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– Hi, YouTube, it’s Ken and Kayl from McCann Professional Dog Trainers, and today we are going
for a walk with Degan, the black lab, the 10 year old black lab. Today we wanna do something
a little bit different for our dog walking training talk, and it’s more for me to vent. I’ve been a firefighter for 18 years, and for eight of those years
I also worked as a paramedic. And in that time I have seen my fair share of motor vehicle accidents. Probably more than I care to recall. But one thing that I know for sure is that people need to stop
transporting their dogs or driving around with their
dogs loose in their vehicle. You wouldn’t do it with your kid, so don’t do it with your dog. It’s just not safe, and
it doesn’t make sense. When somebody’s involved in an accident, there are basically three collisions. The first one is the vehicles colliding. The second one is the
body inside the vehicle. You know, whether a coat
strikes a steering wheel, or something like that, and the third is the organs colliding with the inside of the body. And if you can affect number
two by limiting the movement, which is exactly what a
seatbelt does for a person, or a crate could do for a dog, then you can dramatically
affect number three. And it’s really really important. You see all too often dogs
sitting in a back window, or, you know, maybe– – Or on the driver’s lap. (laughs) – Or on the driver’s lap. It’s incredibly dangerous, and people just don’t realize it. So we wanted to talk a little
bit about a couple ways that you could make sure your dog’s safe while you are driving around in your car. – What we try to do with our dogs, and we got a lot of them, is we keep them in
kennels, secured kennels that are secured to the vehicle as well. And over the years, we learned that plastic crates, plastic car crates, are even more safe than wire crates because wire crates can bend if you do get in an accident. You can take it one step further as well if you wanna pay for the expense of one, you can actually get crates,
I believe the brand is Gunner, that have been proven
to be accident proof. They’re a little bit big and bulky, but they can be very,
very safe for your pet. And I think that we can both agree that they’re well worth the investment. – For sure. That’s a good point. Nowadays, cars are created
to take a lot of impact. There’s a lot of folding up, and there’s oftentimes
there’s a little bit of intrusion into the
passenger’s compartment. Basically, all that means
is some of the metal folds into the passenger
compartment in an effort to try to reduce the trauma of the impact. And being in a crate
will keep your dog safe and sort of give them that
extra layer of protection that they need, so that
they come out uninjured. The other thing is airbags. Airbags are engineered and designed to soften the impact in a
motor vehicle collision, and airbags can deploy into
the driver’s compartment up to 24 inches. There’s airbag curtains. There’s airbags that come
out of the passenger side, out of the doors, out
of the steering wheel. And if you have an
unrestrained pet involved in a motor vehicle accident, I mean, imagine what that
airbag would do to them. The dog can’t choose for itself. You need to make sure
that you are transporting that dog safely, and do your best. Like I mentioned at the beginning, you wouldn’t allow your child to be free inside a vehicle while
you are driving along. You shouldn’t allow your
pet to be free either. So from Kayl McCann and myself
and Degan the black lab, we’d like to thank you guys
for coming on a walk with us. Happy training. – Safe travels.
– Bye for now.

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  1. Be sure to join the FB Group; Dog Sport Vehicle Ideas & Setups
    The group members are very active and discuss many different options for safe transport, for all budgets.

  2. During a long trip in the US we had the horrible experience of seeing a dog fall out of the window of a car on the interstate. It was SO TRAGIC!!! All could have been prevented by securing the pet in the vehicle!! Do you think there should be laws requiring pets to be secured while traveling in a moving vehicle? Have you seen someone risking their pet's life by putting them in a dangerous situation on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

  3. What do you think about dog seat belts, like a Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles Enhanced Strength?

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