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And this NFL football player comes up to me and says Gog, lemme ask you a question How do you keep that dog mentality? I said, “Lemme asked you a question. When you were younger…, ,…what did you want to be?” He said “An NFL football player, but once I got there, I lost that dog mentality” He had a finish line is playing guess what let you talk mentality I have a dog at home He never gets full it’s not enough you made it to the NFL But not enough you made a 5k with a 10k and that you became a doctor Be a better doctor. It’s not enough you lost 50 pounds, go out there do something with it Guess what? It’s 109′ out here. Guess what? It’s not enough! STAY HARD One day I was running and this guy passes me in a car… It’s about 100 degrees out here 70% humidity The guy comes back around looks at me and pull this car by me and says, “Why are you out here?” I said, “Because you’re not.” Sometimes your motivation needs to be because no one else wants to do it We need doctors! We need dentists! We need teachers! We also need savages This messes I do Nothing everybody Some want that soft bullshit about ,” Do you have sunscreen on?” This message is dangerous. It’s too hot I’m not asking you to be like me. You do you! Stay hard! Your minds get softer! We do that shit every day in life A lot of you are trying to find inspiration and motivation…, …with a depressed mindset. You’ll find inspiration by not living in the grip of life Neither leaving the grip of life to find inspiration Put challenges in front of yourself and then you attack it! That’s when you find inspiration repetition every day stay hard So the other day I got an email from this lady She says she truly enjoyed my book, but as she read it, she thought I was this crazy After she read it. She put the book down and started living a normal life Just going back paying bills, going back to work complaining about shit Two days later. She has time to think about the book and it scared her she thought well, maybe this guy isn’t crazy, and that’s what scared her the most. Maybe he’s here trying to show us a real potential, what we’re all capable of doing. A lot of people like to put titles on other people. Who’re doing extraordinary things It makes them feel better about themselves. Gives ’em a get out of jail free card. I’m not crazy. I’m just not like you In sports… there’s a thing out there called “Load management” A lot of us like to “Load manage” our lives When you do that, you’re gonna find yourself right at normal Get off that and stay hard! With success in life comes more haters Don’t make them hurt your feelings, use it for fuel, use them for energy In times of need, put them on mental rolodex in your mind and we don’t want to do shit roll through your brain Pull up that person who said you couldn’t do something. “You weren’t fast enough, good enough, smart enough!” Use it for energy instead of killing ’em with kindness Torture them with success. In life, we have to continue pushing past the odds Use everything this world has to give you for fuel stay hard And anybody not just Navy says but anybody that can accomplish anything that is hard The other separator is is that they really want to be there There’s some people that get inspired and that inspiration moves them to try to do something, but the inspiration is …is very high right now in this nice environment. We’re in a nice environment. I watched a movie about some badasses you’re inspired but the second you’re not in this environment and you’re actually doing What inspired you that “suck factor” is NOT real You’re now “there” if only those people who have been “there” a million times in their minds and …and have lived in that water and have suffered a million times and realized my legs may break My knee may break, my bones will hurt. I will be the coldest I’ve been in my life. I will be miserable and Accept that me getting over situations in life your mind and media says get everybody’s done even if you want to be there But starts to have all these different questions in your mind that one second it says, okay Why are you here why this and why that and then you started to say yourself If you don’t want to be there that bad “I’m not gonna break my body up to do this!” Your mind starts to say “Yeah! this is stupid!” But if you had if you are already knowing that this is going to happen to you. We have all the answers to these questions That your mind starts to give you when you’re at “Suffer mode” Trying to be 10% better than you were last week So you’re running 30 miles a week? Run 33! If you’re swimming 500 meters, swim 550 The more you walk away from accountability the weaker you become Come find yourself in the grip of life. You can’t find yourself by doing nothing We’ve developed “Pockets of weakness” nowadays And we try to fill these pockets with lies. I did it for many years So… I’m here in Colorado for a conference. I go to the gym This trainer calls me over to talk to this group of people he’s training. He says “Hey, man?” “What are you doing out here?” So I tell him, “look at what kind of workouts are you doing?” “I’m climbing up this mountain!” 3,000 feet for three miles. I’m doing it every day So next day I’m out looking for him Didn’t see him. A couple days later, looking for him… Didn’t see him! So here I am on the mountain again. Climbing it There’s a gondola that takes you up and takes you down I’m going up it and I see the gondola about 5 minutes to the top. I look up at gondola I see him face pressed up against the window looking at me our eyes meet Don’t talk about it, be about it Practice what you preach Stay hard! I like suffering in the way that is competitive That brings out the absolute best in me and in everybody else. I want to see what you’re made of I want to see like almost like the Coliseum. Mm-hmm. In Rome I mean you can’t do it by writing the paper and I found out in the only message I’m gonna get across to people is Once you change one thing… “Your mindset” You can attack everything People know how do you keep grinding every day You have to make those insecurities, those fears Like when I was 300 pounds, I didn’t have any “Drive”. I was an insecure, lying kid… afraid. I had to… look at my insecurities and In my fear and find “Drive” in that. We’re all looking for passion. Passion is all around you! All the energy and fuel you need is right in yourself! It’s all there. You got a lot of stuff to do to overcome and you know That’s where I found it. I found it right there in my own insecurities. I found “Drive” in my own insecurities That’s the most powerful thing in the world. When you can find Drive in your own Doubt, Fear, Insecurities You become very unstoppable. I’m in a search for a feeling I’m not in a search for a trophy I’m not in search for love. I’m not in search for more followers on Instagram or social media when I started this journey years ago and I realized that I’m gonna be somebody and I’m searching for a feeling a feeling of true victory for myself and only myself the second I shut out the whole world and realized that one thing that I am in this world alone. I’m fighting this race by my seekest person on the planet Earth my goal in life was to in my mind believe I’m the hardest man alive That’s why the whole thing is can’t hurt me That’s what it’s about is about. Whatever you think you are You have to make that dream a reality. That’s where the hard part is There are lots of successful people in this world who still feel empty inside And they worry about still feeling empty So they try to make another million…2 million…3 million let’s buy a new car, new house, new boat. Let’s buy more everything then at end of the day they still feel empty inside for me… I wasn’t even successful. I was all empty so I was trying to hide my insecurities. You have to be “there” Over but not there at the graduation [Okay] …you gotta be there in the worst part [The suffering] …that you know all over and over again. You gotta live that in your mind Just enough…, same thing with life If you don’t get inside your soul, inside your heart and fix it You will only go to war with yourself Stay hard

