100 thoughts on “Trump Honors Dog, Giuliani Has Insurance & Bloomberg Joins Race

  1. Is it true that the idiot didn’t know the sex of the dog? I can’t believe how incredibly stupid some of you Americans are! Don’t they teach about the birds and the bees in school or at home?

  2. You people have such a mindset that no matter what Trump does it just gets under your brainless triggered skin.
    Lol. You're so pathetic. He will be here another 4 years so if I were you I would go get some more new panties for your men because they will be soiling the panties they have on when he is reelected.
    Then you have more time to cut your sons penises off and telling them they are really girls while Trump tries to rebuild real men in this nation. That's gotta hurt your feelings. So get some nail polish and sit in a circle, do your nails and share your feelings. Cry and sob. Write nasty things on Twitter and facebook.

  3. George Washington: "I cannot tell a lie."
    tRump: "I cannot tell the truth."
    tRump voters: "I cannot tell the difference!"
    Russian trolls: Who's George Washington?

  4. His false smile reminds a teenager who was just been caught walking out of the toilet with the playboy magazine in his hands and said "I was checking the advertisements".

  5. He just threw him unde the bus today saying he doesn´t know why did Giuliani went to ukraine, it almost slipped from his tongue the phrase "I don´t even know him" but Trump paused and said I don´t even know why he went there

  6. "I heard a lot about this particular type of dog, I heard its German, but trust me hes a good German. I prefer my dogs Russian but, but this dog, just tremendous."

  7. As we Brits might say, nowadays the USA is absolutely barking—but not much more than the UK is.

    Oh—and Melania must be ever so envious of her husband’s gorgeous wobbling bristols.

  8. Hmm that Rudy thing seems to be a message that he is afraid of being killed to be silenced . I wonder what he has on Trump because it sure is not on Biden or it would have been released long ago .

  9. vaping does not transfer the nicotine into the bloodstream at anywhere near the amounts that cause addiction. if you're a smoker and you try to vape you will not be satiated. if you're a newbie and you vape 1st time you'll feel nothing try smoking 1st time you will get sick as fu–. vapor is not a good method for getting chemicals into the blood…science… don't believe the mass media look into the reality of things. do the science….

  10. ChineseGeniusHunter, WhistlecoachShifty, SteeleHillary and 6hoursJoe won’t move it to the Senate “because only witnesses from secret basements are relevant”… ?

  11. Bloomberg spending all that money foolishly on campaigning….think of all the charities that much money would help, especially at this time of year.

  12. Thoughts over coffee this morning, I was wondering about the Mussollini coat? Clothes affect us psycologicaly and his Mussollini coat has done the job, he struts like a dictator when he wears it and when he doesn't he walks like a child who has just had an accident in his pants, head down and who would like nothing better than to melt away and become invisible. I also watched his wife pose and model for us for so many times now that it has become so obvious that she is her biggest fan and the American people are merely an audience to her. Anyway, now I see that she is sitting beside him in photo opts at unusual places unusual for wives to be present at, and I'm wondering if she is not there to be a stabilizing force to guide him through uncomfortable situations where she can tell him how to behave like a mother might do with her child in similar circumstances. It ain't because she wants to it's because she's been asked to and when this ordeal is over she'll be on the first bus out of town.

  13. The stupidity house can’t tell male from female, Trump has no clue how to figure it out, and his Pentagon are so scared to lose their jobs, they just play along with crybaby Trump.
    WtF is going on when they can’t inform us on anything, not even a dog, but just blow noise to keep the gaslights flickering.

  14. A republican shouldn’t be on ANYTHING with the word intelligence or justice… they are all morons and corrupt as hell

  15. "This particular dog, a dog that is very special. This type of dog, exactly, 'cause it's a certain type of dog" I think Trump is trying to lower the IQ of this country. How the hell can Trump use so manny words and say nothing at all??

  16. Jimmy love your vids i agree with all your trump statements but i think that you should not be calling Vice president a dog

  17. Trump called the Pences 'country rubes' for having PETS. He is such a monster. Makes me like Pence slightly more that he interacted with the dog naturally.

  18. What is the definition of a "stable genius"? a term which mr. Bonespurs label himself. Observing the past three years it must mean stable insanity.

  19. They can all bark and swish their tails together. Bloomberg have some dirty fingers too. Rudy is hustling in foreign countries. Trump is an outrageously unexplainable criminal.

  20. Republican defendants charge everyone else with making up fake hoaxes. And, what is a, "fake hoax" exactly? Selling out my country/making secret deals, Trump and his secret-handshake evangelical-racist liar/schemers, are practically treasonous. It is criminal. So it IS a witch hunt and Trump is the witch. I AM after him because he is being crazy as a lunatic. (He has children in cold jails away from their parents.) If I did or said 5 things at my job that Trump has, I'd be fired by noon. Kids, he is a bad man.

  21. Honestly, he honored all animals by raising the penalty of animal abuse to a felony. I really don't like Trump, but a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day and that one he got right.

  22. Continuing to call your organization the Redskins is unprofessional and wrong, but it is the NFL where you can beat your wife and get a couple game suspension (unless there is a video of it that causes national outrage).

  23. Jimmy kimell is fascinated with trump. Jimmy can’t go a day without mentioning trump.jimmy jerks off thinking of trump.when he’s having sex Trump is in his head.harder trump harder ????

  24. ?????? Let's have at least 1% out of 100% of respect for our government. People that talk a lot of trash about the United States government don't know how it's like suffering on foreign soil. A person suffering on foreign soil will come crawling back with tears to US soil. ??????

  25. Is there ever a night that Jimmy Kimmel doesnt talk about trump? Like honestly I used to like Kimmel but after all of this I just cant.

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