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more than 20 women have publicly accused the president of the United States of being a sex pest I turned around and I see Donald standing there I'm thinking this son of a bitch just grabbed me it was an assault absolutely it was a very physical attack now a court is being asked to decide where the President Trump is a sexual predator the truth is always the right option and will win out in the end tonight we reveal details of his parties with teenage models this particular party there were four men and probably 50 models and I was one of the models as Donald Trump prepares to visit Britain we hear from the women who say he's unfit to be President he said how old are you and I said seventeen he goes old brave not too old not too young that that's just great this is where Donald Trump's road to the presidency began the US version of The Apprentice gave the property tycoon a new level of Fame you're fired you're fired but the program that boosted the Trump brand might now finish him on screen he was the straight talking billionaire off screen there was another side Donald was known throughout the filming of the show to comment on women's looks comment on who we'd like to sleep with what sort of things did you hear him say well I heard him ask me or asked others do you think she's hot would you like to sleep with her you know what would you do with her that was the personality that we just came to know as Donald's personality that's just who he is I'm being truthful and always be truthful it was on the show that Donald Trump met this contestant summer Davos you know what summer you're fired summer Davos says two years after she was fired Donald Trump met her at this hotel in Los Angeles she claims she had been talking to him about her career it was these bungalows at the back of the Beverly Hills Hotel where summers of oh says the incident took place these are like private little units at the back of a very swanky hotel summers of os– says Donald Trump was in one of these and it was here she says that he forced himself upon my stood up and he came to me and started kissing me open mouthed as he was pulling me towards him I walked away and I sat down in a chair he then grabbed my shoulder and began kiss me again and very aggressively in paces placed his hand on my breast mr. Trump said summer Davos was lying and he'd never met her at the hotel but now she's fighting back suing the president for defamation I wanted to give mr. Trump the opportunity to retract his false statements about me since mr. Trump has not issued a retraction as I requested he is therefore left me with no alternative other than to sue him in order to vindicate my reputation it's significant because more than 20 women have accused President Trump of sexually inappropriate behavior now some are servos could use them as part of her case a court would decide who's telling the truth and whether the President of the United States is a sexual predator Donald Trump keeps trying to get the court here in New York to throw the servos case out so far is failed every time which means president Trump faces being questioned under oath about the way he treats women I don't think the summers airburst case is very significant and that's why he is fighting it and that's why there have been efforts I believe to delay it it's like a slow moving train down the track and I don't think he likes where it's going Donald Trump's own words may also be used against him in court I did try she was very like this infamous tape I hope your subjects just appear sister kissing her you know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful I just started kissing them it's like a magnet I don't know anyone you're started they let you do it you can do anything but everyone grab him by the pussy after the tape came out Donald Trump apologized for his language I've never said I'm a perfect person you know what pretended to be someone that I'm not I've said and done things I regret and the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect Who I am panorama has spoken to women who say that's exactly how he is it was mr. Trump's denials that made them come forward there's gentlemen sitting at the window introduced himself as Donald Trump Jessica Leeds says she was assaulted on a plane in the late 1970s suddenly this man started groping me he was all over me and he was kissing me and he was not a word was said from him we're just having this tussle in in the seat and it's like his it's like his hands are everywhere he's like an octopus but it's when he started putting his hand up my skirt that I got the strength of the the adrenaline to manage to wiggle out it sounds like a sort of assault he found was it was it was an assault absolutely I mean at one point I did feel pinned to my seat it was a very physical attack Donald Trump accused Jessica Leeds of lying oh I was with Donald Trump in 1980 I was sitting with him on an airplane and he went after me on the plane yeah I'm gonna go after believe me she would not be my first choice that I can touch mr. Trump says you're reliable did what did you think of that when he said that oh well you know of course he's gonna say that he lives in a fantasy of his manly prowess Jessica Leeds isn't the only woman with a story about the president then his hand touched the right inside of my breast Donald Trump would look up under their skirt and you know comment on whether they had underwear or didn't have underwear and you know what the view looks like the person on my right who unbeknownst to me at that time was Donald Trump put their hands up my skirt he did touch my vagina through my underwear he pushed me up against the wall and had his hands all over me and tried to get up my dress again and I had to physically say what are you doing that but it was a shocking thing to have him do this some women have evidence to back up their stories so this is your email account from when the incident happened right right but Rachel crooks says she was kissed by Donald Trump in 2006 she emailed her family that day and I said it was weird it caught me off guard and I must appear to be some dumb girl he can take advantage of her office was in Trump Tower where Donald Trump lived and worked she saw him outside the lifts and introduced herself we shook hands and he pulled me in sort of for that normal double cheek kiss and he