Training 4 Different Dogs: How to choose the BEST Dog for You!

today I'm going to show you how to size up a new dog today's video is sponsored by peplum when you're considering bringing a new dog into your life you'll probably want to know what you're getting into today I'm gonna show you a few tests that you can do to find a dog that's best for you click thumbs up for getting homeless dogs homes subscribe to my channel and pick up a copy of my book dog training revolution my YouTube videos are featured throughout the entire thing to make everything as easy as possible follow me on Instagram and Facebook too one thing you can do right now to help homeless animals I simply change the way you buy dog food for every box shipped pet Flo will donate a bowl of food to a pet in need peplos innovative system makes your life easier they let you choose your brand of dog food and how often you want it to be delivered I have my food shipped every two weeks for example by giving your business to pet Flo you're making your life easier helping homeless dogs and supporting my videos thank you I'll have a link in the coupon code in the description that will give you 20% off of your first auto-ship order in a second we're gonna head to our local shelter check out a few dogs and see what we can learn about them because of the recent flooding here in southern Louisiana many dogs have found themselves homeless and we want to get those dogs on to a happy life as soon as possible a key part of getting these dogs into a better situation is first understanding their personality and what type of home is best for them I'm going to evaluate a few dogs and offer my take on what I think they'll need out of their forever home I'll be looking for things like energy level the dogs willingness to engage in training and more today how you doing Brittany I'm good how has the flooding really impacted the local shelter here we've had a lot of dogs come in from other animal shelters they've been flooded or they've been impacted themselves over 40,000 homes have been impacted by this last I heard it's really best for the family and the dog if their needs and wants are compatible do you want to get them out quickly but you also want to get them out to the right thing right we do need some help writing some BIOS because we're not dog trainers or dog professionals so we try our best but sometimes it's hard to match those families up with the right dog it's not about what the dog knows today it's about what they can learn tomorrow let's bring out our first dog would you say the first thing I like to do when I meet any dog is just get them at ease immediately let them smell me let him get comfortable I'm just gonna let him check out the environment check me out get comfortable and he looks at ease what do we know about blue he was surrendered to the shelter probably about three weeks ago he's just a really sweet dog we don't know a lot more about him though is he typically reserved like this in your experience it depends sometimes he gets really excited and he can't control himself but other times he's like this that's very typical of what I like to call level 2 dog I typically rank dogs level 1 2 or 3 based on energy level because energy level is one of the fastest ways to size up a dog and determine if they're gonna be right for a certain situation level 2 dogs are awesome for most people who really want to be engaged with training but don't want a dog that is super high maintenance so one of the first things I like to assess for is a dog's willingness to look at me in the eyes so if I can get a dog's eyes on me that tells me I'm in a better position to communicate with them traditional training focuses on really popping the leash or kind of jerking the leash suddenly to get a dog to pay attention but if you get a dog's eyes on you voluntarily so much more authentic gives you a lot better results down the road he's got great eye contact his demeanor is good he follows the Lord he follows it a little bit here he goes back and forth that just means it'll be easier to guide him with a treat another good indicator as to what dogs teach ability is their play Drive that are they willing to engage promptly in a game of tug-of-war do they do it off and on he's really lighting up and getting happy by this tug toy even if he wasn't into the toy that would be fine too why is tug of war so important when dogs play with a person so much more rewarding than say just playing with another dog but there's something about playing with people that's to really satisfy dogs in a way that nothing else does tug of war can be one of the most powerful rewards or currencies for a dog that there is now if the dog really is overly enthusiastic about tug that also may be an indicator that they're gonna be particularly high-maintenance too because they'll have a lot of energy blue strikes me as a middle-of-the-road dog who would do well in most families who really want to have a dog and spend a lot of time with a dog and really do some basic training with them he's probably not a couch potato but he's not necessarily a really high-energy duck diving agility dog either know you mentioned that he seemed good for most homes what do you think about homeless kids I see nothing here that would lead me to believe that he wouldn't do well with kids but obviously any family should be careful with any dog particularly if they have young children but if you had say a 10 to 15 year old kid in the house who was really interested in engaging a dog and really interested in teaching I have a hunch he would do amazing with that you want to bring out our next dog sure this is Missy she was surrendered to the shelter not too long ago she has a bite history with a young child in her house oh how unfortunate and we don't know the details really surrounding that no oftentimes in that particular situation it's just because a child was a bit overbearing particularly young children if they're if they're not really introduced properly you can encounter that sit look at me yes that whining you hear a little bit of anxiety does she and your experience with her have you noticed that she gets a little anxious like that yes and I know she's like it seems that she's a little bit shy at time ok she's demonstrating a lot of body language here that indicates she's not extremely comfortable I want to see if she'll play with a tug toy and right now my guess is she's a little anxious not totally in play mode right now she's more interested in what the heck's going on around here it doesn't appear that she's very interested in toys what other exercises would you recommend well she may or may not be interested in toys because she's nervous right now is not necessarily an indicator that she doesn't like to play however if that is the case you know walking is always a good way to exercise the dog because she doesn't appear like overly JEDEC either it's