Top 5 Parents Who DESTROYED Their Kids Electronics! (KIDS GO CRAZY)

what's up everyone and welcome back to top five central today we're looking at the top five parents who destroyed their kids electronics now I know this is a super random video but if you remember back in December we showed the most spoiled brats crying over bad Christmas presents and while you guys seem to love that as it has nearly 45,000 likes now I couldn't make this video alone as I don't have the expertise in the whole crying kid genre so I had to call on for some backup and get the best of the best to help this video is made in collaboration with my really good friend train crave who's an expert at dealing with spoiled brats who love to cry so feel free to check out his channel down in the description below with that said let's try to break 10,000 likes on this video if we can get that maybe we'll do more spoiled kids crying videos in the future well that said let's get right into it number 5 Rick Jagger Nuggets channel has a whole series documenting his family's crazy activities with many videos showing electronics being destroyed but this one is easily the best Jessie's dad is very strict about the fact that no one is allowed to touch his TV but his brother decides to hook up his xbox while he's out anyways when Jesse gets a text saying his dad is coming home he decides not to interrupt his brother Skyrim session and instead films the entire thing the dad's reaction is instant he throws the Xbox into the fire and even as I'm pulling it out in attempting to rescue it can't stop him the pair run outside and the dad smashes the device on the ground leaving this one screaming and disbelief before turning on Jesse what potentially makes us worse is the Christmas tree and decorations in the living room meaning that either the Xbox was a brand-new Christmas present down the drain or mcjuggernuggets should be praying for a brand-new replacement come December 25th now as you guys probably already know this video is from a series on mcjuggernuggets channel where everything is fake but it's still really really gold so I thought we'd include it anyways [Applause] moving on to number four I'm gonna be commentating this one for you guys and I'm not really sure how Tommy introduced me earlier in the video and the intro because I'm just commentating this separately and I have no idea what he's done so if he said something that makes fun of me this entire time believe him because I might just sound like a complete and total idiot right now but if you said something that makes fun of me this entire time you can certainly believe that because that's something you should definitely do but in this number four spot what we've got is a dad who is super pissed off at his son because he's doing bad in school he's getting bad grades season DS all that kind of stuff and I can also tell you this is definitely not staged not a chance no you won't get that vibe but I'll Tommy stop message me on skype school one fucking week and I'm already getting a call saying that you're under fucking see almost a deed and you got fucking time for video games what's the point what's the problem that's it you're gonna see the fucking problem there where you going oh fucking worry about where to fuck on goal you doing don't worry – fucking where – fuck I'm not you ain't got shit keep fucking around at school you got no fucking TV – fuck you play your games on next time you're gonna fucking listen do good at school I don't give a fuck the camera number three parents being suspicious of social media is nothing new but what this mom does goes way beyond being overprotective she decides the only way to stop her kids from talking to strangers and getting in trouble in class is to remove their phones altogether and the way she choose to do that is anything but subtle she literally starts shooting all their phones with a freakin shotgun however it looks at the gun isn't enough as once she shot her son Ethan's Ifill into pieces she decides to finish a job with a sledgehammer until the device is completely beyond repair the craziest thing about this clip isn't the bizarre ranting or the destruction but the fact that she gathers all of her kids and even the dog into the garden to watch her do it now I would love to show the clip but if I did I get a nice juicy copyright from Jukka media so if you want to watch it you can find the link in the description in the number-two spot we've got a Japanese dad and by the way if you guys were wondering why I don't start off these like little list things the same way Tommy does by saying like number two Japanese dad because last time I did that when I did a collab with him he fucking switched around the numbers so that I look like an idiot then he made fun of me for it so I ain't fallin for that even though he asked me to do it the same way I I ain't gon I ain't playin that route but this one's a Japanese dad who smashed his son's brand-new ps4 this kid and his friend they got it and they went into their room started setting it up apparently they were too loud either that or he got a really bad grade on his test you know like a 95 or something she was too busy listen the kpop with his hairdo I don't know but his dad was mad home by the umpire number one parents destroying their kids electronics is always pretty extreme when the kid gets younger the videos get even more brutal now thankfully in this case it's a prank but that doesn't make the kids reaction any less difficult to watch when the data in the video finds out his son has been playing video games instead of doing classwork he decides to teach him a lesson and swaps out his xbox for an old broken one without anyone seeing you confronts him taking a hammer to the Xbox until it's completely destroyed and the son is horrified screaming at his dad and brother that he hates them both a lot now even when the trick is revealed and the dad shows them the unharmed Xbox the kid keeps crying and refused to forgive them after a while he calms down and it's decided that since the prank has been pulled the son has been punished enough for his bad behavior but let me know in the comments below was this too far or do they kid get what he deserved whoa this one's yours broken Xbox and there's our video on the top five parents who destroy their kids electronics if you enjoyed the video please feel free to leave a light down below and subscribe so you see whenever I upload a video also if your own top 5 or top 2 an ideal fuel cruiser chimi handy form in the description to submit it with that said thank you for watching hope you enjoyed and I'll see you all in the next video

33 thoughts on “Top 5 Parents Who DESTROYED Their Kids Electronics! (KIDS GO CRAZY)

  1. I have a life hack for your dad if he breaks something you play with break his phone.

    Its a joke dont do it

  2. I had a phone before this one and you know what my dad did? He broke it like how you break a pencil into half

  3. Why did these guys even bother to buy a PS4 they heard dad clearly saying don't buy a PS4 if you do I will destroy it with a sledgehammer and what did they go and do completely ignore the father

  4. If you ever come across him again you do exactly the same thing he did to you top 5 switch around the numbers and start laughing at him make him out to be the idiot

  5. Hey son over there why didn't you just grab the Xbox and throw it straight in his butt people now do not have to do homework they're the dummies of the dumb they can do whatever they want I mean they can do the homework anytime they want and that will be never because people always choose the bad choice more like the good choice

  6. That dad on no 4 is crazy f*** this Under this tat school BANG BANG! NOW U ANT GOT S***! NEXT TIME UR GONNA DO GOOD IN SCHOOL I DONT GIVE A F*** CUT THE CAM!!!!!!!

  7. That is wasting ¥1,570 in Japan mom with shotgun damage in total iPhone X NOT REPAREABLE iPhone E total $190.256ml DAD with heavy chainsawbuzz TV total $60000.1899

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