Tracy’s Dogs Rescues Shelter Dogs From Euthanasia And Finds Them Forever Homes

– [Tracy] TracysDogs is a non-for-profit
rehabilitation and rescue organization for dogs. We take dogs that are right now
housed in high-kill shelters and outside of San Antonio, Texas, near the border.
And we pull them, and we take them to our facility in San Antonio. And we
rehabilitate them, get them healthy, get them ready to be adopted. And
then we get them all pre-adopted, and then we transport them up to northern
cities, and all of the families that have pre-adopted these dogs get to meet
them for the first time today. – [Woman 1] We’ve been on the search for a
second dog, not finding any success, and we came across TracysDogs on
Petfinder. And we saw Benny, soon to be Finn’s, photo and fell
in love immediately. – [Woman 2] We are here to pick up a
little puppy that we have adopted. We ended up stumbling across
TracysDogs, just fell in love with it. The whole idea, it’s just
amazing what she does. – [Man 1] We had adopted through
TracysDogs before, and we had a great experience with them. And we wanted
to adopt again through them so… there’s so many dogs out there
that need a home that we wanted to help out, so… – [Man 2] Pet Smart has been involved with
TracysDogs pretty much in the South, in the West, and just in the last couple of
years, they’ve wanted to get a location a little bit further east. So we
got to be the lucky one, and that’s how we’re involved with them. – [Scott] Okay. Hey, I’m just going to go.
If you’re here to adopt one of the dogs, we’re just going to go through a
couple of housecleaning items, and then we’re going to get
your pups off the trailer. Tracy, she’s been an animal lover all her
life, and then, at some point back in 2011, she was furloughed from her job for
about six weeks. She started going down to the local city shelter in San Antonio to
video dogs that they were stationing at another facility because they knew they
wouldn’t get adopted. And she started posting those videos on YouTube, and we
started getting recognition from people all over the country wanting to adopt
the dogs that she had videoed. And from there, it just ballooned into
this organization where we would go and rescue the dogs ourselves,
bring them into our facility, and then re-home them ourselves. – [Woman 3] Rescuing any animal is so
important. You know, no dog or cat or any animal really deserves to be mistreated or
on the streets, so if people can find it in their hearts to rescue and not
purchase. We think our organization does add a lot of value for families
also, so we’re really filling a niche. And when people are adopting a dog from
us, I want them to understand their adopting that dog, but they’re really
saving three dogs’ lives. We have a very limited amount of space at
our camp in Texas, so it only holds about 100 dogs. So when Scott
pulls away with the trailer with maybe 60 dogs, that opens up another
60 spots, and Tracy immediately goes to shelters and gets 60 more. But then that
also means those shelters can take in another 60 dogs, so we’re just… We do
this every month. We cycle them in and out We’re up to 3,700 dogs
we’ve adopted out in five years, and we hope to
keep growing. – I’m so excited I could…
I’m trying not to cry. – We don’t refuse to, in fact,
we do some local adoptions. Stick a dog on that trailer, we’ll put him
online, and we’ll get anywhere from five, six, seven applications. Some of
the more popular dogs, we’ll get 20 or 30 applications
when we go north. – [Woman 4] Oh, my.
– [Man 3] Wonderful. – I don’t have any more. – I’m so excited. – I’ll put that same dog online, and they
won’t get a single application for six months. And the other thing is, too, we
want to move dogs that are in the high-kill shelters out, so we see it as a
way to help serve the community. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Woman 5] Oh, we’re just happy. She just
is cute as I thought she was going to be. And they tell me she’s very active,
so she’ll keep me young. – It’s really one of the best
feelings in the world. You might have a poker face,
but it’s all butterflies riding up here.

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