Top 5 Popular Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp

welcome back y’all and today we’re going
over the top 5 most popular species of freshwater shrimp shrimp can make a
great addition to your freshwater aquarium or in a standalone tank of
their own now there are a ton of different species of shrimp out there
and many of them come in really brilliant gorgeous colors that can
really pop in your aquarium now on keeping shrimp they tend to do best in
heavily heavily planted aquariums this gives the shrimp plenty of places
to hide which makes them feel a lot more secure in the tank now keeping this in
mind you do want to be careful when you’re dosing your tanks with
fertilizers as many contain copper in them which can be potentially harmful to
the shrimp now because many species of shrimp are also very very small you do
want to keep that in mind when you are choosing your filtration as well what
method of filtration you have might depend on what type of tank and what
setup you have because you don’t want your little shrimp getting sucked into
the filter you will also want to keep in mind what type of fish that you are
keeping with your shrimp in the case of keeping them in a community tank as they
are small they can often end up as a snack and sometimes that can be a very
expensive pricey snack depending on what type of shrimp you’re keeping so now
that we’ve gotten all the disclaimers out of the way let’s get into it number
one is the red cherry shrimp these shrimp are identified by their beautiful
brilliant red bright coloring and they’re relatively easy to care for and
breed for even beginners now they do best in a pH between six point five and
eight and a temperature range of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit these guys are
very small they are at work shrimp they only get to be about one to
one-and-a-half inches in size number two is the Amano shrimp the Amano shrimp is
supposed to be the king of cleaning if you are looking for an addition to your
aquarium to help you with algae control the Amano shrimp is probably your guy
these guys do best with a pH between 6.5 and 7
five a temperature range of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and they are a little
bit on the larger size of shrimp getting up to about two inches for the females
number three is the blue dream shrimp these guys have a brilliant gorgeous
bright blue coloration so they can really add a pop of color to your
aquarium now they do best between a pH of 6.5 and
7.5 temperature range between 65 and 80 degrees and they get to be about one and
a half inches in size number four our ghost shrimp these guys are great as
they are extremely extremely low in cost a lot of times you can find them for 50
cents or less apiece in fish stores they are extremely easy to breed and they are
considered a feeder shrimp now they do best between a pH of seven and eight and
their temperature ranges between 72 and 82 degrees and they do get to be between
one and one and a half inches in size and last but definitely not least number
five is the Panda shrimp these guys are adorable with their black and white
coloration and Wow do they really just sort of add
something to a tank probably one of my favorite shrimp these guys can be a
little bit more tricky and a little more difficult to breed now panda shrimp do
best with a ph of 5.5 and 6.5 temperature range of 68 to 75 degrees
and they only get to be about an inch in size so anyway guys that’s only really
have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and
I will see you in my next video bye

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Popular Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp

  1. Amazing video love your channel I've been thinking about getting shrimp for my bettas tank which is a 10 gallon thanks for the helpful video ❤

  2. Hi, thanks for this!!! Another fish idea would be otocinclus fish! 🙂 once again you make great informative videos and I look forward to checking out all the other ones you make

  3. No Thank You Luv (British Accent) lol ? Been Busy And Haven't Caught One Of Your Videos In Awhile Glad To See You're Still Going Strong Keep It Up (Great Hair Btw) Well…Until Next Time ✌️ Stay Amazing ? & Cool ? From So.Cal ? Take Care

  4. I have a couple of questions,
    -How many shrimp can be in a 10 gallon?

    -is a sponge filter ok?

    -preferable type of plants for them?

    -how much waste do they produce?

    I dont have experience with shrimp buy ive been wanting to buy another tank probably for shrimp only

  5. Top 5 places to get aquatic pets video ?? tbh I get mine at aquatic arts cuz the local fish store don’t have much

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