Trump Wants to End Constitutional Birthright Citizenship

-Big show tonight. Kiss is here tonight,
ladies and gentlemen! [ Cheers and applause ] It's perfect. You guys, tomorrow is Halloween, which means right now
parents who spent weeks making their kids an Iron Man
costume are being told, "Actually, I want to be a guy
from 'Fortnite.'" You go, "Nope.
No, you're being Iron Man." I read that some people
are giving out healthier candy this Halloween, made from things
like quinoa or beets. Even people giving out apples
with razor blades are like, "You monsters.
What are you doing?" But this is fun. Tomorrow, Krispy Kreme
will give you a free doughnut if you walk in
wearing a costume. [ Cheers and applause ] Which means we now have
a new definition for the term "walk of shame." It's like, "Wow.
What are you doing?" Listen to this —
A woman in Ohio painted a 315-pound pumpkin
to look like Kanye West. [ Laughter ] Kanye loved it
'cause it combined his two favorite things,
himself and President Trump. It's perfect. -Hey, what?
I don't get it. Oh, yeah, I get it. -Speaking of the president,
the midterms are next week. And in the next six days,
Trump is holding 11 rallies. You can tell
he's getting nervous 'cause he's making last-minute
stops in key areas like Florida, Ohio, and Moscow. -Really?
-Yeah. And this is big. Trump wants to use
an executive order to end birthright citizenship, which is when a non-citizen
gives birth in the U.S., making the baby a citizen. Trump was like,
"It's all part of my plan to make sure no babies
vote against me in 2020." [ Laughter and applause ] "No babies." Hey, this is cool. I saw that as of today, you can now stream episodes
of "Jeopardy!" on Netflix. [ Cheers and applause ] It's pretty interesting,
but to be honest, I don't know how many people
really want to rewatch old episodes
of "Jeopardy!" on Netflix. -Wait a minute, wait a minute.
"Jeopardy!" is on Netflix? Oh, man, that's so awesome. [ Laughter ] -Tariq, you're a fan
of "Jeopardy!"? -Yeah, man, I love "Jeopardy!" You remember the episode
where Alex Trebek is like, "Gideon Sundback came up
with the interlocking teeth for the fastener that today
is known as this." And then the contestant's like,
"What is the zipper?" And then Trebek's like,
"That is correct." And then the contestant
won $200. [ Laughter ] -No, I can't say
I do remember that one. -What about the episode
where Trebek's all like — he's like, "As an actress, one of her last roles was in a
1962 episode of 'Wagon Train.'" And then — And then Sue Baker,
she's like — she's like,
"Who's Nancy Reagan?" And then Trebek's like —
He's all like, "Yes." [ Laughter ] And then she won $400. -Wait, wait, wait, I'm sorry.
You know the contestant's name? You remember that?
-Yeah, yeah. Sue Baker, she's a medical coder
from Madison, Wisconsin. [ Laughter ] That was a classic episode. -Yeah. No, Tariq, I actually — I
definitely don't remember that. -Oh, what about the one where
the contestant Ken Fisher, an attorney
from New York, New York, he goes, "Architecture
for $1,200, Alex." And then — And then the screen,
it swooshes, and it's a Daily Double. And then Trebek goes — He's like, "How much
do you want to wager?" And then Ken's like, "$3,200." And then Trebek's like —
He goes — He's all like… [ Laughter ] He's like —
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -"Of the three classical –"
-Tariq, please stop. Stop it, okay? I don't remember any
of those episodes, okay? I don't remember those episodes. -Well, what about
the episode where… [ Laughter ] …two people talk
about "Jeopardy!" and they have a great time? [ Light laughter ] -You mean…this show? -What is best friends? [ Laughter ] -That's correct. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -What? -And the Emmy goes to… Tariq Trotter,
ladies and gentlemen! [ Cheers and applause ] Congratulations. [ Laughter ] -Oh, this is nice, you guys. I read about a cafeteria worker
in Virginia who writes positive messages
for students on bananas. Take a look at this.
Pretty cool. Look at that.
"You're smart." "Dream big."
"Inspire yourself." Yeah, it's pretty uplifting. Well, I guess
the White House cafeteria does something similar. But their message in the White
House aren't quite the same. I'll show you what they mean. For example, this first banana
says, "Get out while you can." [ Laughter ] This next one says
[Russian accent] "This is banana and definitely not
recording device." [ Chuckles ] [ Normal voice ]
And finally, this banana says, "Note to President —
This is not a phone." It's like, "Hello? Hello? Hello? There's no one there.
I guess he split." [ Laughter ] [ Rim shot ] You like that one?
-Yeah, I loved it. [ Laughter ] -Some tech news here. Today, Apple announced
that their new MacBooks are made from
100% recycled aluminum. [ Cheers and applause ] Which sounds nice until you look
closely at your $2,000 laptop and see the faded words
"Mountain Dew." And you go, "Well…"
[ Laughter ] And finally, a scientist
at a remote lab in Antarctica was arrested for stabbing
his co-worker because he kept spoiling
the endings of books for him. [ Laughter ] When it happened, all their
other co-workers were like, "Wow. We didn't see
that ending coming." You guys,
we have a great show tonight. Give it up for the Roots.

