Treating My Dogs Like Babies For A Day

hey don't hate me yes no hey tell me what you're doing today hey in big bold italic letters I am not pregnant okay if I was I would let you know now that we have that out of the way one of Julian's least favorite things about me is that I baby the dogs I'll show you baby the dogs I thought it would be fun like yeah if I was Shane Dawson I had access to 1-800 ranked a baby for a day yeah maybe we could hang out with the baby for a little that'd be great that'd be super fun I don't have that I don't know how he just finds babies to rent for the day but what we can do is go to Babies R Us get some stuff for the dogs and turn them into V for no reason I really I just want to get like baby clothes put some diapers on him I want a high chair I saw a video of dogs that had this disorder where they have to eat in a highchair and now I'm obsessed with the idea of putting one of my dogs in a highchair I'm feeding them some baby food we gonna have to assemble a highchair that's super annoying I don't want to do that what does that mean I have to do it yeah this video doesn't need takes it I just want it I just want to see Carmen did on a chair don't you cam he wants his own charity eating yes he does I think marbles will probably sit this video out let's go to uh the business we've got here just in time let's do closed laughs cuz I feel like we did spend a long time oh my god my breasts oh you're my best friend in the mouth okay yeah this is a great invention when being a baby hits okay one in a boy one you want to pick one out for weeks yeah this one it's you know this is perfect why don't we get a bottle can they drink nut milk we can just pick chicken stock okay that's disgusting they would like it you know yeah we'll figure it out let's go all I'm saying is that it's worth a shot one of these yeah as long as I can put meat on my back oh he looks comfortable oh what is your baby it's a marble playpen we can put in a marble doesn't play it doesn't know how to does play he looks you and he snaps at me that's his whole life mumble plate pan parts oh no not marvels like that baby and I'm a arenas how do we get one for vici this is her baby what do you think we're doing stop housing the swings like that boat ride honor honor you just walked by the high chairs I don't I'm doing a child in here business bullet find that cheap one we're gonna fuckin assemble it how's it feel to be alone my children are nine and seven why are you here now you're late stylish diapers for every season everything you know whose fault it is that they're going out of business specifically that kid I got diapers chicken-flavored baby for now okay all right here we go he pees like onesies that snap on the bottom she's too big no she is this I mean girth was she's very girthy about this for me it's got sleeves he loves these away how's it going this thing is way more confusing than it looks you've been struggling banging over here an awful lot can't with all this stuff and you haven't figured out what it is yet you're never allowed to say that I'm babying the dogs after this because this is truly babying the dogs so I say we put them in their clothes first and then basically we're just gonna feed them in a highchair yes right Carmy I'm so sorry it's gonna be mildly inconvenient for you but it's not everything's gonna be okay shall I come over there and put this day pee on you lay one set I got it I don't know if this is gonna fit him we should have gotten bigger diapers here you go bud how's that it doesn't really cover your weenus but how do you feel I think this is the day when he's finally had it with my shit yes you can poopie but you can't go number one it's just gonna squirt up at your chest we gotta get your office no really like shirts too much what are we doing you're just having a day all right just like any other day I know that's a very long sleeve because it's very human baby that's a very good book the perfect fit just for cerements it's Lance Lance okay what do you think maybe is baby feeling he actually likes it like you know how he usually freaks out that's like talking about the diaper just like made of it kind of happen oh yes I kind of like it Cubby's might bottom you don't feel like so insecure of what you enos huh do you maybe you want something to eat you've made my breastfeeding pillow you like that yeah this thing is actually so helpful and you can it's like a little show for me why are we start with a lot though I just asked Google if dogs can have almond milk and it said in moderation it's okay yeah but okay like is it just me or is he like he's actually kind of like enjoying this a little bit you it's a milk oh we got a lick what do you think about a peanut butter bottle you like that occur me all right should we save some for peachy then it's gonna have to oh I dripped it into his nose oh I'm sorry did you just snort it that's nasty what do you think you want some food Winnie we usually put clothes on him he gets really pissed off but he's like completely relaxed like I'm telling you I think it