Trump honours Conan at the White House: ‘Probably the world’s most famous dog’

So this is Conan, probably the
world’s most famous dog. Conan was very badly hurt, as you know,
and they thought maybe he was not going to recover. He recovered actually very quickly,
and has since gone on very important raids. We just gave Conan a medal and a plaque
and I actually think Conan knew exactly what was going on. The dog is incredible, actually incredible.
We spent some good time with him and so brilliant, so smart, the way it was with the special forces
people that it works with and for obvious reasons, they can’t
be out in front of the media. But they did a fantastic job, Conan did
a fantastic job and we’re very honoured to have Conan here and so we’re giving Conan
a certificate and an award that we’re going to put up in the White House.

58 thoughts on “Trump honours Conan at the White House: ‘Probably the world’s most famous dog’

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  2. Meanwhile..
    The weather looks bad in Denver, Colorado and just east of there tonight.
    Tons of snow in the forecast.
    Is everyone okay out there? โ˜ƒ๏ธโ„
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    USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
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  3. Look at the hate in these comments hahahaha do you think it helps trump or not do you think it makes Trump look bad or you just full of hate I love it baby.

  4. Heavens sake no, the Trumps are so dysfunctional never mind the man himself they shouldn't be allowed to get a dog, ever. They would have to have a surrogate just to love it! This dog deserves better than the Trumps. That journalist should be ashamed, even the mere suggestion is stupidly reckless ……

  5. the turkish army is fighting… meanwhile Conan, the Cerberus of the dogs is the real curse of rats, the real scourge of bearded scoundrels…lol

  6. 'So brilliant, so smart': Trump meets his match in hero dog wounded in Isis raid โ–บ

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