Training a puppy pitbull for beginners

so you're trying to make that decision to get a puppy and you're really confused on what to do because you have a couple things in your way you have a 9 to 5 you have an apartment yada yada yada whatever the case may be I have here 10 tips to help you better make that decision and even if you did already buy the dog or the puppy he'll make out a little bit easier for you so if you want to know these 10 tips so that help you out with your puppy for people with 9 to 5 and apartments stick around I have the tips for you okay so tip number one is going to be playing it out you don't want to really just go on a spur of the moment just wake up one day and be like you know what I just want to get a dog sure you can do that if you're set up for that you know maybe you you you work at home or whatever everybody's situation is different but if you are this is like I said this is mainly for people who have 9 to 5 to have to leave their puppies home so for my my but my biggest tip for that is to either take time off for work do it on your vacation time or in the worst case scenario take a week like do it during the weekend so buy the dog or the puppy on a Friday so at least you have Saturday and Sunday to do you have to do to build a bond and setting some training things in motion or whatever best case you want that full week so take off of work for week so you have a full weekend buy the dog on a Friday you have a full weekend then you have that full week and then another weekend that really gives you ample amount of time to build a bond set up of routine and do some of these other tips that I'm going to tell you to make sure that it's it's really a smooth transition this is something that I didn't do that through doing this and and learning I really wish I had so that's why I'm giving you these tips so yeah like I said take time off that's definitely tip number one if you can if you can't do it on the weekend tip number two tip number two is going to be build a bond it's going to be the very first thing you're going to want to start doing immediately the way you could build a bond is pretty simple when you go to pick up your your pet make sure you have a toy some kind of a toy or maybe some true it's on you whatever whatever it is that you feel like you're gonna that it's gonna help you build that bond with your dog for me I brought just a really small contouring some treats here she is with it right now she still has this freaking thing to this day come here come on up here come storm up storm up of course she's not gonna listen so anyway build that bond and like I said the way you're gonna do that is with a toy or treat so the best way to start training the dog her name or his name right away instantly and the way you're gonna do that is what eye contact so the second that dog makes eye contact you're going to want to start introducing a name and giving heavy petting and rewarding so if you want to learn how to do that I can I call show you real quick basically what you're gonna do is go good girl as soon as they make eye contact you make that noise or whatever good girl now that's fine to do now to introduce the name where you're gonna do is do that same thing hey storm storm storm storm storm storm look at me hey good girl storm good girl soon as I make I can't introduced a name good girl and that's that's you know start building a bun you know start you know petting heavy petting you know doing different things like that rewarding you know saying good girl making eye contact saying a name doing different things like that good girl mama so that is tip number one build the bond I say tip number one that's tip number two so we're moving on to number three now tip number three so tip number three for you apartment owners nine to fivers brand-new puppy owners the first thing you're gonna want to do after building that bond you get your new puppy home the very first thing you're gonna want to do is put that cage up if you haven't already like I said this is going to boil down the tip number one which is planning so if you're planning on getting a new dog and you're planning on getting a puppy you should probably already have the cage you should already have the bowl you should already have some toys around you should already have part of your apartment blocked off you don't want to overwhelm the puppy with too much access to the whole house is a very strange transition if they're not gonna know where they're at you know a lot of times they just spent some time in a little hay cardboard makeshift thing from a breeder so you know make sure you set that cage up immediately this needs to be the very first thing you do if it's not already up already do it the second you bring your new puppy home so when you when you're doing this you don't want to shove them in there this is why it's important to take time off because you can start building that routine so the way you're gonna crate train your dog and to and the reason why I say this needs to be the first thing you do is now you're gonna slowly just have the door open just maybe throw a toy in there and just kind of let them sniff around it and go in and out of it and stuff and and and do things like that you don't really need to force them in there but you know just maybe let them go in there and explore and