TOSA INU vs BOERBOEL! The Best Guard Dog Breed!

so you want to know the ultimate guard dog breed is or today's first round contest sees the ball ball and the tosa inu looking to eliminate each other and move on to the quarterfinals so about further ado let's get straight into round one of our five round fight whoever wins the most rounds progresses round number one the intimidation factor Babur males can grow 64 to 70 centimetres weighing 70 to 90 kilos with females being 59 to 65 centimeters and around a similar weight the Boerboel is an extremely large muscular and stocky dog but despite their size and rather bulky appearance they are athletic and boast a quick turn of speed when needed males tend to be a larger and heavier than their female counterparts but boast both boast having large heads which is the breeds impressive and distinctive feature their heads a unique but always well in proportion with the rest of their body being broad short and quite blocky with dogs having nice full cheeks their necks are extremely powerful and moderately long which dogs holds slightly arched it flows smoothly to a dog's shoulders of female showing less muscle than their male counterparts and baubles have a level-4 firm broad top-line that extends from behind the liver to their croup and their bellies both being slightly tucked up their bodies are compact very very muscular and solid with dogs having both a good depth and width to them they have broad straight backs and very noticeable muscles as their chests a deep wide and broad with dogs having well sprung ribs and loins a muscular and strong being just slightly narrower than a dog's rib cage and room shoulders sloped moderately in a muscular powerful and tight groups a flat strong and broad and Tails a natural extension of a dog's spinal cord and is set quite high being a nice length and girth with dogs holding them in the shape of a saber a bobble skin is loose and quite thick with the pigmentation being black dogs have a moderate number of wrinkles and folds on their brows when they're alert when it comes to their coat they are very short dense sleek and smooth coats that boast a natural Sheen to it and they have well pigmented skin with these dogs coming in a variety of colors which include fawn red brown black brindle Irish marked which dogs should have less than 33% white in their coats and piebald where again they should have less than 33% in their coats the toaster varies quite considerably in size with the Japanese purebred dogs tending to be about half the size of those bred outside of the country the Japanese breed generally weighs between 36 to 61 kilos which is 80 to 135 pounds while the non Japanese breed focus on dogs that way anithing him 60 all the way up to 90 kilos which is a hundred and thirty to two hundred pounds and they stand 62 to 82 centimeters tall being about 24 to 32 inches at the withers the coat is characterized by short and smooth appearance and is often red brindle fawn or occasionally it can be quite a dull black the ptosis sure dense coat requires little grooming and the occasional brushing will suffice beyond that the occasional bath will keep them clean and looking their best their strong fast growing nails should be trim regularly with a nail clipper or grinder to avoid overgrowth splitting and cracking and there is should also be checked regularly to avoid the build-up of wax and debris which can often resort in infections in the breed well this one's a tough one to judge isn't it both dogs are very similar in appearance and size and therefore a pretty equally intimidating but as we do need a winner I put both dogs side-by-side and I went with my first good gut instinct which leaned towards the tosser being the more intimidating and win round one round number two the bark and bite force the baubles bright bite force is another breed that is a bit of a mystery with some people going to the extremes of saying it can be upwards of 800 psi now I personally don't think that's quite correct but I would be prepared to guess that they are in a similar range to the Connie Corso and Dogo Argentino around the 500 psi mark but let's check out their bark to see what we're dealing with when we're trying to scare in timid people off oh he's our son he's our face he's a sir who's that sir Jesus the tosa inu is commonly reported to have a bite force of 556 psi which is incredibly strong and capable of stopping any bad guy in their track should you ever be unfortunate of to actually require that of your dog but let's check out that bark to see if it matches up to their bite I don't think we can really take bite force into consideration here as the ball balls is unconfirmed and it could very well be more than the Tosa and either way I do imagine that it's very close so basing it on the bark again both have booming scary barks but I'm leaning towards the bore bores here whoo levels the contest out one round each round number 3 trainability the ball ball is an intelligent dog however they boast having very strong guarding instincts which is something that needs to be gently curved when these large dogs are still young leaving their education until they are older can make them harder to train simply because of their large size with this IDI in the right hands when the right amount of early socialization and the correct sort of training the ball ball is very responsive dog and one that learns new things very quickly the key to successfully training one is to make sure they understand the limits and boundaries which our dog must respect from an early age it's a good idea to enroll the help of an expert dog trainer when thinking of sharing your home with a ball ball and it's a great way of ensuring their training and education starts off on the right foot which was a long way when it comes to handling and living with such large powerful protective dogs in a home environment like all puppies ball balls are very cute which means it's all too easy to spoil them when they first arrive in your home however owners need to start out as they mean to go on bearing in mind that a cute puppy quickly grows up to be a powerful and dominant adult dog this means setting out ground rules limits and boundaries so that the puppy understands