Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters • Triumph on Hulu

no Democratic contender can win without seeking the support of college students yes many of whom are aggressively pushing an agenda based on political correctness while in the England we decided to learn more microaggressions safe spaces gender neutrality it's all at the forefront here at the University of New Hampshire people insert our safe place inside a safety school sure I would say gender identification is whatever gender your soul or identity ties to no good point how about you what do you identify as besides pretentious tell me what the well a trigger warning is something that you put before like a video or an article or something that might be difficult for them to to witness or to regard okay let me do it Pam trigger warning in this video there will be the clear depiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what the college student is saying while at the same time making plans to pleasure himself to her at the later would someone like to explain to me what mansplaining is thank you could you please veg please like explaining it the same way but getting more credit for it I still don't get it somebody man's penis there's a lot for you men to learn you have to learn how to address a female student in the proper way all right can I help your leg just for a second please understand I know it looked like a dog but I identify as a shin guard say your name I'm very bad with names I apologize since I'm so bad with names it really helped me out if you guys wear some labels but UNH on the map a few years ago talking about words that are outdated for example poor person outdated now instead of saying the word poor you say person who lacks advantages that others have no economic status related to a person's education occupation and income it's as simple as that when you call that offensive at this point freshmen I think it's actually on there you want to be called first-year students yes first year students and sophomore should be called try being a lesbian didn't love it pregnancy scare and senior year should be called lesbian for good orientation you call it first year orientation yeah first year orientation oh wait wait did you just say first year orientation shouldn't you be saying first year Asian vacation rat boys I think that's a very offensive term frat boys instead of frat boys how about rapists Americans among all the candidates which socialist 74 year old Jew would you like to see elected no he is going to break up the banks I think we should break up the big things well then how are you going to access your parents money how about like the roasts when you see you know Donald Trump or Charlie Sheen get made fun but I mean it's not it's not politically correct here's what the politically correct the roast would sound I'm going to do the best I can okay your mom so plus-sized that her blood type is ragu we know that because the insurance industry did not sufficiently protect her privacy rights police had their way it could mess up one of our most beloved pastimes talking who's your daddy not acceptable right but who's your non gender-specific male authority figure you're a dirty little whore makes you uncomfortable okay let me try this you're an unwashed diminutive victim of job alternative deprivation you unwashed diminutive victim of job alternative deprivation oh god no offensive to people don't believe in God oh oh shall in no way infringe upon your conception of a higher deity or lack thereof I'm going to conduct a little social experiment right now okay come on in see your friend oh yes how are you doing today oh pretty good pretty good is this candy for everyone Asus candy hmm what are you gonna do after this going out with the girl you better believe it girlfriend oh good buddy take care of everybody okay okay how would you describe that person really friendly friends good outgoing and they're chanting he took a piece of chocolate without asking let's say that had been more serious he's committed a crime there's a police sketch artist you really need to know what this person looks how it's going and yes afro all guy with an afro and afro you know kind of like Richard Simmons maybe or Justin from American Idol because that's what you mean those kind of a person you'll describe him it was a larger obese african-american man oh snap two hundred and three hundred pounds I would guess obese you called him obese shame this man he was a person of size he was a person of size his voice sounds like anything anybody have a comment on his voice get a slight speech impediment speech impediment good anymore can anybody try to impersonate him through his voice it completely helpful yeah go ahead Scott yeah the boys oh sure uh well you know he kind of had you know the effect going on with what kind of anything very flamboyant flamboyant does that code for something yeah goes for what he sounded like he was perhaps okay let's see what he's got he's got oh my god look at what you've done he's eating fried chicken and he's holding a dildo now how do you feel with your hideous description of him I'm sorry thank you and how about you who's the one who said that he had dark skin that was you you see what happens when you use politically incorrect terms that's what happens right there we have to be very careful in our society of what we say and how we describe people especially in New England where police sketch artists are notoriously racist mark has come back here he told him that you were like what did you say you caused him what this guy right here what did you call him call me you don't know what he identifies as there he goes that's the best professor you'll never have in this school you've learned more in the last 90 seconds then you're going to learn in a lifetime in New Hampshire do you understand that now can i hump your leg you

32 thoughts on “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters • Triumph on Hulu

  1. They are all now part time baristas living with their parents hoping that Bernie will run with AOC because orange man bad. Oh, and they are trying to figure out how they got conned into taking out massive student loans to pay a "school" that taught them nothing that was actually true or useful in life.

  2. This was wonderful. I hate to think I was this ignorant when I was young. Loved the police sketch scene.

  3. These chicks have zero sense of humor, their collective offended ness could power a small town for a year

  4. No matter how nicely they described the guy, they all were offensive bcuz he could identify as a skinny white short girl at age of 13 😀

  5. You see what real comedy did to these kids. Turned them from a bunch of fuckwits to normal kids, if only for a brief moment.

  6. Funny (Triumph) and frightening (humorless kids who took the bullsh!t* seriously).

    * That their humanities professors taught them.

  7. The social experiment part is almost genius. It perfectly shows how the PC police takes out the context, focuses on just words or images in a vacuum and how ridiculous it is.

    There are hurtful stereoptypes for sure. But there are limits to everything, even to being politically correct. Those kids definitely learned something here.

  8. Future residents of Oceania everyone. Truly scary how mindless and fanatic they are in their convictions..

  9. This dude who identifies as a dog who identifies as a shin guard has no filter at all…. ??????????

  10. That sketch pretty much shows how in today's society, everybody is so sensitive and so uptight, you can even describe somebody without them getting offended. We live in a world of punks.

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