Training the Baby Fennec Fox to Sit

Edie said good said it was such a good job yes it was we'll try a little warming he sits said good job good job yeah it's really good yeah thank you sit good girl what's it's okay one more time sit good sit I liked it better when she plops down first no TV set set you set a set that's very cute but it's not really what I wanted ya know while she was goods kind of set

50 thoughts on “Training the Baby Fennec Fox to Sit

  1. Fennec foxes are wild animals and their purchase shouldn’t be encouraged as it funds their breeding and destruction of their natural habitat – read article below

  2. Clearly you idiots don't know how to train an animal, and take that ridiculously stupid bell from around its neck, with ears like those any moron would know this animal has pretty good hearing and that bell ringing every time it moves is catastrophically annoying if not harmful!

  3. Beautiful and so sweet. But with those big ears and a bell sounding all the time around her neck? That's not right for the animal.

  4. Why you are not kissing him, if he /she was mine I would be kissing at least 26 hours a day if you know what I mean

  5. why want her to sit? dont get it at all…..when i hear my boss DEMAND his little Fox Terrier sits..omg my heart hurts sorry im weak & damaged like that…my hybrid wolves learned that easy but big size…they do it naturally ..but a little baby…"SIT" "MARCH"…i cant do it…what for anyway..? sorry ..LOVE anyway

  6. Yes please take the damm bells off the neck, confuses it because it can't here with the damm bells, and it's adorable…

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