Training helps law enforcement investigate animal abuse and prevent violent crimes

it’s actually pretty common for law enforcement officers to come across animals living in homes like that and that’s why the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the Humane Society of the United States held the training course to help officers investigate animal abuse and prevent violent crimes news for 2 songs Allie Potter has the story it’s new at 5:00 we see at least one animal cruelty call on our screen per day sad isn’t it unfortunately that’s the world we live in but a training was held 490 law enforcement officers across southern Arizona including Maricopa County Casa Grande State Game and Fish and several others Ted noon with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department says he saw more activity than usual during the month of June not only the number of cases but the number of charges that resulted from those investigations which do people look out for smell if there’s an unusually strong odor coming from a house that might be a clue if it looks like the dog isn’t getting or doesn’t have access to water or the the body condition of the animal the Pima County Sheriff’s Department says if you see any type of animal abuse call 9-1-1 that phone call that you make when you suspect this animals being neglected you might just save somebody’s life or you might save a kid from going through the trauma of sexual abuse sooner you report it the sooner we can get on the case do the investigation and address what’s going on sometimes you get called out to an animal abuse case for example but sometimes it could be much more than that when you’re doing an animal cruelty investigation you know don’t just focus on the animal cruelty violation itself granted it’s a big part but you’ve also got to keep your eyes open to other types of crime like illegal gambling prostitution drugs sometimes these animals are in terrible conditions but once they get the help they need it could be a great ending to their story and then family step overwhelmingly and say we want to get this dog that was harmed a loving home [Applause] reporting in Tucson Allie Potter news for Tucson

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