Animal shelters have a lot of needs, and if you want to help out, you’re probably wondering what will make the most difference. Number 6 is fresh linens, like towels, blankets, and sheets that are used as bedding material for cats and dogs. The fluffier and thicker, the better. Number 5 is toys like scratching posts, chew toys, catnip mice. These make cats and dogs more mentally stimulated, make them more receptive to people, and give them a better chance of getting adopted. Number 4 is cleaning supplies Most shelters need a lot of cleaning supplies. They need dish soap to clean food bowls and water dishes They need laundry detergent for washing linens and beddings. Also, most of the time shelters need bleach for other cleaning of just the floors and cages and things like that. Number 3 is food, everybodies gotta eat animal shelters tear through food very quickly. Make sure you either call your local shelter or go on their website to see what kind of food they need. Number 2 is monitor donations, which allows shelters to treat ill or injured animals that have come to the shelter because of either cruelty or abandonment. This can also cover fees for basic innoculations when somebody surrenders an animal as often times those who are surrendering animals don’t have the financial means to pay for it And last but not least, the number one that shelters need is you! Lots of times local shelters need all sorts of help. Volunteers are needed for cleanup, filling food or water bowls, walking dogs, playing with cats, giving out toys Perhaps you might even be able to foster a dog or a cat. Usually, even if you have a small place that’s much better than whatever the shelter can provide. Also, the more you can socialize them, the better chance they have of adoption! Finally, you’re setting an example for others. Let people see how awesome it is to own a pet, maybe you’ll encourage them to adopt. When they see you take your pet to a spay/neuter clinic maybe they will too. With 70,000+ puppies and kitties born homeless every year, the animal shelters will thank you. Be sure to check out your local shelter’s website they may have other needs that I haven’t mentioned here and they may very particular needs of food or cleaning supplies. If you haven’t joined our community, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one!

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