and check it out and stuff she's obviously like what are you doing but you know what I mean you just kind of go ahead mama get in there go ahead good girl good girl just thought I'm go in there and shut the door for a minute or two let them back out and just let them do whatever you know you don't really that's why you need to take that time off because you can you can really set the tone with the cage like that so and yes before the commenters come this cage is way too small for her she has a new one on the way it just has not got her yet I was kind of waiting to make this video but you know whatever it's she's got a new one and she doesn't she's cratering out of it anyway but she goes in there stolen just like kicks and that but this is her place of comfort this is where she likes to be because of the way you introduced it the way I introduced it to her this is not a place where she goes to be bed this is a place where she goes to be comfortable it's her little place and nobody else's so like I said that needs to be something you set up right away so the dog the puppy can kind of sniff and go in and out of it as she pleases so it's not really gonna be a big surprise come that first day Monday morning when you need to shut the door now to acclimate them to this it's just like basically putting a fish in a fishbowl you want to slowly do it you know maybe put them in there for twenty minutes and go to the run to the store for for a half hour twenty minutes come back let them out so they know that that door is gonna open eventually you know so if you just come home you know you buy your dog on a Wednesday night and then set up a cage and then next morning you just shove the dog in there and lock the door and leave there that's gonna build anxiety that's not going to be any good so that's that's the way you do it right make the dog comfortable with it let it let the dog sniff around it and get comfortable with the cage that is tip number three that is a very very helpful tip for you guys it's probably the most important especially since you're gonna be 9 to 5 and leaving your dog in there most times so you want this to be something that they're comfortable with next ok so tip number four is going to be routines routines are so important for puppies and dogs going forward because dogs love routine they like doing the same thing every single day over and over so you don't have to do the same thing that I do but I'm just gonna say what I do so you can kind of get an idea and maybe figure it out from there so our routine is we get up at 4 o'clock in the morning every single day we go outside she pees and poops that we come back inside she eats and then we hang out and just usually I start making my coffee and eat breakfast or whatever for a half hour 45 minutes and she's able to digest that food and all that and just kind of hang around and that's when we go out on our run or our walk and we do that every single day now when I get back home from the run or walk she is gonna have her water and then we're gonna hang out and that's when I start getting ready for work so generally by then it's about 5:30 5:45 and I'm usually out the door at about 6:00 now if it's an earlier day where I want to be at work by 6:00 I get up at 3:00 3:30 so you know that's just some of those things that you're gonna have to do is waken up a little early and a little bit earlier and stuff you know if you're one of those people that you know it's really hectic for you in the morning time and you know you really don't have much time to to do that and you're you know you think you're just gonna run the dog you know go outside letter P and feed her real quick self through down air mouth mouth and let her digest the food and then compete and puen and you're gone she's in the cage or going to me that's not really a quality dog owner and if that's something you plan on doing then I really just think you should reconsider so that's just my opinion on that I think you need to really think about spending the time that you need to to you know make sure your dog has the proper routine the proper training the proper running and stuff and walking you know you got to put a little bit of effort in though it's like having a small child it's like having a part-time job and when you make that decision that conscious decision decision to get a dog you know you made that decision to to do whatever it takes to make sure that they're properly trained and fed and all that stuff so routines are really important and like I've said that that's our routine and at nighttime it's kind of the same thing just kind of like backwards so I come home from work we I don't feed her right away we just got I let her out and then we hang out for a little while and then we go out for a run and we come back and then she feeds now it's just like a bodybuilder or anybody or endurance run or anybody who's training you know when your dogs laying around all day for eight hours and you're just gonna come home and shove food down your mouth that's that's how you get a fat dog I tell you get an overweight dog that's how you get an unhealthy balanced diet dog so what you're gonna want to do is and this is for apartment people you know I'm keeping in mind you people the house is in big yard's and stuff it's different you know you can just let the dog out and run around