Tour Of My Personal Zoo! | House Tour + All My Pets!

hello guys welcome back to my channel so I figured that it was finally time to do another house tour I did one of these when I first moved into where I'm living now which was I think last February so it's been over a year and I've had a lot of requests to do an updated one and I just have kind of been putting it off but I figured you know it's finally time to do it so that's what we're gonna do today so without further ado I think we can just go ahead and get right on into it I'm going to be showing you guys around the whole you know my whole living area I'm gonna be showing you oh my pets here as well as just some of my other stuff so hopefully you guys enjoy it we're gonna head right on out to my living room area cuz that's where we're going to start so the first thing that I want to show you guys is my reef tank here and the reason why I want to do this first is because if you can't tell it kind of makes my whole house blue which isn't ideal for filming so I want to show you guys this so I can turn the lights up and then do the rest of the house so this here is my seventy five gallon reef tank I'm going to adjust the lights on this real quick because the blue light aren't great for filming the camera tends to pick them up a little weird so let's adjust the lights real quick okay so I adjusted the light so you can kind of see everything a little bit better now but as I said this is a seventy five gallon reef tank this has been set up for about a year now and despite it being a year old the stocking in this tank is very minimal I do have to phantom clownfish and a canary rafts you can see here in this tank somewhere is also a toe many Tang but he does hide a fair bit in the crevices of the rocks and stuff so we may not see him but he is in there somewhere and then on top of the fish we do have quite a few corals in this tank there's a bubble coral a torch coral a Duncan coral and a green star polyp back there and then if we move over here I have a well so a torch coral favia a green star polyp a hand leather Coral I have this frog spawn some zoella's and down and put them there we have a elegans coral who has not opened in months so this coral isn't really doing too well but it's still alive it's just not opening so there is the tank so now we can move on to the rest of the place so out here is sort of a living room area I don't really use it a ton but there is a couch and everything you can see here and I do have my lovely little sloth on here but the main focus of this room is probably the pets that are in it so let's take a look at all of these enclosures so first off right here we have my carpet chameleon George I do really need to do an update video on him because there have been some stuff that have gone on with his health recently that I need to update you guys on you can see all of his medications to the side right here and because of his health issues I have had to move him into a smaller enclosure to accommodate some things that are going on I'll do a full update video on this soon but just know that's why his enclosure is smaller than it used to be it is for his help but there's George right back there he's basking which is why he's a little darker than normal oh that is George's enclosure and George then over here we just have this little shelf with some decorations on it so I do have some bamboo plants the other ones on here are fake succulents and then just some random other little things here this is like a little jellyfish which is really neat and then over here we have Pascal my veiled chameleons cage I really really hate this cage honestly I just I've tried so many times to set it up in a way that I really like it and I just never end up loving it so I really plan on redoing this enclosure soon but this is what it looks like for now so this is 3 feet long 3 feet deep and 6 feet tall so it is a really really big enclosure for him but he definitely loves it I don't really know where he is right now but he's in there somewhere found Pascale he's back behind this plant there so probably not gonna see a whole lot more than his arms but there he is and moving over here are some of my absolute favorite enclosures that I have so these here are all actually DIY enclosures as well as Pascal's cage so I designed all of these cages myself and then my dad helped to build them so these cages are all four feet long two feet tall and two feet wide all three of these so they're equal to 120 gallon I do have a video on how to build these cages so I will link it in case you guys are interested because a lot of people do seem to like these cages so down on the bottom we have Bella my Blue Tongue skink I'll open up her cage so you guys can see her she's out here basking right now so her enclosure is completely bio active it's full of different plants and stuff and she really really likes it I think it's a really great enclosure for her she has this super awesome background from a universal rock I absolutely love their 3d backgrounds they're super neat they will be linked in the description if you are interested but there is Bella's enclosure moving on up here we have Lex my bearded dragon so this is her enclosure here and here is Lex oh this is kind of in her basking area she's not directly under her lamp but this is her warm side of the cage and over here is the cool side I do also want to point out that there is UVB in here same with my Blue Tongue skink they're just mounted to the top so you can't see them very well but it is there so this is Lex and her enclosure I do kind of want to redo this I have been considering bio active cages for my bearded dragons but I do still need to do some research on it but I don't know I just find this cage a little bit boring I would like to give her more opportunities to be more active and stuff so that's something I'm looking into and up at the top here is the cage that I have built from my Aki monitor so I don't actually have my yet I'm getting it