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look who evolved into their final forms I mean it's not their final forms but it might as well be because everyone just knows ooh a mine and kind of Hackman in fact I don't know if it's pronounced huh c'mon or Hackman the romanization of the characters is I don't know it's confusing something for some reason I see a lot of hukman but Hackman makes more sense he's a digital thing any hack stuff in half I don't really think it should be more complicated than that but yeah super mom's been tearing it up haven't you my child check his stats Dodi Oak was only at one but the tidy oku I saved one point because I wanted to show you them battling I mean we saw them as an opponent in the last time we ran these so it's not like there's gonna be anything particularly new but just just have a have a peek let's just go right up against pal Mon and yes I have been resetting the progress so that way I can keep my win percentages up I don't know why they put that in there like as an option because people are just gonna do it like I'm pretty sure there's something you get out of beating like all the Digimon all of them at the top that there has to be otherwise why wouldn't you just keep resetting other than just being like here are beat do all the Digimon God dang it I was supposed to show you that battle so you could see what thing it turned into roll back to the clip there see you can see turns into a sword mmm that's pretty cool oh yeah and I didn't figure out a better backdrop for here you can just have autumn on space over this a handsome Japanese man hold up is this this isn't he calico she is it Oh what does he call a Kyoshi not the pugs he's over here well anyway yeah so we're just gonna use this magazine of my grandma's in everyday we're going to turn to a new page and see new attractive fashion I don't get women's magazines especially not Japanese ones they're all just they're all just kind of like this but at least I brought chubby Gotham on and sad autumn on to keep us company how can you be so sad next to like the number one young Enka singer he khalaqa than Anka sing and you know Anka music is well it's like what old Japanese people listen to except Pecola Kyoshi came out and was like young people can do it too and my grandma's obsessed with him she's got posters have him all over her wall so anyway our quarterman devolved into Agumon and I'm worried because they're doing good which is bad right we don't just want them to digivolve it down the line of rice Greymon again right maybe I should keep the dough do quit half I guess I'll look up a guide to see exactly what it takes to get into a level into another I can maybe even still digivolve into ultimate or mega I have a feeling that you only can digivolve into ultimate in mega if you get you know that the top line because I know for a fact there's some Digimon that straight-up can't go to ultimate or mega so let's have a look at Hackman look at him he's wearing a cape he's going through his emo face I was there once too well actually I went through more of a goth phase I were all black and I've walked around the halls trying to look as upset as I could so that way no one would talk to me it was a defense mechanism okay I mean look here clearly it works I don't want to have a conversation with him except for there when he smiles that's that's endearing you might want to work on that one buddy if you're going for that image fours if Aman and Hackman I definitely want to get them this you know full doe deokhu full full effort you know all of their training points every day they do have a linear digivolution line but we only be able to get the ultimate mega forms if we just rock the socks out of it so these ones were going full force and then for augment here maybe not so much however we do have another egg today and so we're gonna do it and since I actually did have these to fight earlier guess what we unlocked if you take any of the second wave of version xx Pat's the gold one the white one whatever the other one was the black one I guess and you connect it to the brown or the gray Digimon you get this the Dodoma neg so let me just cycle around through so I can make sure yep okay so that's the Dodoma neg and we're gonna get it let's hatch ourselves a baby dorulumon of course it's gonna take a little bit we'll stick around at least until that's done today I went to a graveyard I went to a dead man walking I went to the latest chain on death row I went to Toys R Us and in fact it was a Toys R Us that I worked at a long time ago it was so weird to walk in there all the sign-out sites at 40% off but everything inside pretty much said 20% off but I found like some Tamagotchis dude I couldn't justify getting the other ones but I did just get this one because I love this orange and black juxtapose like I'm not even gonna run this because the gameplay is so basic I don't even let you play games with it you just hatch it feed it clean it's all just one button too so it's you know I do like mask key I don't like you though you get no love from me I also love Neo G but that's like the worst care it just sucks because like that's one of my favorite Tamagotchis huh yes hatch oh he's got a beard bless his heart now Agumon I know you're not used to being much older than your sibling but doodle Mon Oh dodo that's not a good sign they're not a survivor but in that case but here have some food let's watch your full eat animation I'm so glad we did Doraemon is one of my absolute favorite Digimon I've said this before a few times but they're like a lizard furry lizard cat dog Fox carbuncle kind of look like a carbuncle you know I'm saying the mystical thing with it and it's got a gem on its head whatever my opinions are valid whoo whoa an infant that has something other than just bubble what was that that was a chocolate bubble he shoots chocolate bubbles you shoot chocolate bubbles are you kidding me Wow chocolate bubbles and then oh then then randomly a needle oh this is not a nice candy store but yeah walking the aisles of Toys R Us this was everything's on clearance the sign at the front says all sales are final as of April 20th and it's just you wouldn't know that the place is closing down if not for the 20% off science everywhere there were video games 20% off I wanted them so bad I almost got Monster Hunter stories because I know it's not really like a monster hunter game mechanically it's like more like a I'm like a Pokemon version but man it looks so cool and I wanted it but it being 31 instead of 40 is still not enough for me to jump on it and of course Lily was having a fantastic time there everything that she saw she was like I want this and then after my grandma was like sure yeah I'll get that for you like three times I was like that's that's enough like don't get me wrong I pulled this crap when I was a kid but like it's the parents responsibility to intervene after a certain amount of time and be like then stop buying stuff for my kid I still need I still need her to respect me a little bit so that's how it go for today I guess dota mom's gonna be changing here in a little while and then maybe even by tomorrow you'll be seeing dota man and then if we take really good care of them we will get to see their final forms as for Agumon though how are we gonna get autumn on to have care mistakes without dota Mon getting care mistakes I guess we do the thing where we put a blanket on dota Mon but not an argument but that seems so cruel I don't if I could do that to them you know that just that just seems nasty I can't I don't know man now if you'll excuse me I am going to go into my grandmother's garage where I have like eight boxes of childhood stuff whoo but I look for a bunch of awesome stuff to take home with me if I find any cool stuff I'll show you I'm pretty sure there's a Giga Pet out there somewhere little see you tomorrow have a good one

