Top 5 Fortnite Locations THAT EXIST IN REAL LIFE!

living in the world a fortnight for so long pretty quickly you start to memorize just about every not just location but also the geographical features and small things around the map but did you know that there are a lot of things around the map that may be inspired by real-life places I'll be honest with you I don't know why this is really too surprising for you I mean look at the size of the map anyway I mean with a map that big think of all the possibilities and adventures and places but mostly adventures oh man not this guy again who invited Fred to the anyway welcome back to top 5 gaming everyone where today we'll be breaking down our top 5 for tonight locations in real life and if this video gets 30 million thousand likes we'll do a face reveal no scam oh subscribe because we're awesome number 5 the fortnight map looks strikingly familiar to Poland when bringing a video game universe into the reality of our world it's usually through merch and events but at the games have merged real world in the fortnight Battle Royale Island in a more unique way we've had items for the real game teleported to earth even Fred and a couple of his friends came to visit however sometimes it's the real world that inspires items in the game or in this case the entire battle royal island a pretty common theory at this moment is that the shape of the island was inspired by the shape of Poland seems a bit strange but in all fairness the likeness is pretty similar although the exact shape doesn't match like a jigsaw piece the basic structure of the island definitely looks like it has some matching sections it's still one that people debate but you'll have to let us know what you think would you say it looks similar enough to be inspired by it a few theories supporting this were that the areas of Poland matched up with the map itself remember back at the end of season 3 does the depot got hit by that meteor I member well a lot of people thought tilted towers was going to get hit by it and to be fair it did get hit by one of the smaller fragments but tilt the towers apparently matches the location of Poznan a city in the Central West of Poland why did it match because this is the place that had a comet fly down from the sky i back in 2015 fortunately it wasn't big enough to make impact and burned out entering the atmosphere number four dusty divot is laid out much the same as Arizona's Meteor Crater when you imagine the comet striking dusty Depot you probably didn't think the impact area was designed in any specific way just a big hole in the ground right well it seems that the dusty divot crater may be styled similar to the meteor crater found in Arizona USA and to be honest similar is a bit of an understatement the real crater in Arizona is one of the few remaining craters left mostly intact formed around 50 thousand years ago it's definitely a big enough crater to gain some real inspiration from if you take this photograph a for example you can see an uncanny resemblance when looking at the new dusty divot the main building is almost identical in size and location when compared to the main dusty diner and warehouse then the road on the left of it matches up perfectly with the roads that are just next to the diner leading away from the crater considering this graders fifty thousand years old you won't see the overhanging craters edge you see in for tonight as it will have weathered away by now but if you check out the very center of the Arizona crater you can see that green growth coming back through and some small structures in the center similar to our own important you think with the crater they can come up with any kind of design but the entire layout looks way too similar to the real-life crater in Arizona unfortunately with our crater though we don't get a guided tour just someone grabbing a coffee at the diner or camping in one of the trees ready to ambush you number three pleasant part out of all the locations in for tonight this will definitely be one of the nicer places to visit in real life have you ever happened to find yourself in Vancouver one day you can stop by a real-life version of pleasant park little town known as Mount Pleasant Park it's got all your essential Pleasant park styles but I wouldn't go looting these houses real people live in them and that would be called theft don't go get and confuse them okay don't do that that's bad down to the pavements the freshly cut grass and the white picket fences and the wooden houses it's everything you'd expect from Pleasant Park except for a giant soccer stadium in the center at all locations like this make you wonder if it's all just a coincidence or if they're artists are getting some inspiration from these real-life locations we can never be sure without more direct evidence but either way these locations in the real world show what it would be like to bring a place from inside the game through to our universe number two new corn fields at fatal field may turn it into a corn maze last year's Halloween for fortnight was huge the pumpkin launcher will be forever known as one of the best fortnight weapons the school trooper is pretty much famous enough to get his own sponsorship and with this year's Halloween just around the corner it's not surprising to see epic games pulling out all the stops for us when season six started there was the new Halloween shop that opened up at retail row now as the days passed more and more Halloween items are appearing around the map you've got spider webs covering houses and giant spiders crawling around the place there are ghosts hanging from a lot of street lights around the map and one of the season sixes most underrated features is the new and improved cornfield at fatal fields before the place was almost barren ends but now with Halloween so close it seems that the games have gone for that cornfield theme that you've seen a lot of horror films it's a true american-style corn maze at its finest except there are no paths just the defensive field of corn that you could walk through the fact that you can't see two feet in front of you makes the place amazing itself it's definitely one of the more fun features to have when you're playing hide and seek with the enemy trying to out ninj each other honorable mention is busting the myth that the main building until 2 towers is Trump Tower for some reason since the dawn of tilt the towers people have been calling the large gray building Trump Tower supposedly people claimed it looked like the real-life Trump Tower in New York to those people I think you need to get your eyes checked if you look at the actual Trump Tower the entire building is pretty much made of glass like an office building the architecture doesn't look anything like and the building until the towers actually has arced windows like a lot of old-style buildings do not something modern and slick like the real Trump Tower there are also some that say it's because of the whole joke about Trump wanting to build a wall that it's now called that but come on guys until the towers deserves more respect to thing you saw footage of the inside of Trump Tower you can see luxury in one room more expensive than the entire tilt the towers bully it all started as a joke but somehow stuck quickly there have been quite a lot of others that like to call it castle instead as the gray color and architecture at the top of the building remind me of a normal castle I've even met a group that called a Gandalf the same Gandalf from the Lord of the Ring get it because Gandalf the Grey a bit stupid but I'm not gonna lie that was a good name quick and easy to use but didn't seem to stick if you can come up with a better name for this building and please call this number on screen right now we need your help to name this building he's been walking around and nobody knows who he is and he has no one tella buildings can't walk number one Lu Lamas found around London in Europe remember how I was just saying Fred and his buddies came to visit the real world well it seems like they were traveling the whole world that most people didn't even know about it back at the end of June or early July people started finding llamas in real life before that though the burger had had just been discovered at the location of guard would give you a card with a phone number on it and call that number you hear a mysterious noise that could be apparently decrypted into coordinates revealing the location of llamas far as we know so far seven llamas were discovered you could find one down by the beach and in canis kinase kinase canis gain it France somebody get me a dictionary at the shops in Warsaw Poland another was an ice cream shop in Cologne Germany I've been there he can even find one chillin on the balcony enjoying the view at Barcelona in Spain England actually got a couple of llamas placed in those old red telephone boxes you see this is just one huge marketing plan that works brilliantly but sometimes there's an easter egg to find will to solve because you never know if there's going to be something else that you still haven't discovered yet there may even be undiscovered llamas still out there they've been designed to be pretty solid and as you would expect a lot of people not just the kids wanting to take pictures while riding the fortnight llama you can even see pictures of people pretending to open it like they wouldn't gain I don't even care that it's probably mostly a market attack it's still freaking awesome the Z epic games integrate their world into our reality and leave it unannounced for people to find if you've enjoyed this video click that like button subscribe to the channel of your new push notifications on and I'll catch you guys in the next one keep it here on top of gaming maybe not IGN

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