held onto my hand though and as he made small talk and asked me questions continued pulling me in for kisses again and again over my on my cheeks it happened like once and you're like what is he doing but it happened so quickly it was just very unusual and at one point he drew me in and kissed me on the lips and I was pretty shocked I remember running back into the office and sort of hiding in one of the offices that I knew was unoccupied and just called my sister and was shaking like I don't know what just happened but something weird Malinda MacGillivray also told people about her experience with Donald Trump she says she was groped while working for a photographer at mr. Trump's Florida mansion mera Lago in 2003 so I had to be at least 2 feet away from Donald Trump when I felt this oh it was a grab I felt a grab from my my bottom right cheek and it was almost like someone was you know trying to find you know or feel the contour of my body almost like a you know feeling for something so I turned around and I see Donald standing there I'm thinking this son of a bitch just grabbed me this is disturbing what was like someone was trying to feel whether a fruit was ripe at the store and the fact that somebody would do that to you how did that make you feel violated entirely violated to see someone who resembled my father grabbed me like that was just as deplorable most of the women chose to come forward during the presidential campaign Donald Trump says it's politically motivated and all his female accusers Elias these claims are all fabricated I have no idea who these women are have no idea I have no idea every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign total fabrication the events never happened never he called us liars but I'll never forget I can remember it as clear as day he described you as a liar of course what did you make of that I think we all know he lies pretty consistently so yeah I'm not surprised some of the allegations are of the most serious nature when chance at first wife filed for divorce here in New York she accused Donald Trump of rape in court papers Ivana Trump claimed he attacked her during an argument now after a divorce settlement she clarified her view she said she felt violated by the incident but it didn't amount to rape in a literal or criminal sense Donald Trump says the claims are false he doesn't like people talking about it this is his lawyer Michael Cohen and this is a recording of him threatening a journalist Donald Trump has also used his cash to try to burry stories the pornstar stormy Daniels says she had an affair with mr. Trump he says it's not true but he paid her a hundred and thirty thousand dollars to stay quiet we have spoken to another adult movie actress who says she was there when the president first met stormy his bodyguard had said can I get your number that was the first time that stormy ever met him as well that's also the same evening that we all ended up in his room together for the first time Jessica Drake says Donald Trump came on to her as well that night when we first entered the room he grabbed me in more of a forceful way and he kissed me on the lips it was almost like a pounce it didn't feel good to me it didn't feel consensual to me Jessica Drake says mr. Trump wouldn't take no for an answer he even offered to pay her he offered me money to go up to his hotel room he went up to $10,000 Donald Trump denies the claims but over the years he's played up his image as an outrageous womanizer I was truly with her without even you know the National Enquirer did a story on me in the history of the world nobody has gotten old Trump has always surrounded himself with young women in the 80s his friend Ron rice got him involved in beauty contests he loves pretty girls so we invited him to come along he came to our pageants year after year and he was either a judge or he was a celebrity VIP guest or something like this he would watch the girls as they paraded by and do their turns and then go off the stage these are Ron's private photos that's me the IPOP event so there's quite a lot of you with him you spent a lot of time with him then did you sure these are young women out there they're much younger than him how did he behave at these events what was he like gentlemen he loved the girls he loved being around them he loved the beauty but he was a perfect gentleman the whole time but some pageant organizers were concerned about his behavior this is George who raining he arranged a beauty contest at one of mr. Trump's casinos he says Donald Trump pestered one of the contestants when they stayed at mr. Trump's Florida mansion one of the girls told us that Donald approached her Donald I tried to you know get her in bed and she said no I don't do anything on the first date with anybody and he didn't pressure me he backed off but he did try and the next morning she woke up and he was sitting next to her in the bed saying it's the second date how about now so Donald Trump lets himself into this woman's bedroom I'm blind in the bed he had keys all the rows anyway tonight we're about to crown one of these beautiful young teenagers here at Miss Teen USA in 1996 Donald Trump decided to buy his own pageants my co-host a young teen who was taking the runways of high fashion modeling by storm the exquisite adorable beautiful Ivanka Trump Donald Trump talked on the radio about what he could get away with his own okay the funniest is that I'll go backstage before a show yes and everyone's getting dressed and ready and everything else and you know no men are anywhere and I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant and therefore I'm inspecting it you know I'm inspecting I want to make sure they're like as good a dress is everyone okay is everybody okay and you see this incredible looking women and so I sort of get away with things like them and it seems that's exactly how he used his position he just walks in he doesn't care if were nude or changing or you know in a vulnerable position you know you're changing out of your dress and you're putting your your bikini on so you know there's people that are topless I saw him walk into the dressing room and I was stunned and I was so glad that I was out in hair and makeup so you know he wouldn't have walked in on me undressing so why do you think he wasn't there because he owns the pageant and when he owns things he I feel like he