Trading A Paperclip For A Puppy!!

how's it going everybody welcome back to episode 2 of the paperclip wind the paper good beam is very very simple so I'm starting out with this paperclip right here okay I'm gonna go around store to store I'm gonna try and leave here with something way better than this paperclip hey in episode 1 I ended up leaving with the Mach phone the perfume of a bunch a bunch of stuff if you haven't seen episode 1 I'll leave a link in the description make sure you go check that out so we're not gonna mess about we're gonna get started right away let's see what we can start out with for this paper but hey how's it going guys kind of so I'm doing this experiment I'm not sure if you've heard of the guy we started out with a paperclip and traded his way up to like a house basically I'm doing a kind of similar experiment we started with a paperclip and you trade in the mall for literally anything so if you guys have anything like defected a sample for the first one anything helps I do yeah YouTube channel so maybe you can check it out what is this ok cool so yeah some shitty value if there's other girls around in a mall they might need some puffs okay cool so this is the first trade ok so you get this green this is a good paperclip you have this green favor hope I get the puff that's so awesome what's we do I likes you crystal okay Oscar I'm gonna come back later ok yeah for sure it's ch ad Chad WI th Chad with Bay J see I just searched that up and yeah thanks a lot hey guys ok so this is a strong start this is Sean says thank you guys Cheers ok guys so I'm not sure if there was a sample or not but we ended up getting some puffs so hopefully this has administrative al you a little bit better than a paperclip so it's kind of a funny start but let's see what we can get next last time I went to Godiva so I'm here in front of Laura Secord and maybe they can help me out ok so let's go check how's it going very good thanks very good so I'm kind of doing like a funny experiment today so I started with a paperclip and I have these makeup buffs so I'm wondering if there's any like samples or anything here now you can give away to trade for this makeup puffs it's kind of funny I know it sounds random but these are the makeup puffs so maybe you can maybe you can check something else no way I get the truffles holy smokes really that's amazing thank you for your help you guys get some nice high fives guys come to Laura Secord okay Laura Secord is the best ice cream chocolate place in the world oh my goodness thank you guys let's go so we went from the paperclip to the puffs Laura Secord truffles I know a lot of you guys are gonna be saying call it in today okay call it a day with the chocolates but no all right we gotta be savages over here you think we can did we get soft with chocolates now I'll go for that host today all right very good thanks very good I kind of have a funny requested it I'm not these Laura Secord truffles so I started with a paper clip and then now I'm at the truffles so I'm wondering if you guys have like anything like defective or like anything that's like you know maybe not for sale that you're able to trade and I'll trade you for these wonderful Laura Secord truffles YouTube videos no way which one you saw that no way yeah for sure man that's amazing good thanks no way it's pretty corporate right so they they go back look Nico thanks for watching bro really appreciate that what a nice guy so obviously that was my first fail it didn't get anything there I guess but he gave me some good advice and he's seen the first paperclip video so we're gonna move on we're gonna keep her head held high and we're gonna get some awesome trades going no way what's your name bro AJ nice to meet you man cool no freakin way of course daddy I like you want to take a picture something yeah yeah guys any time hey thanks so much for watching man I'm actually filming a video right now nice guys man I love I love meeting you guys in stores members so if you see me if you see tall shout of the Jay sticking out make sure you say hello how's it going guys good thanks good thanks I have a funny request today so I started out with a paper clip today now I'm at these wonderful or secret truffles that you guys can share you know I mean this is a team effort so wondering if there's like old flip-flops or like anything defective in this store anything like that that you guys are able to trade for this beautiful box of chocolates Laurens ok let's go if you're Lawrence I'm vlogging yeah yeah you guys walk – hey what's your channel shut it up unique stuff go check it out tough to go to these corporate companies like footlocker because they had a lot of strict rules but hopefully you my boy Lawrence you know is feeling a little generous today hey yo what lockers got Kylie Jenner on fleek ass so did you did she give you this feel did she tell you okay cool man so I'm wondering if the beautiful footlocker has anything to trade for this nice Laura Secord chocolate truffles you guys look hungry you know I mean you guys look like you can yeah if you have anything defective in this store like old pair of shoes pair of flip-flops like old pair of sunglasses like my Senate vodka yeah you can't do it he's a good manager he's good manager can break through us okay guys well thanks and Cheers okay bye rejected all right you guys we're not we're not gonna give up all right I don't go down that easy on to the next door Karen how's it going I have a funny request for you today so I started with the paperclip and now I'm at these wonderful choc truffles you know you look kind of hungry you don't even sit here all day I'm wondering if there's like an old phone case or anything like that that you'd be able to trade for these chocolate truffles Wow no way I'll go with the black one no way no hey you're the Medicaid what is this store what is this place called mobile snap okay guys come to mobile snap and Bayshore you're gonna see this guy here he's amazing guy look at this