like a nut that's different I'm talking specifically for people with apartment living and 9:00 to 5:00 jobs is very specific niche of people who are asking me this so keep that in mind when you're in there keyboard warrior-like and all that so like I said and even if so if you you do have a dog or a big yard or whatever you're still not gonna want to just come home and plop food and your dogs now you're gonna want to train and get the dog well enter and energy out and then feed the dog because just like a bodybuilder when I'm when I'm lifting weights and I'm training I'm doing all kinds of different things I'm gonna want to come home and feed those muscles the nutrients it needs why I'm resting so it's the same it seeing I deal with a dog alright so that is tip number four or I'm sorry that's yeah step number four that's the routine so make sure make sure you're doing that make sure you get good feeding routine and it's the same thing every single day so let's move on to tip number five what exactly do you think you're doing oh my god alright so tip number five is gonna be water regulation and what I mean by that it's kind of simple it's basically you're gonna limit the amount of water you're giving your puppy at first now until they get trained you're not gonna want to take a lot away from your dog they need it they're gonna need to stay hydrated especially if you're running and walking and all that but what I mean by this is pretty simple so if you you don't want to fill your dog's water bowl up all in the morning so they could just freely drink water all all morning long and then you're gonna head to work cuz you're definitely gonna have the dog want to urinate in the cage they're gonna urinate constantly now this is gonna happen either way but you could definitely limit that and slim it down a lot by keeping track of their water intake so the way I do it is and should we still do this to this day because I know how much water she needs she kinda starts to figure it out after a while but if I fill that thing up she will just drink the whole thing and then some you know she'll just keep drinking and drinking it just for the hell of it cuz she's a dog but she doesn't really know any better and you know next thing you know she's like well she's got a pee you know so and shows us go so you know she really do that anymore but I first was she was a puppy she would definitely do that so I kind of had to figure it out and limit her her water intake because it was a pain in the ass so basically in the morning she gets when we go out and do her training and stuff she gets her water but I take the water bowl completely away from her about a half hour before I'm about to leave it hurtin her last initial drink after we go on her walk she has that drink I let it hang around for a little bit cuz she wants to take one more sip or whatever but I take it away generally about a half-hour 45 minutes before I'm about to leave for work because you know she'll drink that thing ten minutes before I'm about to leave and then she'll take that one last initial pee but that's usually really not enough so dogs digest the water a lot different than us don't drink it and I'll have to pee 20 minutes later so you know you kind of got to watch that so that's what I do her now obviously you don't want to take the you know dogs need to hydrate so you're gonna want to keep that in mind so what I do is I used bully 8 sometimes I don't use this all the time because you know it's it's not healthy for your dog to have too much of this but what I do is I put a little bit of this bully made in a water bottle and then I dump this water bottle in her water bowl so that she can actually it it's like Gatorade for dogs and it helps out a lot because they don't need so much of it so this this is that's something you can consider doing and now the same thing falls in line for bedtime so at bedtime when we're about to go to bed or whatever she doesn't get a full bowl of water she she has a little bit and you know we go on out and this whole last time before she's about to go to bed and we go out and she takes her sip of water and then after that it's done cut off because you know she'll get up in the middle of the night and I do leave a little tiny bit in there for her during the night case she wants to get up and get hydrated and real hot you got to make sure they have water obviously but you don't you don't want to overdo it and you definitely do not want to leave it in the cage for them while you're at work especially a puppy because one they're gonna jump in it or something – it's gonna they're gonna pee in the cage they're gonna do that anyway but you know so also they don't you know I see people they leave there's like things where they can like lick the side of it I don't know if I don't really think they need that if they're in a cage or not really need to hydrate but that's gonna be on you if your dog is okay with it and doesn't pee in a cage and you have one of those water things then that's fine but all at all what you're gonna want to eventually do is probably just leave your dog out of the freakin cage anyway that would be the end goal in all this but you know this is just for like I said this is the starter's kind of thing here and if you're having issues with the dog going to the bathroom a lot and partying and