Top Pitbull dogs attack situations most dangerous in the world new

the pimples getting pissed you you I did not hesitate it was my dog I didn't want one see harm come to her that's why I jumped in I do this every day and walk my dogs just a couple blocks and we've never had no harm BHS has to maintain its belly crazy I see now that I'm facing I can see his eyes gonna sit Oh and it's here net motherfucker oh hey the boxer get the fuck up like a pork chop Dave yeah Dan a boxer get that motherfucker Oh

22 thoughts on “Top Pitbull dogs attack situations most dangerous in the world new

  1. Why people keep pitbull dog?
    Owners is the most responsible for the other people's situations.B save ur life and also save other life.Avoid the pitbull dog..

  2. Pit bulls are a garbage breed of dog!!!… I would gut one from throat the anus , if it ever attacked my German Shepherd!!!

  3. I mean pit bulls are incredibly sweet and amazing dogs especially when they are properly socialized with people and other dogs, and the world is doing okay in the raccoon population department, but it’s absolutely cruel to allow your dogs to gang up and torture another animal to death. Plus, once your neighbors get a cat and it climbs that fence to say hello, you’re not gonna have any more dogs my dude. And what the heck is up with that tiny disgusting backyard? No wonder why those dogs were so pent up.

  4. Pitbulls are honestly loving animals, it’s the owners that makes them bad lmao, they can’t just be born and BOOM call the cops call the fbi lmaooo

  5. All this stupid owners of those bloody PIG BULLs either get rid of them from killing or hurting others

  6. I hope all you mother fuckers died that's got a Pitt bull. Your all trash just like them fucking murderers. I am waiting for the day

  7. These dogs get such a bad rep for the owners wrong doing? amh its sad these poor dogs who can be the most loving loyal dogs get this rep

  8. This happens when you breed and raise them to be aggressive. These people keep them chained up in their backyards like idiots with no human or animal interaction. You also have to be aggressive as an owner of certain breeds; you cant kiss pit pulls ass and expect then to obey you. That weak sensitive shit will get you sued!

  9. This is what happens when you don't socialize your dog's with people and other dog's I take mine to cabelas tractor supply and home depot petsmart every weekend

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