Top 8 Fluffiest Dogs That Shed The Most

These breeds are the worst shedders!
1.) Sledding dogs, like the Husky and Malamute have thick double coats, which means double
the shedding! 2.) The Newfoundland is a massive dog with
a ton of fur! 3.) Pugs shed a lot, all year!
4.) Golden Retrievers have double coats that shed twice a year.
5.) Corgi owners are surprised at how much this little dog sheds!
6.) German Shepherds – more like German Shedders! 7.) Great Pyrenees – Never again will you
wear black again! 8.) The Samoyed has so much fur that people
make yarn with it. Is your dog a "shedder?" Tell us in the comments
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49 thoughts on “Top 8 Fluffiest Dogs That Shed The Most

  1. The beagle is a super shedder too! Think very deeply before getting one! They are super hiper and are not lap dogs!

  2. OMG. I agreed to keep my friend's pug for two weeks and boy oh boy. I have always thought of myself as a dog lover, I used to have a Shitzu dog, but I could never ever own a pug. How does a dog that little can shed almost another dog in hair. I have been cleaning my house for over two months and I still find hair everywhere. I had to throw away two of my blankets due to the amount of hair.

  3. You should have put Japanese spitz in this video. woah they shed so much. i have a Japanese spitz that died and for what I remember they shed like so much fur.

  4. My bassador is THE WORST SHEDDER luckily, he is black! I use a ferminator to brush him about twice a week. Should I be doing it more?

  5. This is the reason why I spent $800 on a Dyson Animal vacuum. Worth EVERY penny. It got hairs out of the carpet that the old vacuum would have never even gotten.

  6. My mum wont let me get a labrador.Can you please make a video about why you should get a labrador and if you do thanks

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