feels he can do whatever he wants I think he wanted to see women in various stages of undress or in a very very skimpy bathing suits up close you know why did he go in that do you think just to look at the women like the audio recording like he says just to look at the women it's claimed this even happened at his teen pageant where contestants were as young as 15 years old I remember being in the back in hearing the chaperones say ladies listen up we've got someone that's going to come in and see you make sure you're at least covered up all of the girls were changing getting their bras and underwear on and getting ready to put on their opening number outfits so when Donald Trump walked in there were women in there who weren't fully clothed correct women were not fully clothed when Donald Trump came in and and some of those women were what as young as 15 yes 15 years old but we have looked further into the president's past where there are more allegations about the way he behaved towards women much of it centers on his hometown in the late 80s and 90s for rich powerful men like Donald Trump New York was a playground lavish parties excess and very young models models were often recruited when they were very young these pictures haven't been published before they were taken at a modeling event in the early 90s we met someone who was there he doesn't want to be identified he says Donald Trump hosted and attended parties after modeling events the models were young the men were much older there was a lot of cocaine around there was a lot of alcohol they were all older men these were guys who could easily be their fathers two times over you had many there's 50 60s on our was that kind of like a feeding frenzy the girls were there as consumables let's just call it that and when you say consume do you mean that the men were having sex with them yes that's the whole point of it they were there to get laid Barbara pilling was a young model in New York she first saw Donald Trump at a party in the late eighties she's never spoken publicly about it before he said how old are you and I said 17 he goes oh great so you're so you're not too old not too young that that's just great I remember one of the waitress offered him a drink hey he he did he didn't take the drinking and he slapped her bottom she was a blonde he gave her give her love about a stop me and he was very loud he's like don't worry that's not your tip Heather Braden also saw Donald Trump at model parties in the 90s one was in Florida at 23 she was one of the oldest women there I remember particularly seeing him at a party at a house in Miami this particular party there were four men and probably 50 models four men and 50 models that's approximately what I would remember and I was one of the models I mean I felt like I was in some you know I could have been very well being auctioned off in some sort of a sex slave ring that's how I felt I felt like a piece of meat in a meat market you know I mean what else could I feel like we've spoken to a number of sources who saw Donald Trump at the party's most paint a similar picture just describe to us the way Donald Trump behaved at these parties I mean this guy was it was like a predator in action went to the washroom and I was going in and a girl was coming out and she kind of looked at me looked at me and I go have you talked to that the Trump guy and she goes yeah as I was walking by he's like trying to grab grab my ass we do know that he was having sex with them how do you know because the next day or days after we would hear about it you'll brag about it his friends and it will get around that he can he got each scored you know maybe one or two girls at a time which is what he loved to do there's no evidence that Donald Trump slept with underage girls but what's most shocking is the age of some of the models at the parties there was girls I would say 1415 years old from Europe the European girls they were 14 there were girls that were 14 15 years old for sure I mean I didn't run up and say how old are you but they looked younger than I was and I was 17 you just knew because of what they were wearing and how they would hold themselves and these girls are all like you know anywhere from 14 15 16 years old there was very few girls above the age of 19 there and you saw Donald Trump with these girls who were that young 15 16 absolutely absolutely they're standing around with them arguing them it was just disgusting I felt like I was in the presence of a shark trying we're getting ready to roll his eyes back in his head invite me you know that's how I felt it was just like get the hell out of here there may be more secrets about the president panorama has heard about other allegations against Donald Trump but the women are too scared to come forward I dunno girls who've had run-ins with him and an even agency and people who worked for him they're not coming forward why they're either in the industry or absolutely afraid for their careers you know their businesses whatever the the death threats that they may get from people who don't like what they hear to front come forward yeah I think so the White House didn't respond to the allegations in this program but the claims about Donald Trump's behavior towards women go back 40 years these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false there are witnesses who dispute some of the allegations but now a court is being asked to decide who is telling the truth after he called me a liar I was threatened bullied and saw my business targeted I will continue to speak out and tell the truth the truth is always the right option and will win out in the end Donald Trump's accusers say his behavior makes him unfit to be the president of the United States you're doing the me – and you're saying this has to stop it's not acceptable but so the biggest Harvey Weinstein was the President of the United States how is it any different I mean we should be holding him to the same standard if society really doesn't believe that that's okay well he needs to be held accountable as well the man who arrives in Britain this week could still be judged the sex pest president from patients to medical heroes marking 70 years of the NHS with personal memories a people's history on BBC four now and a love story traced all the way back to India extraordinary discoveries for Olivia Colman with who do you think you are next you

