TOY FAIR 2018: Collectible CRAZE! New Pikmi Pops, Squishies, Mighty Mugz, & Flush Force!

hi it's Maddy acres dead from from the toy insider and we're here at New York Toy Fair which is four days for the fun sneak peeks of the coolest toys coming out all year long there are over a thousand exhibitors here at Toy Fair so we have spent the whole weekend trying to scope out the coolest toys to show you guys the best part some of them aren't even out yet yeah some of these are gonna be out in the fall some of these are out now but we're gonna show you some of our favorites so first where to start with poopies and they're straight from my hometown ker-plop willis and their little silly they're all like they're collectibles and they're put in a little toilet blind packaging and there's adorable characters inside they're really funny names like little squirt do harpy dumpling dumpling the names are just so funny we have noticed this weekend that gross toys are some of the hottest trends ok year kids are loving all the different poop and gross and pimples and all the nasty stuff who's this kid who's that I haven't seen that yet it's mother deuce obviously force I'm so sorry I didn't know when I saw you I never treat to you the same way clearly tons of fun alright so now you get from the tiny collectables and what's better than a tiny collectible shown below one boat one biology okay so this is squish delish from Jack specific and normally the squishes will fit right in the palm of your hands but these are jumbo sized they're practically four times the size so Kris and I are gonna open some they're both super cute so they're scented so that has a really nice potent smell I think this one smells like pineapple and of course if you squish it it has that super slow rise action which is so important it's just it's super sad it's so squishy oh my god this is like a stress ball this scent is really nice okay then from house where we have my tea mugs and these are really fun collectibles and all your favorite different characters like Star Wars DC Marvel so what they do is they're little figures that show three different expressions when you press down their head so you just go like this and they each have three so if you go over here to Finn when when he sees Rey when he sees Captain focusable pleases kylo all different expressions super fun super cute to collect and they have that really like nice size like a nice little material so it's really fun for everyone to collect super cool okay then for most toys we all know about pick me pops and these were the cute little plushies that were in lollipop shaped collectibles but now we're taking it to the summertime where you got your push pop love push pop so doesn't love push pops so these are the pick me props push me ups just lend just like a push pop you just open it surprise and then your collectibles are inside ours full all over but you can see what's inside there's little plushies they're all so scented who's right in my nose okay alright so now we're gonna even more destructive with our collectibles here we have smashers from zubru and these come in a little red ball and they have the collectible inside but unlike the traditionally where you just arrow in the package or push it up how do you open them Kristen I don't know maybe like this so you just smash it and the cloak cools inside but the coolest part about it is that you can take all these pieces and then you can put it back together put your collectible inside and smash all day long super satisfying to do and they're all I think they're all sports themed right yeah see a little soccer ball over here got your you know she would basketball so he's obviously a baller alright so now we're gonna go back to the squishy sensation so from orb we have these peel to reveal sets and we have these oddly but satisfying squishy little characters they're a little bit more jelly than the normal squishes that were used to that are more foamy and they I think there's what ten themes to each of them yeah there's a whole bunch of different themes and they have their own little accessories too so you've got your little hot dog and your campfire and obviously the backyard barbecue playset which should be openly let's open one see what we get so you don't know which one you're gonna get each time and you just open it like this so it looks like we're in the diner so we'll see what characters we will get do an open the first one okay get in it so I'm gonna get into my first accessory hamburger look at that it looks delicious I'm so angry all right accessory number two what goes better with a hamburger than a milkshake yeah my right it's squishy leo milkshake and then third you obviously get your little character go go for a Christian Oh what is the old buddy friend so cute even the accessories are different every time so if you notice over here we also have a diner but it came with some pie and you know some sort of cake so you know it's the same similar set and we needs to flip it over ease you flip it over and you just put the little seed in there and then you have the stickers that you can leave me we got a little cushion seat for a friend here super fun okay now we're going back to the grouse theme and this is a respond master this is flush force and this is actually really fun so you have them packaged in the little toilet bowl you want to put some water in it and then we're gonna shake it up oh and if you notice the top boat it got a little slimy and now we have to pull all of our collectibles out of the gross toilet do you want to I'll be ambitious I'll see what's in there oh that's very slimy so it's kind of combining another trend which is slime which was huge last year and Wow it's so gross yep so now you have your little collectibles they're all slimy kind of like toilet water you thought all the monsters were in your bed but they're actually in your toilet too if there's a bunch of different place that's obviously they go along with this and that's gonna be really fun another collectible trend for you we're gonna go into the future whoo with the Cimiez virtual friends this is from redwood adventures and it's basically like you're collecting your own holographic pets so when you get the companion app they have sets available for both a phone and a tablet so in it comes these leave the tool Holograms and on here it just looks like a friend but then you stick this on there and what's inside it's a little bit he's taking a nap oh he's so excited to see us he's so excited to be at Toy Fair and so when you go through the app you can discover new friends you can make new friends it's all very very fun very friendly environment because we all love each other and we love Toy Fair these are some of our favorite collectibles see them out on store shelves throughout the year mostly fall thank you for watching

7 thoughts on “TOY FAIR 2018: Collectible CRAZE! New Pikmi Pops, Squishies, Mighty Mugz, & Flush Force!

  1. My God what a waste of money these so called "toys" are ! They will be used once or twice and then thrown away. You can get better stuff in a Christmas cracker lol ! On a more serious note, how many millions of these items are going to end up in the oceans and landfill sites, contributing to the already serious plastic threat that the world faces. China has a lot to answer for trawling out the endless conveyor belt of worthless junk that it does.

  2. poop is not a good toy ,it odd to me you would have it as a favorite ,out of all those toys ? poo ? really ?

  3. Hey! Great video. We love Pikmi pops! Check out our latest Pikmi pop video

  4. I love the giant Squish de lish! Pikmi pops are one of our favorites, love them! We need to get some of those flush force! they look awesome!

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