has something to do with like the covering of his like but in genitals has like made him very relaxed take a bud you gotta get your little legs in there okay one hey you go hey go okay why does he like this he's like actually enjoying himself look at this that is disgusting do you want this is actually like a really nice way to feed your dog because we have three and if one of them doesn't finish early enough they'll fight so we can feed one of them at the table is that good the nice big bite now you get the bottom peach is so jealous right now peach you'll have a turn but you need to wear the outfit and sit in the chair Wow is that good I think her the past but the baby test like he's a perfect infant because he normally hates any sort of clothing at all he even hates harnesses but he likes oh you want some more okay good you go five you wants more food okay there he is ten times I think you're done eating Kermit why don't we take you out they can put you in here do you want to come be with mommy look he's got food on its mouth all right we're gonna wipe your flute off your bib look at his diaper alright honey you're gonna have to Roach yeah I'm gonna Roach you little eggs I mean this isn't that new you kind of do this stuff with mommy all the time that's where the son see Julian this is babying the dogs I don't do this he's such a happy boy have you reached your final form infant I'm tired and old want to be babies forever now thank you yes I'm human baby I'm actually a human baby we might be a different species but he's my baby oh he loves this PG it's finally your turn baby girl what do you want to do just stand around does it be nervous that's fine you could do that crummy okay come here baby hi they have such weird shaped buzz do you thick thick baby oh that looks so nice thank you little lady Julian picked up oh good baby baby now we're gonna put you in the outfit that's how do you think okay now we're gonna wrap this around your bum [Laughter] hello he just demanded to sit up here your daddy's first draft pick it's my daughter wait did you like them help you're just the people squares at her house Wow good thing you have a bib it's not messy now you ready for you ready for some nasty choo choo choo choo choo choo oh my god good baby this is how you do a gourmet meal for babies smear come on sweet stuff oh my god tell me this isn't functional come on just give me a good one you burp all the time all right she looks a little floppy in there now release a little shelf mommy doesn't have to hold you oh well this was very fun this doesn't need to exist I feel like this shouldn't be a thing I just think it's really funny how much Kermit genuinely has enjoyed himself today honestly I'm keeping this high chair you always say that I babied the dogs but you're not allowed to say that anymore because this is baby English I'll just say it past tense you babied your dogs got on eBay why is everyone crying they want this baby food no no you act like we don't feed you I love you I hope you enjoyed us making our dogs into babies for a day what I learned was karma actually is a human baby which we pretty much already make sure you subscribe to my channel I put on Wednesday / Thursday why don't we just leave this in the kitchen like this oh yeah and don't do so much the TV they can sit right here how about this we get a second one and then which are all set on the table together no look at it he's enjoying himself or he's enjoying himself he deserves it he goes on the floor no he he deserts to sit at the table and enjoy himself he deserves to relax there you go oh my god all right I'll see you guys next week bye

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  1. grrrl. i love u. truly. ur an inspiration!! but i'm wondering what you do w all of the excess things you buy–like donate to charity or like try to upcycle//reuse? esp. the soap//other items not available those living in poverty, etc.

  2. I often wonder if you two will stay together… That birthday baking cake video was filled with a lot of emotions…as you called each others "friends"…and then your reaction to his deflection of a kiss… I don't totally understand modern…youtube…sorta of online relationships stuff. Don't be a dick Jerramy…the name that can be spelt a million(ish) ways. I hope you two just don't "figure it out"…Aries or not….find your Love… Yes…this comment was made while drinking…still…find love (I didn't drink that much)…

  3. It’s nice to see that when Jenna gets stressed out she doesn’t show it normally, she does weird stuff with her dogs

  4. Dear whoever the hell send me a reply,
    idc it was a joke that some people just don't have a big enough brain to get

  5. if you don't talk to my couple month old baby cousin he will cry until you call his mother to come help make him shut the hell up and also me and my cousin are crazy witches when it comes to shutting up le baby cousin

  6. Every time I watch the blogs with the beautiful babies I have to take a shot of insulin!!!! Sooo super sweet!!!

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