Traps in Residents’ Yards Help County Watch for Invasive Pests

Music Invasive pests such as the Gypsy Moth
and Japanese Beetle threaten food security, agricultural trade and our
local environment. Music They are currently in the East Coast and in the Midwest. They are hitchhiking pests. Music The Gypsy Moth defoliates entire forests in the East Coast and it’s something that we definitely do not want in California. Music It can make its way
into California in soil, but commonly makes its way into California on
aircraft. It’s attracted to jet fuel, of all things. Music The California Department of
Food and Agriculture inspect incoming airplanes from the East Coast to ensure
Japanese Beetles are not hitchhiking on those planes. Music If some Gypsy Moth egg masses slip
through, that’s where our traps come in. Music We would love to place these traps on
your property. One of the core functions of Agriculture, Weights & Measures is to prevent the establishment of invasive pests through early detection. The Gypsy Moth trap is a delta-shaped green trap that’s tied around a single-trunk tree. Music And he gets stuck on the inside of the trap. Music It’s a three-way trap that has green color. It has a pheromone in it and it has a food source in it. Music

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