Trump Thinks Mike Pence Is A “Low Class Yokel” For Having Pets In The VP Mansion

Just when you thought that you couldn't possibly
hate Donald Trump any more, as it turns out, the man also apparently hates animals. Now, this has been kind of evident due to
the fact that he lets his sons go out and kill big game that are helpless and usually
corralled in an area where it's easy for these men to kill them. But recently, it's come to light, according
to a White House advisor, Donald Trump thinks that Mike Pence, the vice-president of the
United States, and his family are low class yokels. Those are Trump's words according to the advisor,
because they brought pets into the vice-presidential mansion in Washington DC. According to Donald Trump, having a pet if
you're in a position of power or perhaps just having a pet at all makes you low class. Now, Donald Trump is the first United States
president in the last 150 years to not have a pet inside the White House. While this has no effect whatsoever on policy,
it does show you a little bit more about Donald Trump's character. Donald Trump is the kind of human being that
is only capable of caring about one thing and one thing only, himself. He doesn't have any extra love to give to
a dog or a cat or whatever kind of pet he chose to have. He doesn't have any sympathy or empathy inside
of him that would allow him to care for another creature. So of course he can't wrap his head around
why the majority of Americans in this country actually have a pet that they want that companionship
or some creature to just come show love and affection. Hell, you would think with as starved for
attention as Donald Trump is, that a golden retriever or something like that would be
the perfect thing for him to keep around. It's a creature that's gonna show love and
devotion and loyalty, no matter what you do to it. That sounds exactly like the kind of person
Donald Trump would like. So why not get a dog? Maybe that would help heal your broken mental
state. Maybe that would help curb your constant need
for love and attention from the American public. But don't sit there and call somebody low
class just because they have a pet. Look, I loathe Mike Pence and everything Mike
Pence stands for and everything Mike Pence has done throughout his entire life. There are a million different ways in which
you could attack Mike Pence for the decisions he's made as an adult and as a law maker. But having pets sure as hell isn't one of

42 thoughts on “Trump Thinks Mike Pence Is A “Low Class Yokel” For Having Pets In The VP Mansion

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  2. First of all I have to say, I love Ring of Fire and Farron Cousins! And second, Trump could not give a damn about a dog because he may think that they are not "smart" enough but let me tell you, they are a hell of a lot smarter than he is and DEFINITELY MORE LOYAL, something "our" President definitely is NOT!! Poor Barron, can't even have a pet like most children do! And just because I have my dog, who I would do anything for, does that make me a "low-class" person Mr. Trump? There are a lot of people that I know that do not have a pet and they are jyst like you….LONELY, UNCARING AND COLD!!!!

  3. Hey moron I guess you read hamburger don't you are you a vegetarian and you're probably sitting there lying out of your mouth you're a moron are a idiot whatever that you want to call yourself your president moron and I'm not talking about . And you're probably lying about that that's President Donald Trump . Why so he can shit all over the place maybe that's what you do you live with a pet and it's probably a cat and the cat shits all over the place and you don't never clean it up
    I'm talking about you you're a moron the king who's your Vice idiot the king of stupid

  4. Let see Trump thinks Pence is a low class yoke,well put it this way Pence thinks Trump is a high class Fucking Moron .I would think so .?

  5. Just more proof that Trump has no heart & no empathy..
    He doesn't love anyone or anything that doesn't kiss his ass. And even pets won't go that far…
    Seriously, I'm happy he doesn't have any animals living with him because he'd probably be mean and cruel to them. If he did have a pet, his sons would probably shoot it and hang it on a wall as a trophy.
    The entire family is heartless.
    Unless there's something in it for them, they don't want any part of it.
    Vile People.

  6. It seems that Ring Of Fire is one of the very very few channels that are mature and reasonable on this sitem

  7. Hey cousins, where is your source for this bullshit!!! You said you loath them both. Obviously you loath your God too!!!

  8. that's good for Pence stupid ass, nobody's safe from Trump. If the sh*t really hits the fan with Mueller and it comes down between Trump or Pence, you can best believe Pence is history, and i mean that in a bad way.

  9. Being his typical petty, spiteful self, he probably only said this because the previous president had pets, smh…

  10. Pence isn't my favorite guy on the planet, but it's comforting to know animals aren't afraid of him. Critters sense human intentions, and we'd all be well advised to keep an eye on the people they don't react well with.

  11. Yes, as we already know, that was just another box ticked in confirming the presence of a psychological failing.

  12. PEOPLE wake up This is nothing but propaganda Nazi narcissist to brainwash because the truth is not coming from that man things are being exposed that are criminal coming from Obama , Hillary and some corrupt members of the FBI and a lot of liberals that are more than criminal , Obama is really a narcissist you trump haters need to get a grip on yourself and wake up ⏰ from you're fairytale .

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