31 thoughts on “Triumph Attends Trump’s Inauguration – CONAN on TBS

  1. Amazing, how easy the easy votes have become. As why Trump flipped, party, views and opinions, just like that and the rest is SAY ANYTHING, to FOLLOWERS OF REGARDLESS.

  2. Who is here watching in their post-Trumpocalypse bunker in 2019? Someone tell me? Is there any life left out there?

  3. wow! A leftist jew paid puppet that speaks some sense and almost can keep it's cigar in the mouth instead of the intern's vag

  4. The reason this segment is actually funny and the rest of the comedy shows trying to make fun of PresidentTrump epically fail is a matter of priority. This Conan segment's goal is to be funny. Imagine that?
    The other comedy shows priority is to promote a political agenda. Therefore their attempts at ridiculing the President end up being unfunny, cringey and awkward.
    They are political activists masquerading as comedians.

  5. axaxaxaxaxaaxaxaxaxaxaxxaaxaxaxaxaxaxaxx the vomit was just amazing lololololollololololololo – Rhodes island Greece

  6. Its quite sad how becoming president in america and people takes it as joke.And making this video to make fun of trump (i dont like trump) and go there to film there.

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