okay angel I'm gonna break out some treats here again just to see if I can let her know that great things happen when she's in places like this so the priority is getting them comfortable not giving them to sit stay or lie down you can see she does follow the Lord even in the same chest mindset she's still following the Lord good let's see if we get a look good job nice work let's put her into it down yes what an angel you are that's perfect and yes look at it good girl good eye contact will you give her your attention her anxiety seems to subside a lot that's the thing about anxious dogs they need a lot of attention that's why a more seasoned family who's got some experience with dogs would probably be more ideal for her you can see that for anxiety level has come down even just in the few minutes we've had her out here which is a good sign it is but I anticipate that she's gonna be the anxious stall in a lot of situations for a little bit of time to come why don't you go grab us another dog what's his name his name is Mason and we'll do that tail Waggin you guys have so many pit bull-type dogs here I would imagine yes I have a great video coming out on the truth about pit bulls in the near future so you guys will want to be tuned into that how did Mason come into the shelter Mason came from a backyard breeder that had too many dogs look how eagerly he follows this Lord I'd like to see how willing he is to look at me in my eyes yes nice job Mason you're doing great yes really good so he I mean he is like on it the thing about energetic dogs like this it's all or nothing either you put in the time with them and you have an amazing dog or you don't and you have issues with the wrong it's because dogs like this are really tough to teach if you don't get their energy out on a regular basis I'd like to see how eager he is to play now as suspected he is all about and he's right into the game of tug-of-war and ease right into the game of tug-of-war after eating turkey which is really interesting that's what I like to call dual-currency if a dog will work for treats and work for play in the same exact training session that indicates a very trainable dog most of the time which it yeah because the reason but that is when dogs are like eating something really good to kind of quell their desire to bite and play that gives you a lot of tools if you're training a dog right here you hear that growling you see him hitting that way about that's playing growling that's a dog that's having a good time now it'll teach him to let go by just making a boring and then when he lets go I'm gonna give it right back to him when you let go you get to play when you don't the game gets boring it's that simple yes good do you see that I see I let down for just a second let go is one of those things that frustrates so many people but it's one of the easiest things to teach another thing you can do if a dog is really this into it you can even use a treat right here to distract them yes good job and while with some dogs that may quell their desire to play tug of war with other dogs who are willing to engage in play and treats in the same training session you can probably get right back into the game yes there it is look at that just immediately so for some dogs that's a good idea for other dogs not so much it looks like he doesn't mind being held at all he's really good about being touched just a friendly guy overall who wants to play he's got incredible athleticism and endurance and if he ends up in a family that isn't willing to exercise him 30 minutes to an hour a day five days a week they're probably gonna experience a lot of problems with him but if they do this dog can probably learn just about anything we're gonna bring out our next on now and who's this this is Twinkie hello Twinkie I don't even need treats to get her comfortable she is a displaced dog from the all the flooding she came in with two of her puppies he looked like a chihuahua with a beard but she definitely is willing to follow that Lord I just feel like she'd be an amazing trick dog look at that look how eagerly she follows that oh gosh who cares what you can do it's important to when you are teaching a dog to look at you especially if you don't know them very well to exercise some caution you don't just want to get up in their face and say hey look at me but you know if they're happy like this and they seem to be pretty obedient I wouldn't like all you obedient then it's probably okay dog I'm gonna discourage the jumping I keep trying to lure her into a sit and she's not immediately taken to that she's like this give me the treat if I back up I like that that's better than jumping so I'm gonna reward it I mean it's about rewarding the behaviors you like rather than correcting behaviors you what oh there it is right there so she automatically sat some dogs will do that – that's called capturing a behavior of a dog just automatically offers yes right there you can see she's started to learn she's like if I do this will I get it we're gonna assess her play drive now yes yeah yeah of course we did yeah yeah it's a watch she's not necessarily interested in tug-of-war she is kind of interested in playing and running around you can tell if she's in a playful mood and that's really a good sign of a dog that likes to engage people and engage in training all the dogs we met today would make great pets for the right families and that's really the most important thing just make sure you take your time and be patient and put some thought into it when you're choosing your new pet sometimes it takes spending a few days with a dog to see if they're right for you or even longer and most shelters will be just fine with you fostering a dog if you want to take your time the shelters here in Southern Louisiana have been experiencing so many homeless dogs coming in lately if you want to help with a donation I'm going to have a link in the description click thumbs up for the dogs in today's video share this video too so that we can continue to increase awareness for homeless dogs everywhere subscribe to my channel and if you're getting a new dog definitely pick up a copy of my book it'll show you everything you need to know I changing the way you buy dog food you're helping homeless animals – I'll have pet Flo's information in the description special thank you to all of the volunteers who spend their free time working with these dogs in need everywhere in the world you are truly special people we'll see you guys in the next video if you're getting a new dog check out three things to teach your new puppy maybe your dog barks or lunges or Tunes you out when you're on a walk if so see get your reactive dog under control or if you have a puppy biter check out my lesson on resolving puppy biting I hope you guys are enjoying the videos and I can't wait to see you next time you

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