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  1. I hope President Trump now sues the BBC for its constant fake news, especially its John Sweeney lead, hit piece on panorama, using the now known fake, Steele dossier.

  2. It takes two to tango, American culture of reward beauty with money and fame help to estableish this beauty pagent culture. They are willing participant of candidates and predator. In addition the comparasion of Clinton and trump on inappopriate cconduct toward women is insane. Clinton just behave like a normal sexual male being, you react when a female intice you, whereas trump is just a pure predator, who wants to see how many female he can violate and get away with because he think he is so irresistible and powerful.

  3. Reading comments on here makes me wonder about people who still support him, what do they all like fucking little girls

  4. Is there ANY question that he IS?? He's nothing more than a pervert and if he was John Doe (no offense to any John Doe out here) he would be in prison.

  5. hahahahahaha …i can see the hatred in people in the comment section but i tell you this guys trump is the president so deal with it as far as my opinion he is doing a great job and remember what ever you comment whether bad or good it bounces right back to you ..peace out

  6. That’s you’re belief. That’s does not make it a fact..People who believe in nonsense are the ones that voted for a total douche.What bible says is nonsense what trump says is nonsense…Get the connection?

  7. The British Royal family crime syndicate from Elizabeth Tudor to Elizabeth Windsor allied with arch evil criminals in the Vatican Jesuit Order, orchestrating wars for banker gangster profits for centuries. All English Institutions should shut their mouth about criticizing any person or nation on this planet forever into the future. The British Empire, the greatest criminals in human history need to be exposed. The British monarchy must come to an end by international threat to destroy London otherwise. BBC shut up before London is nuked.

  8. This is ludicrous. Of course, we know he was a playboy, not an alter boy. But talk, kissing and patting women on the bottom is not a crime. And that's all this reporter has. He is trying to make a rapist out of a playboy. Compare the facts between what Trump has been accused of and what Clinton has been accused of and what we know for a fact he did, and you will find Trump to be an angel by comparison.

  9. The man is a narcissist self absorbed old womanizer but he ain't no rapist, these women were there to make that money and he used his wealth and power to take advantage of them but rape? Get to fuc& out of here with that…

  10. Look you british ass holes we have North korea china , Iran all with nuclear weapons waiting to blow us off thw face of the Earth so we dont give a shit if our president is a hetiro sexaul male hea the best president we ever had

  11. Our last president was a fudge packer..look at all the videos to the right that says he was…Michelle was a man…look at all the videos to the right that says he/she was…Bush is a war criminal..look at the videos to the right …The Clintons killed over 100 people (which wouldnt surprise me) and going to prison with the Obamas….Everybody thats made a comment has something you wouldnt want your friends of family to know about you …so he who is without sin throw the first stone….

  12. Ageism just like racism and sexism is an offence,so why say, most of the girls were younger than him.
    I’m not a racist, but if they said, most of the women were white and that guy is black, would that be acceptable???

  13. But the United States electorate voted Donald Trump as President.
    Trump talks a lot of sense with regard to the terrorism in the world and addressing that.
    Fight fire with fire.
    Stormy Daniels slept with many men I’m sure, it’s just that they are not all billionaires.
    Donald’s problem is he is too honest……

  14. Why he is still in white house as a president of USA if he is lowlife sex scumbag.. Bill Clinton was impeached from presidency because of extra marital affair with just one woman.. It's very nerve wrecking and obnoxious to see such despicable man like him.. I used to look up this nation as a model nation around the world,but,since he took the office my perception went to otherwise.. I guess, my anguish will be remain as long as he is on public sight…i have heard that he also like to see his mother in bikini and disrespectful with his own mother .. Are there any gentleman left in USA.??? Please, please,I beg you to the Americans to do something before he tarnished the legacy of united States president and left you nothing..

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