urinating specifically in the house that is one thing you can do okay let's go on to number six all right so tip number six the way you're gonna get your dog to end up just like this super tired super worn out not so much craziness ripping stuff apart and all that walks in runs this is so important now I know people have told me you know it's really tough you know I have I live 13 14 stories up in a skyrise you know going up and down the elevators kind of a pain in the ass whatever whatever whatever it look if that's the problem and that's what you have to deal with and that's something that you're considering being an issue then I would just really strongly suggest that you just don't get a dog and maybe look at a cat or like a lizard or something but you know if you want a dog you're gonna have to take the dog out on runs you're gonna have to do it a couple times a day and I'm sorry to say but when you have a puppy this is why I'm saying you're gonna have to take time you want to really take that time off that initial when you first buy the dog that first week because you're gonna really want to take the dog out every hour because dogs have to go to the bathroom and you know if you don't you don't keep on track of that it is what it is and if you live high up and high rise you know get used to using that elevator button I mean I just don't know what to tell you as far as there's like potty discipline training pads go I don't think that that's a good idea if you want your dog to constantly piss in your house in your apartment that's that's on you I I don't believe in that I think I think that if you can't get your dog if you can't take the time to to go down the elevator and do what you have to do and you really should just reconsider and get a cat or something to where it's normal for them to pee in like one of those like litter boxes or whatever it's disgusting and my my personal opinion on that it's gross but hey if you if that's what you want to do then good on you whatever I'm just gonna recommend you know runs and walks twice a day we go on a run every morning for three miles and then sometimes we'll do it as well at night and if we don't do our run we'll do a walk so that that's super important because that is what that's gonna do is gonna make your dog super worn out they're gonna they're gonna you know not have so much energy so that's the way to do it now their core their course they're gonna have crazy ample amounts of energy they're puppies but it's definitely gonna help if you're walking and running your dog they're gonna be so much better disciplined they're gonna listen better they're gonna just want to chew their toy and kind of lay around and hang out and that's just what you got to do for an apartment owner now if you have a house with a yard this is easy you go outside you throw the ball for an hour and or half hour or whatever and you know that frickin whoops on out but you know for us people with apartments and stuff you have to dedicate your time and and kind of plan for these things and reschedule and you know make sure you set aside time to walk a dog so if your schedule doesn't allow for that we consider getting a dog and yeah that's just my my opinion on that and that's that's just my advice to you for that so let's move on to training tip number seven so tip number seven is going to be keep your training fun you want to always keep the training super fun with your dog or your puppy you don't want to get super stressed out like when they're not listening and not following directions and stuff because at first are probably not going to you know so you always want to keep the training fun be it Barry lovely and lovey-dovey and happy and stuff and all that and good good rewards treats when they do something good you know and that's that's how you keep the discipline and training very very very fun very lively like oh yeah you know and and that'll keep the dog interested in it so you can actually kind of incorporate training and playtime into one thing but and kill two birds with one stone so you know as far as running and sit and sit and stay I train my dog in German so it's for sit it sits and then for lay down it splats and she knows German and it's just something fun I did for me and her so we have our own little you know conversations with each other when she knows she needs to listen and and she knows that when I start speaking in that tone in that language that she knows that it's directive for her you know and I mean so keep it fun you know keep you know go outside and when you know what she said scope yeah you know good girl and stuff and and reward her with her favorite toy him hey come here come here come here baby here here we work with a favorite toy and when she ignores you you know it's she's camera shot so yet you know just keep it super fun and like I said we border with her toy and let her have it you know let her play with it and just be and just keep it simple you don't have to do like you don't have to do all these crazy like I see people they're like oh you know you you know when your dog doesn't listen you're out for a walk or whatever and they're like you know you're not gonna get that toy at home and stuff you know you got to keep in mind your dog your dog doesn't have a human mind it they don't know what you're talking about they don't