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  1. I loved when david goggins said "" practice what you preach, stay hard!" Stay true to yourself 100% fuck others opinion make it happen for yourself you deserve it!

  2. Last night I chose to get extremely drunk and let myself feel bad for myself. I let that dog mentality go but before it I worked out. I ran and jump-roped.
    After it I woke up at 6:00 am to my alarm and just lay in the aftermath of my internal chaos.
    My mind contemplated suicide and I really was at a point last night and this morning where I didn't care. Not one bit. The cuts from my knife on my arm and abdominal tell it all… However as I lay in the mental chaos I realized in not caring that I am submitting to going beyond the limits placed upon myself in terms of all avenues in life from physical exercise, mental exercise, and financial exercise. Right now I haven't much money or I'm not bulked up with muscle yet I said "okay, if I'm ready to die I'll go out and die".
    I then brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went out shirtless for a long run. No end goal. No limit.
    Right now it's 40 degrees out and it must have been only 32-33 at the most while I was running. That air was refreshing, not crisp nor bothersome. Refreshing.
    Right now as I write this I failed to mention my motivation was a David Goggins video that I watched around 6:50 and kept on repeat in my pocket whilst running.
    Some would say that video changed my life.

    This is that video.

  3. Graduated high school at 277, this video single single handedly inspired me to do something about it. Currently 228 and still going. This mans a legend

  4. So I’m going to the bar to watch the game and a group of people call me over, one guy says what type of beer you drinking, I said beer I drink over 10 beers every Sunday, so the next Sunday I go to the bar and look around I see him at the other end of the bar looking at me smiling with big ass lips…………don’t talk about it be about it, stay hard

  5. Being a high-school elite athlete, and breaking my collarbone for the third time in under 8 months, David goggins is what’s keeping me going.

