Tractive GPS CAT Unboxing (English)

Congratulations on the purchase of your
Tractive GPS CAT Tracker. In this video we’ll go over the contents of the
package along with some of the main features of the device. Let’s get started! Once you remove the packaging sleeve you can open up the box where you’ll find the neatly wrapped Tractive GPS CAT Tracker, name labels so you can attach them to the tracker and a Quick Start
Guide for an easy setup. Inside the included cloth bag you’ll find the
tracker along with the USB charging cable. To charge the device just attach
the charging cable and plug it into the USB port of laptop or almost any other
USB wall adapter. By releasing the strap from the metal pin you can simply adjust
the size of the collar just set the desired length snap it back in place and
you’re set. Pressing on the two middle buttons found on the top and on the
bottom of the device, you can detach the battery from the main unit when you
need to charge the tracker. A red light will appear when the device is charging
and will disappear when the device is fully charged. To exchange your spare
batteries should you have them locate the breakaway mechanism on the right
hand side and release it as shown here The breakaway mechanism is also designed
to release if your cat becomes stuck or caught in anything. Simply putting the
unit back together will turn the tracker on now you’re all set. Happy

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