know English they know simple commands yes no good girl and heavy petting and and stuff like that and you know that's the way dogs respond they don't really they're not they're not gonna respond well to full sentences that you're just kind of looking at you're like you're freaking nuts because you know you're talking you're trying to talk to dog in English you are nuts so anyway that is training tip number seven always keep it fun and if you do that you will have a very good dog that will listen wanna train want to learn new things dogs look dogs love the work dogs want to just sit around and be like you know what's going on dogs like to work dogs like to be trained it's what they're meant to do so do it use that utilize that and have fun with it and because that's ultimately why you bought the dog correct I mean you have to bond with the dog and you can this goes back to that building that bond so really building a bond keep it fine and trained you can do all those things in one conjunction and it just kind of kills all these birds with one stone and so that moves on to tip number eight we're not going to switch the angles we're just gonna keep going here so tip number eight is gonna be dedication make sure you dedicating time to your dog I mean you see I see a lot of people and they just kind of like even in the morning here when I go out I do my work out there doing my stretches and she's just kind of I have her next to me and I see these people and they walked her dog they go out of their apartment they walk her dog gonna go right back and it's just like their dogs overweight and old and just fat and they're just it goes to poops and they go back it's like why do you have a dog if you're gonna do that I just don't get it so you know but whatever each is their own maybe some people just don't have time I know they have the time they're just fucking lazy so anyway dedication you got to put that time aside to dedicate so when you get home from work make sure you're dedicating 45 minutes to an hour to like I said training and keeping it fun and having a good time with your dog and building a bond you're gonna need that time and then you have the rest of your night to you know go to your gym eat go out to dinner whatever you need to do and then just keep keep doing it like that but make sure you dedicate a specific amount of time just for training your puppy and to build that bond you have to do that it's so important you should be building your bond with your dog every time you you know see each other or interact with each other you should be constantly building a bond with your at with your puppy okay so tip number nine disciplinary action disciplinary actions what do I mean by that I mean it's kind of like one of those things like alright well for one don't discipline with the cage never ever discipline with the cage if you're an apartment person if you're a nine to five person that has to leave your dog in a cage for any amount of length of time over eight hours or even you know I know they say for the amount of months it's like three hours or whatever look we all work long long our jobs we all work eight hours nine ten hours some of us maybe even twelve so you know it's tough but the dog can handle it easily I mean if you do it right so like I said I wake up two hours in advance and make sure I have her ran and make sure I have her all those things so she can be in that cage for nine hours ten hours if she has to and she has been before noon did it very well now it's not every day but it's once in a while I come across those days so as far as disciplinary action goes you don't want to discipline the dog and neck in their cage that's kind of like it's it's reverse psychology almost on a dog it's like gonna fuck with them you know what I mean they're not gonna want to be in there for that amount of time if you're always fucking yelling at them to get in the cage every time they do something wrong so that has to be a place of comfort like I said it has to be a place where they want to be at and if you're using that for just discipline then it really cut it doesn't really make any sense I'll give you a couple discipline tips real quick so if the dog is like for well most people are asking me while I have problem with biting and potty training so those are the two main things right so bite or like gripping stuff up so it which in then line with biting so puppies are gonna T the right they're always gonna be biting and nibbling at stuff and nibbling your hand when they do that you're not gonna say fucking stop biting me and whack the dog across the head right that's that's counterintuitive you're not gonna want to do that that does nothing that solves nothing what you're gonna want to do is if the dogs nibbling at your finger and you're like you know whatever nibbling nibbling nibble and she just licks now but what you're gonna want to do is say no give her a toy say and once you start stewing a toy yes good girl so no yes and then if after a while after they don't even they won't they won't bite you no more and that's gonna be the same thing with as far as tearing up like my couch cushions or or whatever you know there's things are going to just happen because they're dogs and they're just gonna do that kind of shit so you just always make sure you have toys on one hand whether it's