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What’s going on everybody! Welcome back to the channel. If you saw any of my last few videos, we are still out here on Lake
Santeetlah in the Smoky Mountains, and it is not quite as warm as the last few
videos. Overnight it dropped down to about 40-something degrees, and the wind is just absolutely insane out here right now. So Zeus and I are taking shelter up
under the batwing tarp, and it’s holding off all this onshore wind for us to do
this video. It’s set up kind of as my work station right now to make these
wooden coasters, I’ll probably make a separate video on that to show you guys
those. But today is all about the dog! One of my pattern supporters Darlene, wanted me to do a video a little bit about traveling full-time with a dog, so that’s
what this one’s all about! Traveling full-time with your dog is going to be a little bit different for everybody. Just to give you a little bit of background
on what we do, we have a 1988 scamp travel trailer that we custom-built to
live off grid. So we boondock everywhere around the country, and a lot of the
times that means there’s only small towns around. And avoiding cities was
kind of the biggest part of why we left to travel in the first place, so we
really never come across stores like Petsmart and Petco, all those big-name
dog food stores. So what we do is we use Walmart’s around the country. You can
find them just about anywhere and they actually do offer some pretty decent dog
food. The food that we use for Zeus is a grain free food called pure balance. And
it’s 24 pounds for $35. So he eats that about once a month, and that brings our
monthly expense of dog food right to about $35. And Zeus reacts really well to
it. In the past we’ve had him on a non grain free food that he seems to get
itchy with. I don’t know if he’s got some kind of allergy but we’ve noticed he
does best on grain free food and we want to give him a quality of life and good
food so we go ahead and give him that grain free pure balance from Walmart and
he does really well with it. And we can find those Walmart’s
everywhere around the country. Now if you’re one of those people who travel from bigger city to bigger city, obviously you can get away with sticking
to your Petsmart and Petco food that you already feed your dog, that’s great. But
if you do go out to places like this that don’t really have Petsmart and Petco around, your kind of gonna be out of luck and you’re not
gonna be able to feed your dog. And that’s not good. that’s not where we
wanted to end up with Zeus, so we did the best that we could, and we found that
Walmart really is one of the best options. One thing that I have been
really curious about is if there’s some kind of shipping service for dog food,
because we can use general delivery at any post office around the country. So if
anybody out there watching this knows of a delivery service for dog food that’s
not insane on shipping prices leave a comment below the video and let us know what that is. So besides the dog food, another thing to take into consideration when traveling full time with your dog is where your dog is even allowed to go.
So for people like us, we enjoy getting outdoors, and hiking, and a lot of things
like national parks don’t allow dogs on the trails. Zeus loves hiking, and we love to bring him with us, but when we do visit
national parks a lot of the times we have to leave them in the camper. So be
sure that if you have a dog and you plan on traveling full time, that wherever you
have to leave him in places where he’s not allowed to be, that it is comfortable
it’s not too hot it’s not too cold just give him some kind of comfort while he’s
in the camper alone or whatever you’re traveling in. Zeus is pretty spoiled
he’s got his own twin size bed in the Scamp, so he’s always pretty comfortable
ain’t that right buddy? Gimme five! no? okay… Come on buddy! Another really great thing about being
on the road, is that you know your dog gets to enjoy being in nature and
enjoying beautiful places like this. So he’s always in boondocking locations.
This is actually one of the smaller ones that we’ve been at, but usually he’s on a
big ol open piece of land that he gets to run around like a wild dog on. And he
really enjoys that. That brings me to another good point and that’s if you are on boondocking locations and just kind of out in nature, keep an eye on your dog.
Because there are wild animals out and about there might be bears and you know
coyotes and things that can attack your dog. So just keep an eye on them. We have a 50-foot leash that if we are kind of weary about the area, we’ll put him on
the fifty foot just to keep him in a general area around the campsite. But you just want to keep an eye on them. I mean if you’re spending every single day out
there and going about your normal day you can forget about your dog and he
might end up in some trouble and you don’t want that to happen. We love seeing
him enjoy his freedom and just roaming open land and really enjoying his doggy
life but nobody wants to see their dog get hurt. So keeping an eye on your dog
is really really important. One of the benefits of traveling with your dog is that especially if you have a big dog like Zeus, he can be a good piece of
security around the campsite. People come around the campsite, his ears perk up, he
lets out a good mean bark, he’ll never hurt a fly. But if he lets out that bark
people aren’t coming around us and that’s a nice little piece of security
for us as well. Now, on what we call travel days where we’re not just set up at a campsite, we do make extra stops just to let him out to pee or stop and
give him some water and feed him. So just be sure that you’re stopping enough that
he’s comfortable. We’re lucky enough that Zeus loves car rides if we mention “you
want to go for a ride?” yeah he heard that. He’ll just jump right up into the car
he can’t wait, he’ll be waiting at the door before I open it and so we’re
really lucky to have him loving car rides at this point. Now the last thing
that I’ll mention in this video is that you really should keep up with a regular
schedule of flea and tick medicine. if you’re living in nature like we do, the
fleas and ticks are going to be there. So you don’t want them coming back into
your living space with your dog so that end up on you. So if you’re thinking of
traveling full time with a dog, I hope some of this information helps you. And
traveling with a dog makes it so much better. Having Zeus along the way, he
lifts our moods and days that it’s raining and all gloomy. He’s got a
hell of a personality, so he lifts us up and shows us love and return from what
we do for him and it really is fulfilling. Just treat it like it’s
having a baby on the road they really do come first. So keep them comfortable and keep them happy, and they’ll give it back to you in return. So Zeus and I thank you
guys for watching this video, and we’ll catch you in the next one ain’t that
right buddy?!

19 thoughts on “Traveling (Full Time) With a Dog! | Living Nomad Tips & Tricks!

  1. Haha – I'm thinking that Zeus might hurt a fly if he saw someone going for either of you two! Beautiful location

  2. Your videos are great! Very informative, nice length, direct and to the point, and nice quality. I truly want to see you, your lady, and Mr. Zeus's channel grow beyond measure!! Keep it up !! Btw, our GSD had terrible itching with grains, as well. It was awful, almost like "hot spots" and a touch of folliculitis. Raw, organic coconut seemed to be the only thing that cleared the itching up and soothed things down. And of course no grains lol. It is a shame though how GSD get such reactions and intolerances to grains and gluten in certain foods. I also seemed to notice our boy did not do well with any chicken products but did better with dehydrated lamb and raw venison when it was available. Zeus reminds me of our Sarge. Same colors and all. And man, do they sure love their car rides lol. Zeus is truly beautiful and so healthy and happy. I look forward to seeing more content from you 3. Thanks for bringing your skills and travels to YouTube!!

  3. I once traveled with a dog, but after her parents disagreed with my career choices I had to break up with her.

  4. Lol I have 2 gsd identical to yours not too many cut thru my site consider raw food diet much better for him good vid

  5. I would love to know more about your story. Where and when did you get Zeus? How did you meet your girlfriend? Where you both on board to travel???

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