Trimming Your Dog's Hair Around Eyes

when you want to go and trim a dog's hair on their eyes I mean I highly suggest that you take the dog to a groomer especially if the dog has a lot of hair because it can be very dangerous you dog can do it jump in you want to make sure that you know what you're doing so I would first desensitize my dog to the sounds of scissors and you know if you can you can sometimes just get your scissors like here to a dog and they're like what is that or they've had some association with scissors you know out of groomers that you know it's not a very good Association so I just do scissor sounds and I'll give them a treat says their sounds up hit scissors like this and give them a treat so I'm getting used to the scissors being around their face I'm also play a game with them that I put my hand over their eyes because I definitely want to cover their eyes to make sure that if I do slip that I don't do any injury to them so I kind of do it like this and I play a game with them sometimes I'll let them lick my finger we got the peanut butter things still and then I will take it longer and longer and have the dog relax maybe teaching a subtle command and then I'll get the hair to go over my hand and then I'll clip it like this and so I'm always putting my hands so that the dog's face is protected you

8 thoughts on “Trimming Your Dog's Hair Around Eyes

  1. He has an guilty or fungus on him head n effected also his eye then plz telll me abt his treatment m frm delhi…. plzz any one knows the treatment of this then plzz tell…

  2. Great video thanks for uploading! Remember to use safe rounded scissors around their face. Also be aware cutting the whiskers can hurt the dogs since the base has a lot of nerves.

  3. People should be warned to use round-tip scissors!!! NOT pointed tip because they can easily get their eyes poked out or cut!

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