within the next few days I believe it's coming on Wednesday I'm not sure what day this video's going but I'm getting my monitor on Wednesday and this is the enclosure here so there are still a few things I need to finish because as you can tell there is no vents on the cage if you look at these cages you can see it have vents on the side this one is just an open hole right now so I do need to add the vents on here and I do also need to get the UVB placed in here which I have right over here but the reason that I haven't put the UVB light in yet is because when I first get my monitor he will be going into quarantine so I'm going to need the UVB light on his quarantine cage before it goes into this cage so my monitor isn't going directly in this cage when I get him but I do have the cage set up and ready for the most part for one it is good for him so this is also a completely bio active cage it is debatable whether this will even work for an aqui because they do require such warm temperatures that a lot of the times the plants won't survive and they do dig a lot so a lot of times they uproot plants but I really wanted to go and try it out because it could work who knows and if it doesn't I'll just switch over to fake plants so in this cage there's a ton of different wood because these guys do love to climb so I gave him a lot of different opportunities in here this cage does also have around 8 inches of substrate these guys do need that to burrow in and he also has a universal rocks background which again I love them and there's just a ton of stuff going on in the cage there's plant and leaf litter and wood and all of that stuff so I'm really excited to get my a key and to see what he thinks of this enclosure so that pretty well concludes it for this area of the house if we turn over here that room right there is just a furnace room so we don't need to look there that is my bedroom which we will take a look in later so now we will head on into this room which is my main reptile room so when you walk into the reptile room the first thing you'll probably notice is this big shelving system here so this is a shelving unit that my dad built me to accommodate all of these exoteric cages and each one of these Kay just has a different snake in it so here we have my children's Python cage mice and Boas cage and my Brazilian rainbow boa skate obviously my resilience because they do need bigger cages than this as adults but this is it for now so this cage here is all bioactive and it's doing a really really well and so is my boa then these three cages here all belong to ball pythons so we have Tobi we have Casper and we have angel and then if we move on to the last row we have Titan who is a ball python we have Medusa who's a ball python and then we have rocky who is a Pueblo milk snake you'll notice that I have some enclosures on top of this shelf as well so here we have Dorito my crested geckos cage then we have Derrick my gargoyle geckos cage and then we have mark my standing snake echo cage so all three of these cages here are bio active I really really love these cages I think that Derrick's is probably my favorite but I really like how they all turned out and then on the other side of the room we do have some more enclosures so we'll take a look at these it now so on the top here we have my Amazon tree Boas cage then we have my lychee honest deco cage and my cool gecko cage so these are obviously for juvenile geckos because as adults these guys will need a much larger cages but since their babies right now they do really really well in these 12 by 12 by 18 so I really like how these are going for them these cages are currently full of fake plants I would like to switch them to live plants but since I know that they'll be needing upgrades within the next few months since they are growing relatively fast I didn't really see a whole lot of point in going for a full bioactive set up in a cage that I know is temporary but once they are in their adult setups I will be switching them over I almost completely forgot this cage and then here we have my pink toe tarantula next to my Ahuja gecko then over here we have one of my leopard gecko cages so this cage here belongs to sushi so she has one of these Universal rocks backgrounds as well which she absolutely loves she loves climbing on it she has a ton of fun you can see her right down there hiding under that piece of cork but sticking her head out to say hello then over here we have my Viper gecko cage so I don't actually have any Viper geckos yet they are an animal that I'm looking to get but I have not yet gotten but I have the cage all set up and ready for them when I do happen to get them obviously the water dish is empty but that's just because there's nothing living in here yet but this is the cage which I have set up for my hopefully future Viper geckos and moving over here we have another leopard gecko cage so this one here belongs to pepper who you can kind of see over here having a nice little nap but this is her enclosure again she has Universal rocks background which she also loves climbing on and then if we move down here once again we have another leopard gecko cage so this cage belongs to my leopard gecko Aulani and you might be able to tell that this cave looks quite a bit different than my other leopard gecko cages that's because I've recently decided to experiment with bioactive cages for leopard geckos so I started with one cage first because I wanted to see how I liked it and I really really really liked it so I do plan on switching my other geckos over to bioactive cages hopefully that'll be done soon it can be expensive because you need to buy the substrate and a ton of other stuff but that is a switch I plan on making because I really loved how this one turned out and my geckos doing really well in it and over here we have my Asian force scorpion enclosure so this belongs to Merlyn my Asian 4 scorpion this cage has a few inches of substrate for him to burrow in he has some cork