these chew toy bones and or whatever I'd stay away from ropes ropes can cause a lot of digestive problems and a dog if they chew the rope and they start eating them they can get all stuck in their intestines and stuff and could be a nightmare you can make your dog very sick so I don't recommend the ropes you know if your dog doesn't if your dog tears at the ropes then definitely not but if they know if you're just using it for like pool toys and stuff and they understand that then that's fine but it's all every dog is different so she tears out them so I don't give them to her we use other things for pulling so for potty training the worst thing you're gonna definitely do is if they piss or shit in the house is to grab them by the collar and shove their face in it and tell them no you do not want to do that that is the worst thing you're gonna do it's gonna destroy your bottom of your dog it's not gonna work they're gonna keep doing it they're not gonna give a fuck so that's just what what it is so instead try this as soon as they pee your piss or shit in the house they're gonna grab them definitely say no make sure they understand no no no but you don't hate and whack and throw in a cage just take them right outside immediately and let them know that that is not where you do this at this is where you do this at this is why I don't believe in those p-pod II pad things and stuff because it's like how do you make it they're not supposed to go in the house so if you don't want them to go in the house then there's really no way around that if you want to set up pee pads and stuff and you like be like oh yeah it's okay to just piss in this corner of the house it just kind of makes no sense to me so I don't I don't give anybody advice on using those so anyway once the dog does go outside and as a puppy the first thing you're gonna want to do anytime the dog goes outside is a puppy and really if forever is you want to reward the dog and the puppy and give her a treat and heavy petting and loves when they go outside and go to the bathroom a good girl and you know pets and here's your treat and stuff so and that's what you're gonna want to do as soon as they go outside so keep yourself a little handy some treats and toys or whatever and do it like that and eventually they'll be like okay I know that I'm gonna get rewarded if I do this outside and I know that if I do it in here nothing's gonna happen so you know I might get whacked or something but you know to a dog you don't want to do you don't want to hit your dog or do stuff like that because that's gonna take away from that bond you know so you want to constantly be building a bond and that's what it's really all about I think we're at tip ten right or no yeah I guess I guess we are tip ten all right so I guess where I was on nine but okay so tip number 10 is going to be introduce your dog to other dogs take your dog new places take a dog to dog parks take your plate go on different walks don't do the same like I know I said routine in the beginning but this is different I mean kind of don't keep it the same as far as walking go you want to introduce your puppy to other dogs very early after all their shots of course you got to make sure because they you don't want to end up a parvo or any of those other crazy things so take the dog to dog parks take your dog to like pet smart interact with people children and things like that and that'll make sure your puppy is used to those things and know they'll get that and they're you know in the back of their mind forever and you'll have a very good dog and it'll grow up to be a very intelligent animal that you will love to take places and and go on hikes and different places and that's what I'm really what it boils down to is when you when you become a pet owner and a dog owner it really becomes something that you enjoy you don't want it to be a hassle I hear so many people it's like an inconvenience to them that they got a dog and it's almost like bull why did you get a dog then if it's an inconvenience so you want this to be something that you really can have a good time with and that's ultimately what the end goal is so yeah those are my 10 tips guys I hope you enjoy the video I could tell you what if somebody would if I were to watch the video like this it would have been made just life so much easier so I really do hope you guys enjoy the video if you did please like share subscribe iiiiii I was gonna make a song and I forgot what I was gonna say but anyway no I'm not really sure what happened – I'm not gonna edit it out thank you so much for watching and spending time here at the hard city the best way to support this channel is through your support so like share and subscribe and I'll see you guys very soon we have more dog videos to come we have some walking videos I'll get more in depth on training and German training and stuff just get a little bit nicer outside but anyways that's it guys like I said I thank you for watching like share subscribe i'll see you next one and we're out peace how many describers do you think i'm gonna get when mmm me and you how many subscribers do you think i'll get them just you yes yep how many how many subscribers do you think I have compared to you how many subscribers do you have compared compared to me

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