  6. The 335 people that disliked this video are fucking pussies that are mad they can’t dig deep enough to make themselves happy. STAY HARD!

  7. Am I alone here about these unnecessary drowning musics …. turn them down… please. I can’t hear Goggins over them.

  8. My brother was telling me about the insperation he has from listening to david goggins. I'm feeling that dog mentality now.

  9. I remember I was healing dislocated shoulder took a pt test I did 80 push ups and 90 sit ups and ppl respected what I did after recovering from an injury having a strong mentally is the greatest gift you can have

  10. Yes,
    I love this guy

    I feel like this everyday,
    Just stuck and i cant see my way out .
    Thank you
    David goggins this is helping me tremendously.

  11. in the middle of watching this video, i started to watch at the ground.. full of shame of myself and shedding tears.

  12. ran an 68K a month ago, which was supposed to be a 55k run but I fucked up the route, Goggins' 40% rule got me through that.

  13. I saw a comment once comparing him to Squidward when he had his face lift. Can't get that out of my mind now when I see him

  14. True Dog mentality-
    Its not enough if you lost 50 pounds lose another 50
    Its not enough if you lose 100 pounds lose another 30
    Its not enough if you lost 130 pounds become a skelton
    Its not enough to be a skelton turn into atmospheric air
    Its not enough to be an atmospheric air wait what? ..

  15. I’m 24 and soon as I got out of high school I started working at restaurants , and eventually moved out with a roommate. A year later I’m sick and tired of working in restaurants and being a busboy . I had a delivery to a auto shop and everybody in that room was dressed up and training to become sales, I was intrigued but most of all I was surprised because they all started from the bottom just changing tires. I quit my job the week after when I got a interview. 6 years later Im now an ASE certified mechanic (brakes and suspension) also got Georgia emissions inspector license as well as various certs for hunter alignments. I also built 2 v8 s10s (both tricks on my channel)and got into racing . I’m turning 25 on December 5th and I’m tired of working on cars (doing engine swaps, brakes, changing suspension components and various things on others peoples car). I know working on cars was a start but racing is my passion. Racing is still my passion but I know it’s time to move on. These last 6 months I finally got an assistant manager job but I was def realizing that working on everyone else’s car and dealing with customers is not for me. I quit last week because I’m going into the military(I always wanted to join ; I was going to join when I graduated 2013 but I had gotten in trouble with the law and the Marines, Air Force, Army. And coast guard all had strict tattoo policy’s so I had to think of something to earn money. Now that it’s 2019 and the military changes its tattoo policy every year I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me! Always remember to set goals and better than you were yesterday!

  16. Started running by about half of july. Couldnt run 3 miles. Watched the Goggins interview with joe rogan in september and ran half a marathon under 2 hours october 6th. The last 5 miles I kept telling myself '40 %'. Thank you goggins for helping me callus my mind. #canthurtme

  17. Hey man…. Go f**k you…….
    Go do your think and let go. It‘s ok man. Don‘t tell us what you are doin‘. Just do it Bro. Trust me……. just do it!

  18. I LOVED David's book. Yes its scary, and it makes you want to run and hide in a comfy place somewhere.
    That's the test. Will you sit in comfort, or push through pain.

  19. YouTube motivation videos as this one has saved my life inasmuch as I now am working out and everyone I meet gets to see the best of me ever. Thank you so much. ???☺️

  20. Who needs to go through Basic Training (Boot-Camp) train with Goggins get your personalized Drill-Instructor/ Drill Sergeant yelling at you pushing you to the limits.

  21. Bruh that part about the roladex with people who told you, you couldn't do things was fire….stay hard boys and girls?

  22. "DOG MENTALITY"? Pretty sure most people wouldn't associate a dog mentality with a man who sleeps around? You sure you didn't mean beast mentality?

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