this is amazing thanks again brother man hi how's it going yeah Joe yeah for sure really yeah that's almost you know like T Malvo like Charlie and everybody of course of course you guys our school already yeah that's dope sorry I'm not a nice Peterman I'm dad yo nice to meet you guys hey for real that's coming out tomorrow the next video okay and maybe you guys will be in it so you guys really okay see you guys later nice to meet you ooh okay guys we're going into Happy Days they have some amazing products there how's it going man very good thanks very good I have a funny requested it so I'm wondering if there's anything at all in the store that you guys would be able trade because you know you guys look hungry there's some truffles here that you can share that's awesome we're getting personal imagine jeez that's so sick and guys look they have nice vases too so if you want to store your your plants you can buy one of these vases here at happy days okay hey exactly each one no way what kind of poster is that okay I got a lot of Haeckel for trading away chocolates last time for something that wasn't amazing okay so I've never done this before but I have to decline the trade for the chocolates and so guys we're trading the phone case it's a nice phone case yeah truth you got to go with it with the more neat stuff cuz I'm not gonna get into some serious training power okay I like that huzzah acquired sapphires all around Bam Bam blue guys take care lids gone guys how's it going so I'll go a weird request for The Voice today I'm doing this experiment okay like how did I get this bro are you serious that's actually lit yeah this is dope yo it's my company's no way all right shut up guys is there a website that they can check out just just an Instagram this no way yeah I'm not there at this hour right now all right looks fresh yeah this is actually a dope out it's kind of wavy Barbara respect man yo thanks it sorry if I scared you um I have a funny requested it maybe we can work out a deal okay we'll see we'll see okay first off we have this wonderful hat if you're it's kind of wavy its kind of wavy and I mean look nice it does that hats are in these days I know I started with a paperclip and I made my way up to this okay next this poster it's a Doctor Who poster you might not know the show but yeah and then the Banger the Laura Secord chocolates they gave me chocolates yeah literally it came in with a favorite foot I know so there's anything in the store don't you managers anyone's gonna do it okay cool the sunglasses yeah those are kind of blessed let's see these these are oakley's Wow all right yo take your pick take your pick yo they went for the chocolates right away all right guys I know a lot of you guys give me echo for trading away the chocolates but these are nice nice equipment sunglasses I gotta trade those so we're treating the chocolate okay all right just like enjoy the chocolate yeah yeah I know you guys can share that and have a good day okay good luck thank you guys so I'm meeting with the crew my boy here studies watch Doctor Who so I'm gonna give you this poster okay so you can have that poster my man thanks for watching the videos take care guys can enjoy both you know you got to give back to the people who watch your video song I don't have a poster now for trade but somebody's leaving with a poster so you got to give them love how's it going I have a funny request for you today funny I'll show you what I have in the bag all right already actually okay so I have this cool packs okay it's a nice that lids gave me that really nice of them okay I have this old Klee sunglasses okay then I started with a favorite clip that's right he's up to something like this no freakin way so that's gonna be my personal donation to you no way that's so that is very sure there's nothing that's vague you like no way well someone out there is gonna really like this vanilla cake UPS man the morons doesn't cut it okay they don't make good coffee Starbucks does all right thanks guys dude what a nice guy that's why I love Starbucks yeah I went there last time already I'm coming there this time because gotta have some backups all right a lot of people say no so thank you Starbucks shout out to you all right guys Pat world we're going for it hey how's it going good thanks good so I'm doing something similar today I started today in Bayshore with a paper clip I'll show you what I have you can share the you can invest in a cure here for the office and you guys already have your first set of tees there you go you're gonna look cool on that thing let's this girl looking good oh my goodness he is the cute one he'll squirm a little bit oh my god I can I have the dog go yeah I can't trade you everything here for this dog okay how much is the dog cuz I really like the stock now one thousand three hundred one thousand dollars that's late that'll be visa please okay thank you high fives all around yeah oh yeah okay wait man okay guys what else what else what else I need to figure out who I'm gonna give yeah it is okay I'm gonna do the outro right here okay okay do you guys like Starbucks okay do you guys have a cure example yeah you can have this that's for you so that's one person I'm just gonna give everything out on the bed always dangerous phosphate okay if you Steve does he like oakley sunglasses okay great you're getting subscribe to it thank you subscribe to the channel I forgot to say that guys so like I said guys if this video gets to 10,000 likes I'll make a paper clip part 3 and yeah thanks for watching you guys have a great day

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  1. honestly this is what homeless people should do, find like a paper clip or something easy like that to find in the streets. And trade there way up to something useful for themselves. Like the chocolate truffles or something could really help and make them be able to have food if people walking people don’t give any food!

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