forget you I feel Wow maybe trying to print something she trying to cringe there yeah that’s it so they have so for watching we will see you guys again soon bye

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  1. Easy:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  2. Easy:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



    Like if you spotted the difference ??

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  4. Oh my God Collin you’re the best and you’re so funny please make me in the video and my name is Irish law 67

  5. Brick Did you have a good day was had by all the weekend and now I'm on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and now I've 6o'clock is ticking on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and 6o'clock is ticking on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back on it Saturday and now I've phoned I'm suddenly back

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