what is acceptable behavior and what is not it also helps establish who the alpha dog is in the household and something that's extremely important where ball balls are concerned although the tosser is a very intelligent dog they are known to have quite stubborn streak in them which is why careful yet firm handling is needed right from the word go if you want to share your home with one of these huge powerful and protective animals it's also worth bearing in mind that when they are puppies and adolescents the toaster can be quite headstrong they're very lively and can be very boisterous which means getting them to focus during the training is a little more challenging but like most of the other gardening breeds in this tournament it's absolutely imperative for you to do this from day one because if you leave it you might find it very difficult to be able to manage it's a large powerful dog and the dog is exactly the Einstein of the dog world but both are capable of solid basic levels of obedience with correct handling socialization and training and again another very close round here but if you were forcing me to choose between the breeds to train for an obedience competition or to compete in something like IPO I would be going with the Bob or who moves into a 2-1 lead round number four health and life expectancy the average life expectancy of a bobble is between ten and twelve years were properly cared for and fed in a good appropriate quality diet suit their ages like so many other breeds the bobble is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you are planning to share your home with one of these large attractive dogs the conditions that seemed to affect the breed most include hip and elbow dysplasia and TRO pian and ectropion blow and gastric torsion wobblers syndrome weak immune system knowledge 'as the average life expectancy of a toaster is between 10 and 12 years were properly cared for and also fed a good quality diet like so many other breeds they are known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which you must know about if you're planning to share your home with one of these dogs the issues that seem to affect this particular breed the most include hip and elbow dysplasia cardiomyopathy which is a quite serious heart problem fire oil issues and again bloat or gastric torsion another incredibly close round here which is becoming the theme of this contest both have the same life expectancy but the Tosa takes it around having slightly fewer common health issues and makes it to to going into the fifth and final deciding round round number five fearless loyalty the boerboel is a very self-confident dog where now for being courageous showing very little fear in any situation they find themselves in which is one of the reasons they are so highly prized in their native South Africa for being such superb watching guard dogs and being natural watching dogs I do not need to be taught to guard or protect which could end up making a dog more dominant and aggressive which is something to be avoided at all costs their size alone is impressive enough to put any wrongdoers off but the need to protect makes a Boerboel a formidable guard dog they have an amazing perception of any impending threats and will place themselves between an owner and a threat as a way of protecting them although the actual origins of the Boerboel remains a little uncertain it is thought that the breed came about when settlers from Holland Germany France and England took their dogs with them to South Africa where they were bred used with various local dogs in the early 1900s the largest diamond mining company for the region bought over bull mastiff type dogs to guard their valuable mines and is thought that these dogs contributed to creating the bauble their name actually means farmers Mastiff in Afrikaans whatever their true origins the bore bore was bred to be a strong robust and heavy dog that was suited to the harsh dry climate of South Africa they were bred to be large enough to scare thieves and robbers off which is something the dog achieves very well thanks to those imposing looks today the bore bore remains a very popular choice of watchdog in their native South Africa both and on farms and as working watchdogs however they have become a popular choice as family pets thanks to their kind and loyal nature's paired to the fact that they are renowned for their guarding abilities these large dogs are also gaining popularity here in the UK although the breed is not yet been recognized by the Kennel Club the boar will is however recognized by the American Kennel Club and over international associations the Tosa also called the tosa inu toesik an or japanese mastiff or even japanese fighting dog is a breed of dog of Japanese origin that is considered to be quite rare it was originally bred in Tosa Shikoku present-day Kochi as a fighting dog and the only breeds still used in Japan Japanese dog fight in which unfortunately is still very much legal over their ownership is restricted in some countries as a dangerous breed which includes here in the UK so makes them one of the very few breeds I have no first-hand experience of working with the toeses temperament is known to be marked with patience composure boldness and courage and is normally a tranquil quiet an obedient dog with a calm vigilant demeanor this is one of those rounds that could go either way and pretty much every round then this round is Noack action both dogs are fearless guardians but as we need a winner and although I'm firmly and proudly against dog fighting in all forms the fact that the toaster has so tightly interweaved in its lineage and unfortunately the case still today they take the win here and round 1/5 for me therefore they win this contest three rounds to two and advance to the quarterfinals of our tournament will take on the winner of the Connie Corso in the bully cooter click top left for the whole playlist for all the contests in this tournament or bottom left for another one of my videos I think you will enjoy don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon say don't miss the next contest in a tournament to determine the ultimate guard dog breed

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