38 thoughts on “Trump Wants to End Constitutional Birthright Citizenship

  1. Trump cannot change the Constitution. But he's not claiming that he's going to change it. He is going to correct an administrative error that has been going on.

    The 14th requires TWO distinct things to happen for someone to be a citizen.

    1 – be born here, or be naturalized

    2 – be "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" (the meaning of that phrase is where this all hinges)

    Past Presidents have misinterpreted it to mean "gotta follow the laws here". Well, if that was the meaning – then there would be no need to even include it. If you are physically IN the USA, you gotta follow the laws here. So what did the writers of the 14th mean by that phrase? (note that it was used to exclude native Americans – since they "held an allegiance to their tribe")

    The writers of the 14th meant that second requirement to mean – that someone was switching their allegiance to the USA from wherever it had been.

    If this is correct, then anchor babies (either children of illegal aliens, or children of visitors without legal residency established, "green cards") were excluded by the 14th Amendment from citizenship. (children are automatically given the citizenship that their parents have – no matter where in the world they are born – so for example, the baby of a Mexican illegal alien will automatically have Mexican citizenship)

    Trump is not saying "I'm going to change the Constitution." – He is saying that past ADMINISTRATIONS have been administering this wrongly. He will give new instructions to his administration to correctly execute the 14th Amendment.

    Yes – it will probably end up in court. And I believe that SCOTUS (if it gets that far) will rule in Trump's favor on this.

  2. No Fallon you moron….birthright is not a Constitutional right…check it out and stop feeding the stinking bulls*t…you're an idiot! Go Trump…Vote Republican and give America a chance to survive! Fallon is so full of sh*t it's coming out of his mouth and not his ass! Go check out the 14th Amendment again, Fallow!

  3. Hey !!! Dumbass !!! Obama ALL ready wrecked the Constitution,
    With. His. BlackMail. Of ALL in DC !!! Remember. ALL the ???
    He Blew on Iran !!! No. Social Security Fund's Raised !!!
    Ya. American is. In Debt !!! All the ??? Going 2. ILEGALS !!!
    Open Boarder's, So. We're Not. Safe anymore !! What the Hell !!l
    Let DEMO'S. Finish US Up ???

  4. Jimmy Fallon is nothing but a bloody fool. He earns his living making fun of people – especially the White He dare not make fun about blacks. He knows that will be the end of his career. This to all who make fun of Trump. There is no such Constitutional Birthright Citizenship in the 14 Amendment Text. The Constitution was amendment only from Blacks who naturalized in the jurisdiction where they lived. Means: Thereof. The 14 was never written for Mexicans or any illegals who cross the border(s). Jimmy Fallon is a dumb idiot.

  5. Jimmy put on your red clown nose and entertain me…..stop pretending that your political opinion
    matters..… are politically irrelevant……..and when you no longer entertain us we will cast you
    aside like an old cell phone……….
    that is your destiny………………..embrace it………..

  6. The US and Canada are the last nations developed by Europeans to have so-called 'birthright citizenship' – the 14th amendment was meant for former black slaves- and has NOTHING to do with the millions of Hispanics and Chinese who come here to have babies.

  7. Tarik is a dude I'd like to hang out with, even though I'm not sure that is how his name is spelled.

  8. Telling descendents of illegal immigrants to fear illegal immigrants. If the constitution doesn't mean anything then it's time for guns to go. No argument in favor of it other than "it's our constitutional right"

  9. FACT CHECK!  Why is the mainstream so angry at President Trump?  Because they have been exposed as the  "fake News" that they really are.  FACT CHECK!  Why are Democratic supporters so angry at President Trump?  Because they know that they have been deceived by their own party but are too proud to admit it.  FACT CHECK!  Why are the Democratic leaders so angry at President Trump?  Because he has exposed their deceptive ways and they are losing their poor contintuency that they have deceived for so many years.  FACT CHECK!  Why are celebrity entertainers so angry at President Trump?  Because he has told them who they really are;  Charlatans looking great on the outside, but actually brain dead.

  10. Every time I watch the Tonight Show I almost get a hernia laughing so hard. Jimmy Fallon is head and shoulders a way better than any host who has ever been on there. Wish he had replaced Jay Leno years before he actually did.

  11. Those who believe in denying a person birthright citizenship, God forbid, you or someone you know goes to another country and fall in love and then brings back yours or theirs significant other to the U.S.and a child is born between you, would your child be considered a citizen and would your SO be able to continue to live here with you?

  12. Read the damn constitution dumb ass ! “ subject to jurisdiction of “! Ya can’t come to the US as an illegal then have a baby so you can abuse the constitution !

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