Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

*Children’s laughter* *doorbell rings* *Children’s laughter* *meow, cat opens door* Trick or treat! Thank you! *meow, cat closes door* *doorbell rings* *cat opens door* *woof* *woof* *doorbell rings* *woof* *hissing and meowing* *doorbell rings* Trick or treat! He’s so cute! Thank you, so cute, Happy Halloween! okay, bye Hey Michael, have you seen my charger? *meow*

100 thoughts on “Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

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  2. every time I watch at 0:32, i always wonder what is going through those girls mind, like would they feel awkward because they have to be "sexy" or would they be fine, i can just see in a bhs (behind the scene), aaron say to the girls "okay, so in this scene i need you to act a sexy as possible, but not too much", and i just see the girls in their mind saying "wait what", tell me if this is true or am i overthinking this?

  3. The sound track is good. I know it’s a famous song but I don’t remember it. Can anyone tell me what song is it

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