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hi my name is Caroline your Sales Account Manager at Madonna product creators of smart plastics for happy pet allow me to introduce our modern top cat litter box the perfect solution to keep your pet happy and your house clean the top cat litter box is easy to assemble for the requested amount of cat litter in the box attached the list and closed the high end solid walls of the top cat litter box will keep the litter dirt and liquid safely inside the box this is also an ideal hygienic solution for multiple pet households at it keep the poop of your cat out of reach of dogs and even more important it hides the earth from crawling toddlers the list of the top cat litter box is stable and safely secured with two hinges and a lashing lock it has been designed with the safety of your cat in mind other not skills are move when your cat jumps on top of it the large opening in the lid has smooth edges and is also big enough for larger cast the lid on the box has built-in protrusions that gently open a cat spout when it exists so that any remaining litters stayed on the list rather than on your floor daily means or the top cat litter box is easy tilt Phyllis little stand on top will slide into the opening now scoop the litter box and that's it when all of the litter needs to be replaced the list can safely be removed if you're using a back fold it and replace it with a new one without the back use the integrated handle to easily lift until the box now reinstall the neck and you're done our scooping can easily be fixed and the interior side of the list fishing this book on the inside it shows that any cleaning dust lands in the books absolutely we recommend placing the short side of the litter box against evolve to encourage your cat to jump and a special adaptive music thank you for watching the video and your interest in our soft pad

6 thoughts on “Top Cat Litter Box | Moderna For Happy Pets

  1. Lmao this looks just a 18 gallon tote that you can buy anywhere the only unique thing is the lid.
    Sorry but I couldn't help but notice the obvious.

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