Training Retriever Puppies – How To Teach a "Here, Heel" Drill – Pivot on the Line

hi Pat Noland and Pete with a retriever training tip for the day here we're teaching Pete to pivot left and right when you're lining up for marks and blinds you needed the dog to pivot left and right for you on the line we're teaching him with a 5 gallon lid the time to sit on the lid this is the second day working on dribble it's time to sit on the lid and now teaching him to pivot turn and stay on the lid once he can do that while we're in front we stepped to his side we're gonna work into a heel position he's not quite in here yet but he's working on and he's turning pivoting in place left and right he's better on the left side but he's learning to move on the right while flip sides and work him on the right now struggles a little bit to stay at there's a lot going on for a pup to learn the pivot you can break it in pieces you can learn to sit on the lid learn to pivot on the lid and learn to pivot left and right while you're in heel position a little struggle for him there he's had a good session come on Pete get your lid let's get out of here come on get you lid

3 thoughts on “Training Retriever Puppies – How To Teach a "Here, Heel" Drill – Pivot on the Line

  1. Thank you for the reply. I too do that, but I have heard about the book " positive gun dog" and did not know if you subscribed to that method. I love learning new techniques. Your e- collar OB looks interesting as well. I have only known it in the positive punisment sense. So many new things to study

  2. Hello sir, I just found your videos and I was wondering if you use positive training only or do you incorporate e- collars and leash correction also. Great video.

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