16 thoughts on “Toys "R" Us Graveyard (Digimon Ver.20th V-Pet Diary, Day 13) – CWK

  1. the twitter of digimon revealed the meaning behind the names of the hackmon evo line a few weeks ago they said hackmon was named after the color white that in japanese the letter for white can be pronounced haku

  2. In order to get Meicomon's egg you need to connect to 5 different ver 20ths with different Tamer names.

    Three things control evolution. Training mistakes (easiest one to get is sleep mistakes), over feeding. And effort. Every 4 sucessful training will bring the effort guage up one segment

  3. It broke my heart walking round toys r us the other day. That’s where I got my very first D1 digivice and where it all began for me ❤️ good times and fond memories ❤️
    Best of luck going through your old stuff! Hope you find some gems!

  4. You're in my neck of the woods! Still too far to challenge you to a battle, though. 😛 You might be able to just train Dorumon up while feeding Agumon vitamins to keep his training hearts low. That would send him down a different path, at least. Also maybe force feed him meat until he says "no more!" ^^'

  5. Doru~ <3 ^°^ Hi, a Dorumon Lover from Germany here. He is my favorite as well (maybe even much more than you =P). Also, several things: First, I think he is more a furred dragon (because of his wings and later digivolutions). Second, those chocolate balls are metal/iron balls. Third, take some good care of him. Both of mine didn't make it to their mega level. And fourth, if you really want to only put a blanket on Doru: don't look at your non-blanketed Digimon as much. Others say that they will do the "sad walk". I don't know if you are man enough to withstand it.

  6. Personally I call him Huckmon to avoid confusion since there is an appmon named Hackmon. Not sure why they decided to use the same/similar name for them.

    As for care mistakes, the blanket trick is prolly your best bet to avoid dodomon getting any. Overfeds seem to be another parameter since some evolution lines require overfeds. A trick I use is setting the time to 6:45 am and then covering one with a blanket and one without until they wake up at 7:00 am. Then I repeat until I have the right amount of mistakes. This is just so I can get it all over with cause frankly I feel terrible too treating my digimon like that

  7. Overfeed agumon a ton. Keep feeding him until he refuses to eat. And repeat that 3 times and he will change to somethinf else

  8. You can just over feed Agumon 3 times and that will change his evolution line. Probs the easiest way. Also depending on how much you train him will also change what you get.

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