grounds that he can hide in which he really likes and then throughout the cage there's just a lot of other stuff like leaf litter that he can hide under and yeah he seems to really like this enclosure it's working fairly well for him so that's his cage and then moving over here we have Daisy my African fat tail gecko enclosure so hers is a nice bioactive setup I find African fat tail geckos do really really well in bioactive cages because they do have that higher humidity requirement and they really really love to have a lot of plants and stuff in their tank that they can hide in and explore around really helps make them feel secure so she does really well in this ink and then down here we have one of my bioactive corn snake enclosures so this enclosure does have a lot of clutter in it but I find it's really good for these snakes it gives them a lot of enrichment so there is a hide in the back there there's a cork round this bamboo round there's some live plants in here there's a piece of Mopani wood there's a piece of grapevine and obviously the water dish and plants and everything so this is ghost enclosure moving on over we have sandwich my chubby frogs enclosure and I'm aware there's some dirt in the water dish and that's because sandwich likes to crawl in there and sit in that Dandridge is currently underneath his water dish he likes to hide under there sometimes I think it makes him feel nice and secure although he does have these pieces of cork which he can hide in if you couldn't tell there's kind of like random holes throughout the enclosure and that's because sandwich likes to dig some holes to hide in so yeah there's a few different holes throughout that sandwich uses to hide in but this is sandwiches cage and then over here we have my other bioactive corn snake enclosure so this one does have one fake plant in it and that's just because I did have a plant in that back corner there but it died and then I found it was really empty looking so I just put that there until I can get another plant to put back there but this is tangerines cage you can see it tangerine in this quirk round back there but this cage does have a hide over there there is that cork round in the back and then there's a bamboo hide up the front of some different wood throughout the cage from a Pawnee and grapevine and a few different plants and once again a water dish and underneath my rack is where I keep all of my isopods and I do have some feeder insects under here over there I have some powder orange isopods I have some zebra isopods I have some dwarf white isopod powder-blue isopods dairy cow isopod and then these here are my super worms and mealworms and then over here I have some spring tails and some dwarf purple isopods in the very back of the room here I do just have this step stool in case I needed to get up high and my Myst King system is also back here so this is the reservoir for the mist King and the pump is down there with the timer right there and this miss King does run to six different cages it runs to all three of these and all three of these and then these bins right back there just hold some of my supplies and stuffs that's where I keep all my extra plants and substrate and wood and whatnot that's what all those bins are there and then lastly in the reptile room here I just have these drawers which have some storage and stuff in them so this is where I keep a lot of food so I have a lot of different Apache and some arcadia supplies and vitamins and whatnot so that's basically just what that drawer is just storage which is primarily food and then a garbage can so that's about it for the reptile room I hope you guys enjoy to seeing that so this is what the rest of the house looks like so there's obviously the fish tank there which I showed you guys before I turn the lights off over here it's just some stuff that I'm going to be using in some cages and whatnot that I need to redo or set up I do have a few plants over here these two are some schefflera plants or umbrella tree plant here I have some pieces of wood which are super super awesome I believe they're manzanita wood I was given these by another youtuber the king of DIY he gave me these pieces of wood which is really really awesome I appreciate it a ton because these pieces are so so cool and then over here I just have a Majesty palm and over here I have my goldfish tank which I'm not excited about showing right now because it's a little bit cloudy if you couldn't tell basically what happened here is I did a water change on it earlier and the filter broke so there are two filters on this tank and if you couldn't tell only one of them is running and that's because this one completely broke and when it did break it everything that was in the filter spit out into this tank and then it made it kind of cloudy all of the parameters are fine like everything is like you know good there's no ammonia no nitrates or anything it's just a little bit cloudy but I'm hoping as soon as I replace that filter that it'll clear up so hopefully that's the case but here's my goldfish tank so there are three goldfish in it right now I have two Blackmore's and then I have this one here who's a little Aranda and they do have an Amazon a sword plant goldfish tanks are kind of hard to do a lot with because plants can be hard to keep with them because they tend to uproot them and everything I've had success at this one I've had this plant in here for a year and a half so this plant is doing really well but a lot of people don't have any success with plants and goldfish tanks at all and then it's hard to do anything when it comes to like driftwood and stuff because goldfish are clumsy and they're known for injuring themselves on tank decor so this is what their tank looks like over here is just a little kitchen area there's a fridge a microwave and all that there is some more plants up here which I'm planning on using in some enclosures that I'll be setting up a lot of people ask me in my last tour what I use for