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Any questions. You good? Ok. Yeah. How is Fufi? How is? Oh, how is Fufi? Wow that’s a deep cut, man.
You can’t just ask me that like just randomly. You’ve
got to be like, “Hey Trevor. So I read in your book
and.” You can’t just be like how’s Fufi because in my mind,
Who the hell, Fufi… No because Fufi died. So for those that don’t know. So
I had a dog when I was growing up
like one of the dogs we had. My mom was working
at a pharmaceutical company and her colleague came to work one day and was like, “Hey
my neighbor’s dog impregnated my dog so now I have
all these puppies I don’t want.” And they were like this weird
mix of like a Bull Terrier and a Maltese Poodle. “So do you want to take them?”
And my mom was like, “Alright I’ll take two.” And
then my mom brought them home, and I’ve never had a dog before. This is the most
amazing thing in the world. So we raised them.
It was two beautiful dogs. They look completely different but they were sisters. They were
the best, Fufi and Panther. And my mom called the one
Panther because she had a pink nose,
so the Pink Panther. And then Fufi was like the
dumbest most beautiful dog ever. And Panther was the smartest
ugliest dog you’ve ever seen. And so like I loved
Fufi the most cause she just like looked
really vicious. And I used to think
that Fufi was really stupid. And then one day what happened
was like at our house somebody was trying
to come into the house like a family friend. And they’re trying
to open the gate and then they move the gate
and then the gate fell. And then Panther ran away. Because she liked
to sleep by the gate. And then Panther ran
but Fufi didn’t. And then the gate hit her and then like it broke her
spine. It was devastating. So then we went to the vet and then the vet was
like “I can’t help her, “we’ve got to put her down,
put her out of her misery.”, and the vet was like
“But this was amazing, “how did you guys
raise a deaf dog?”, and we were like “What?” (audience laughs) We were like “What do
you mean a deaf dog?”, and he was like “Oh,
like afterwards, “when I was just going
through examining her “while she’s still living, I
realized that she wasn’t born “with”, I guess, “a certain
part of the cochlea.”, or something else. We were like “Wait, this dog
was deaf the whole time?” (audience laughs) And we just genuinely,
I literally just be like “Fufi, sit!” (laughing) “Listen to me, sit Fufi.”, and
I was like, “You’re so dumb.” “You’re so dumb.”, and I never knew that the dog, and then we realized
what used to happen was when we’d call the
dogs, we’d be like “Fufi, Panther!”, and
Fufi would never come, but Panther would come
running sometimes, then she’d look at you, and then she’d run back, and
then they would both come, and I always used to be
like “Fufi’s just dumb.” – And then I realized Panther
was like “Ah, she didn’t hear” and then she’d go
back and fetch her, and then she would then,
both of them would come, and then now went back
to my office and was like “Fufi.” “Fufi!” “I miss you, Fufi.” (audience laughing) So that’s how Fufi’s
doing, she’s… (audience laughing and clapping) Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Trevor’s Dog Fufi – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  1. Ok, so not to ruin the strory but in the book it was a burgler trying to break into the house that tried opening the gate and not a family member visiting. Get your stories straight Tevor!:-P

  2. Trevor kills us all with cuteness in so many of these behind-the-scenes clips. Smart, sweet, intelligent… no wonder he got hired.

  3. Now just wait from that YouTube channel called "Really happened" to copy this story, put some animations and voice overed by a girl

  4. My grandmother had a boxer that was almost exactly the same. He was an older dog and we didnt know he eventually lost his hearing. It was only when his sister died and wasn't outside all the time with him did we figure it out when we tried to call him and we scared him senseless because he couldn't hear us. He just always followed his sister.

  5. Now I'm buying his book!

    I bought his book Born A Crime and hands down the best book I've ever read. Super recommended !

  6. Thank you for posting your videos in Youtube, Viacom is not available here in Taiwan, I can't watch your full show but these little episodes entertained me and made me laugh a lot, thank you Trevor and the marketing team.

  7. I watched this again after Anna Kendrick told him off for being such a buzz kill about his dead dog… He really can tell a story though ?

  8. This is the saddest thing I've heard today mate…trevor do you mind letting me name the next deaf dog I get fufi?I love dogs sm….

  9. wtf came on here to have a little post-brekkie laugh and swoon over Trevor and then CRIED about Fufiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  10. Panther came to them when called, looked at them for a moment and went back to call Fufi…..that's just so sweet and touching but knowing she's gone it's just sad…..?????

  11. Is it just me or did Trevor not look too good towards the end of the story. I think it has to still hurt a little.

  12. So sad. People who adopt Dalmatians often think they're dumb, because they don't know that most Dalmatians are deaf. It's one of the reasons they're chosen as firehouse dogs, because they can't hear the sirens.

    I had an elderly dog years ago and when I adopted two puppies they quickly realized she couldn't see. When I'd let them out into our fenced backyard, sometimes she wasn't sure how to find her way back to the house, so the puppies would walk next to her, one on each side, and guide her home. They'd take her to their water bowl, because she always came in thirsty. A few times, the male puppy even put his paw on her head to help her find the bowl.

  13. Honestly i would cried there
    Im impressed that he was so calm I bet he was really sad at that moment but tried no to show it

  14. Young Buck got a song called Foofy, but it's about 50 cent and how he's an attention seeking whore of a black man.

  15. Oh man. Poor Fufi.
    They are remarkable creatures.
    We really don’t deserve them.
    Do you have a best friend these days???

  16. Soo it sounds to me like there were times when Trevor and his family were shouting at Fufi, while Panther watched them, knowing that Fufi was deaf. I would love to know what was going on in that dogs mind…

  17. Ahhhhhh…. sweet boy, your tender little heart. I hope the family you grow has a whole pack of fufis and panthers to raise and make memories with. Dogs are the best.

  18. Maaaaaaan. Fuuuuuuck. This makes your heart break and burst out into doggie angels all at the same time ?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤

  19. One of my cats is also deaf. He goes out during the day too. I used to be a nervous wreck whenever he’s out but he’s 6 years old now and healthy as ever. They adapt really well.

  20. Am a South African, apart from Trevor's mother and grand mother, all credit to John Stewart for bringing him on an international platform to share him with the world. We will forever be indebted to you JS. Much love?.

  21. Does the lady is rude?
    Some comment mention Fufi death mentioned in the book.
    So she's rude since she know Fufi is dead.
    But another comment mention Fufi death is not in the book.
    So she's not rude.
    Which one is the fact?
    That's it, i'm gonna buy the book and read it myself.

  22. Insane story telling!!
    The way he changes the tone of story from "putting her down" to "raise a deaf dog", it's absolutely brilliant! ❤️

  23. I am not a dog person but this story is just sad and amazing at the same time. To think that they would have given fufi away if they knew he was death ?

  24. I thought he said it was a burglar who broke in and accidentally killed the dog in his book?!?! Me and my English students who are reading Born a Crime need to get the scoop.

  25. Realize how he sometimes doesn’t finish all the sentences but is still super eloquent? That’s a sign he’s mind is running faster than he can talk! One hell of a witty guy I like him!

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