Travel Tech for Pets (HILLS)

so when it comes to this lovely festive season I mean there's nothing worse than leaving your pips at home and you know I mean you need to go on road trips you need to explore a bit and I feel like this is the perfect way to ensure that you have the right tick for the festive season so Mona Clausen is with us here on expresso mano welcome you are the National Sales and Marketing Manager of wag world I'm looking forward to a little bit of a modeling show with a very special model so let's start first things first the model herself Lulu Belle please tell me more about this amazing animal well thank you very much personally for having us on the show it's always a pleasure being here and Lulu is the inspiration she's also the CEO of where Walt she belongs to Chrissie Dickinson and Chrissy got Lulu as a gift for my sister and she went out to find some products you couldn't find anything she liked and that was basically where it was started ten years ago so she is still in charge looks after all the products looks after us and make sure that we draw away I've never made a dog ECE over this is wonderful I can see a lot of poise would learn about of course who is the model today and I'm looking forward to checking out all the travel tech that you have on offer so let's get it started to start this morning show the right way with Lulu bowl which one would you like to show us first well obviously when you go traveling something that's very good for us to have is the car seat hammock well this helps you are you basically what you do is you put this sorry you fit just in the back of your car yes very in these two handles you slip over the back seat of your car oh very cool and then these got over the front seat so it creates a hammock on your back seat and it basically protects your seats obviously when the dogs are dirty weight or whatever they can scratch us and also prevents the dog from jumping to the front when you hit the brakes you know they don't fall behind the seat so I definitely myself and it's also pocket here that you can put your lead in your water bottle or whatever you need charm let me just check a little ball a little boat what do you think of that okay you see little balls looking at it saying one of the favorite items of of hers with regard to some of the travel take though I also feel like I could probably lay in there with the dog what's great about these is that you can also use them obviously when you just to put it on a mat and you know it's always a spot for your dog to sleep down and it fits most vehicles yeah it fits most vehicles and it could either go in the backseat boy can go in a SUV in the dog great stuff what else do you have over your money well obviously when you're traveling what's very important is always to make sure that your dog is hydrated absolutely so especially traveling in this heat make sure that you got your dog have voice water and they've got two verb bottles available this one basic he just flips over and it creates a little bowling for them to drink water that is cool and this one is thinking you've got a bowl way so you can either put food or you can put water in there that we also can recommend for traveling with your pet obviously to make sure that there's always food available but of course it's always welcome you know putt course is important though and I can just picture a lovely doggy enjoying you know the Lupus favourite Hills food in there would be wonderful I can just picture it now little bout Lulu say Lulu is actually just sitting I mean the CEO doesn't want to be too busy with you know our employees that sort of good little Bob but of course you know how it goes it's a wonderful wonderful device as well and it's really like a compact looks like a a CD case at all school very compact also the outside holder is what a proofs are obviously it means when it's wet or dirty you know it's easy to keep it clean then what we also have just to make sure that your dog gets extra safe obviously there are crease little holders you know go on the dark and then this little gadget here basically you slip it into the hole so obviously with a dog inside or in this goes through your sis you put the seatbelt three year so hook the seatbelt flip it in and then your dog is basically like safety first can I just see that though I mean it's also very festive as well it's for the season you know yeah a little jingle bells that side goes wonderful our friends at Oxford pets really gave these to us borrowed these to us so yeah so it's obviously getting into the face of season and then obviously the last thing always make sure that you've got a little pouch available yes because obviously you've got to clean up little poop bags inside here so good to have that and clean up up to yourself yeah you know I love the travel taking I mean it's just in time for the festive season I know it's lulubelle approved which means a lot to every single pad out there but more I thank you so much for joining us here on expresso and of course Mona is from wag world if you want to check out some amazing things from wag world of course you are welcome to do so but I mean this festive season don't leave your PIN at home is enough to cure to go around so ensure that they enjoy the festive season along with you in a safe and happy environment for the right type of tick for the long road when he's healthier he's happier and a dog's tail never lies give him the science of happy found in Hills the brand recommended by vets worldwide

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