Top Agility Dog: One Of The Worlds Fastest Dogs!

this is that the best of the best we're about to see to win one challenge certificate or agility certificate in a year is amazing some of these of one three four and others even one young lady that's one five agility certificate in one year so and it really is the top of the shop to win to win one so and to get here they've been practicing they've been practicing on the carpet practicing in the atmosphere and hopefully they are prepared as any athlete can be does it get much bigger than this particular competition no not at all certainly not in this country and this cookies competitions held at this magnificent arena the biggest dog show in the world it's the envy of the rest of the world and quite right the show we invented this sport back in 1978 and it's now gone totally global we've lost half the entries from earlier today we are left with the very best of the best first dog in the medium section of the championship agility final first of seven Rebecca sergeant from Warrington in Cheshire Dali six-year-old border collie once-in-a-lifetime and she loves this green carpet won the singles on Friday to this combination so Graham they've got a good bit of form as they lead off first of seven dots in this medium section they have the courses exactly the same as it was for the small competition it jumps around just a bit higher first of seven dogs in the medium section Rebecca sergeant from Warrington in Cheshire on the singles on Friday this combination dolly six-year-old border collie and we are told the green carpet is one of her favorite places go green carpet and the color pink this pair are really on a roll at the moment I expect them to set a really fast time as they can just keep it clear you can see there is no time wasting the door they are up and down over that a-frame in a flash sharp right turn into the glass will tunnel now it's the control point of the course it must touch the ground before they go pull back into the tunnel can she board the wrong end yes she did and she avoid the a dream is about obstacle discrimination as she's doing a beautiful display bright leave entry just two more to go come on Becky three point seven nine oh now what a benchmark that is that's gonna set for the rest of the place well dolly 33.7 with a Rebekah their competitors hate going first but she has made a magnificent fist of it 33.7 beat that if you can

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  1. Look I get it, everyone thinks their dog is so smart. Let’s just be honest, unless you own a border collie you can’t truly understand how intelligent they are. My German Shepherd was a very smart dog, my border collie makes it seem like the gs was a blabbering idiot. Facts.

  2. "competitors hate going first." yeah, because we all know the dog knows where it's at in the order, and man does it get inside their head. : /

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