a stove or anything because they didn't have one and the answer to that is there is a stove upstairs I never really show the upstairs of my house because all of my stuff is just down here this is where all the animals are so this is really just what people care about but for those of you wondering where my stove is it's upstairs and then over here we have this little bookshelf which I keep some stuff on which I really like so up at the top here I have two pieces of art which I really love there's this painting of some rabbits that I had made for me and then I have this plate with chameleons on it which i think is so awesome this is made to me by a girl named Susan I will link her page in the description below if you guys want to check out her art she does a lot of stuff chameleons related but this plate here it just has my chameleons on it so it has Pascal up there and then these two here are of George so this is a super awesome piece of work and I love having it out on display like this and then if we move down here I just have some other little random pieces a lot of this is just like random decor from Ikea and then I have this little sone I don't know if there's like a proper word for this but it's like a sone picture of George and down here again just a little bit more decor there's a little jar that I keep some coins and stuff in decor from Ikea and then I have this picture that my boyfriend gave me of two rabbits which i think is super adorable and down on the bottom here I have these two aquariums their four gallon cubes which I bought and then never ever did anything with but I would like to use them at some point so I just have them down here kind of stored doing nothing but there is that so that's what this area of my house looks like it's just empty besides these random plants and wood over here is just the door to the laundry room and then that's the door to the bathroom and over here is the door to my small pet room which I'm actually not going to show you because there's some things going on in there which are a surprise and if I did a full tour of that room it would give it away so if you want to you know see what the whole surprises and everything make sure you stick around because I'll do a video on that soon so I'm not gonna do a full tour but I will show you my pets that I have because I'm sure you guys want to see them so let's go ahead and see all the pets that I have in there okay so the first pad I'll show you is pumpkin who is my Syrian ham this is his cage right here it is a critter nation cage which I've modified to be a hamster cage so this cage does measure around 860 square inches I believe it's 864 to be exact but let's take a look at it so he is still sleeping I believe he's in this hide right here he is moving though so he's awake he might come out but pumpkin is in there so over here he has this wooden hide which is where he spends most of his time over here he does have this Carolina storm wheel and over here is another little grass hut so his cage is a more naturalistic theme so there's some different kinds of wood and stuff in this cage so there's a piece of map honey wood there is some cork wood and a piece of grapevine all kind of threw up the bedding here there are a few like different – toys in here as well there's a little whimsy – over here he has water bottle which is crooked and then over here is his sand bath oh hello pumpkin look who's awakened so pumpkin was my first hamster I ever got he is over two years old now on June 11th it will be two years since I got him so he's he's a little old man but I love him so much his food dishes over here I do scatter feed him I do also put some food in the dish just to make sure you know there's always food available in case for whatever reason he can't find the food that is being scatter fed but I do like to scatter feed for enrichment now he's going to have to snack so over here we have my rabbit Sonny and then we have a thumper right here it looks like he's going hang out with the slaw and lastly we have peanut and then we have my Hedgehog chip sorry for this like horrible angle he likes to sleep underneath of his wheel I was he gonna come up hello and there is chip my hedgehog you can see his eye there is kind of white that's because he does have cataracts so he is completely blind in both eyes but he's still a happy little dude hello chip how are you doing oh that was so cute okay well that was pretty well it from my house to her video I really hope that you guys enjoyed seeing this I hope you guys enjoyed the updated version of this a lot has definitely changed since my last one so it's cool to see all the changes it's cool to look back and compare this I definitely think I made a lot of improvements since last year so with all of that said thank you guys so much for watching I really do hope you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already also be sure to check out all of my social media everything is just everything will be down in the description below I would love to have you guys over there once again thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all in my next video

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  1. You have such a lovely home!! Minimalistic but cozy ? Can't wait for that surprise you mentioned!! 😀

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  6. You must have spent a lot of money for all the cages plus the animals that go in them plus all that food and bits and bobs

  7. Great tour Emma. Those hang on back aqua clear filters are prone to breaking. Don’t get me wrong they’re excellent filters, they just tend to break. For your goldfish tank, how do you feel about maybe getting an external canister filter?

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    I love all your pets & salt water! The coral that not doing well, you might want to move it to another area in the tank ??‍♀️ but I haven’t had any salt water in many years

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