Touching up Destiny USA Mall's 1909 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. carousel

pretty remarkable thinking that this is a hundred years old and it's still doing the job it was intended to be doing in its wooden and it's mechanical and it's a handmade thing this carousel I try to do a full carousel maintenance touch-up every three to four years I have stripped so many carousels and seen original paint and documented it in photographs and with color charts that I'm very familiar without even thinking about it what the color part is we are working on a schedule from eight or nine in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon doing two rows at a times that we're not closing the entire carousel we go row by row we look for every scratch dent damage from riders tiny little areas of touch-up you would think it doesn't matter but it really does scratches are dense we touch up the wood we prime it and then the next day we come in and paint that so this will be matched to as close as we possibly can to a color of the horse it's a really beautifully preserved example big

One thought on “Touching up Destiny USA Mall's 1909 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. carousel

  1. Well yeah about time that carousel really needs to be fixed especially the Drums and Organ doesn’t sound right.

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