43 thoughts on “Top Gear : Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter – Top Gear – BBC

  1. Bottomline :- Fighter jets regardless of the company make and country origin, are something which should never be messed with 😀 😀

  2. Youtube logic:
    2008: nah
    2009: nah
    2010: nah
    2011: nah
    2012: nah
    2013: nah
    2014: nah
    2015: nah
    2016: nah
    2017: nah
    2018: nah

  3. With all the money they spend for these cars and tanks planes and copters and everything they use on this show really makes you wonder how much money they make from the show.

  4. "Last one finish is a vegetarian" Classic joke that could be used back then but now people get way to butt hurt about a joke……

  5. The Jet was supposed to land and completing its mile, instead it flew throught the finish line. Veyron wouldve won

  6. 6 seconds into the race*
    lol veryon will win
    12 seconds into the race*
    Euro fighter is louder then veryon and drinks tea
    20 seconds into the race*
    I'M A JET

  7. This was in 2008, the F22 was already in service, so the typhoon isn't the most high tech fighter.

  8. Originally this has the war of the worlds soundtrack over it before the race. Obviously it was costing too much to keep it on YouTube

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