Traumatized Puppy Mill Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery

under socialized fearful dogs have a lot of difficulty dealing with pretty much everything normal adopted dogs experience the primary cause of all of these behavior problems is simply under socialization these dogs have been kept in isolation especially when they come from hoarding cases in puppy mill cases so we would rescue them from those environments but some of them simply weren't prepared for placement and adoptive homes they needed extra help and there really wasn't anywhere for them to go often they languished in shelters never getting adopted or they were euthanized because they were simply too fearful to be adopted the rehab center opened its doors in March of 2013 this Center fills that gap and it's it's the next step in rescue and recovery for these animals so what we're doing here is helping them heal providing them with the expertise and the time that they need in order to to get ready to go into homes and live happy lives initially when we started to work with her and we did her first evaluations coconut wouldn't let us touch her she was afraid of being close to us in general she tried to get away I didn't think that we'd necessarily be able to help her at all beginning we just focus on building good associations helping the dogs like people so we first just focus on things like hand feeding and teaching them very simple skills to perform went around people at three weeks she was a different dog already believe it I was able to very carefully touch her she was still very nervous but it was clear that she was developing social behavior and it was also clear that um that she was starting to tolerate touch which was very exciting coconut was a very fast learner she was very very smart so we started out with things like hand feeding and we moved quickly to things like walking on leash and we did that very gradually Hey as we do all of our protocols we helped her learn to not fear the way the leash felt and we also helped her learn how to walk around first in familiar environments and then unfamiliar environments we also focused on handling that was a big challenge for her I think she was just terrified by touch so that was something we had to focus a lot on with her and we taught her a very cool skill we taught her to actually place parts of her body against our hands so that she was initiating touch and we gave her a reward for doing that it was really cool eventually she realized that it felt good and she discovered that penny was awesome during a final evaluation I entered the kennel and she was jumping up and down really excited to see me it was great so she was very social she walked beautifully on leash I handled her and she clearly was more relaxed she's going to like it and we were very excited about about how she did during her final evaluation after only six weeks of treatment that that's an extremely quick recovery given such a poor prognosis she adds so much to our lives she really does it's getting up in the morning coming down to your little one you know and fixing her breakfast and she gets her breakfast before I get my coffee it would I love I thought she's absolutely wonderful it's incredible knowing that this dog that had absolutely no options was was able to recover with us that we were able to help her learn to enjoy life and and eventually become a pet I think that the main thing to take away from that particular discovery is that these animals can be helped and we will try our best to help all of them

25 thoughts on “Traumatized Puppy Mill Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery

  1. ALL animals — not just “pets” — want to love, be loved, enjoy their freedom and live on THEIR OWN terms. Do you claim to “love” animals? Do you claim to be against animal cruelty? Then walk your talk — BE VEGAN — and stop supporting “acceptable” animal cruelty, theft and violence inside cultural norms of society. See the VICTIMS of your non-vegan habits and turn your heart towards justice rather than socially accepted prejudice. Learn compassion and reverence for life. &

  2. Very good, there's not many people who will go as far you all do. Thank you.
    It makes me sick to see the kennels that these puppy mills use and the conditions they are raised in. Yeah, maybe the population needs to be brought down, but neutering/spading should be the way

  3. We’re on month 3 of trying to rehabilitate our ShihTzu Amish puppy mill survivor. She has made some progress, but not the progress that you have shown in this amazing video. We’re going to try some of the things that you have suggested and see if that helps. She’s a sweetheart under that coat of fear, and we’ve seen glimpses of happiness. Our goal is to give her the life of pure joy that she has not yet had. <3

  4. Please adopt a child before adopting any animals we also have abused children in foster cares that need help make donations for the children not animals…….

  5. If you would use another dog who is well socialized the mill dog would come around faster.dogs will always take cues from another dog

  6. The real terror in Coconuts' face and body just killed me. I think it's amazing how patient and caring people were with her. I'm so glad she has a forever home and is loved.

  7. Humans are the lowest life form walking the planet.  They are the only species who feels that they have the right to cause harm, pain and suffering to animals.  Kull the humans.

  8. rather help a dog than 99% of humans just look at our political leaders they are all filled with hate , revenge , petty 7th grade crap

  9. Thank you very much for the thoughtful work you do and have done! Even if it is just one soul… it’s worth everything. And what a nice dog she is today.

  10. I love the challenge of a rescue. It is so rewarding to see how their lives get better. They are so greatful

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