TOP 5: Best Beard Trimmer 2018

be it's represent strength and confidence and they are a very popular trend these days the best way to maintain your beard is by using a beard trimmer to keep it clean and stylish in this video we're going to be breaking down the top 5 best beard trimmers on market this year factoring in performance so regardless of whether you're looking for a budget option or the best of the best we've got an option for you so if you're interested in finding out which generally best for you stay tuned as always all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below we always keep the description updated with information we might not get a chance to mention in the video we also keep links there to find the best prices on each product mentioned so if you want up to de pricing information be sure to check it out now let's get into the video first up we've got the philips norelco bt 9 to 85 for 190 100 the best precise trimmer Philips is one of the most famous brands for manufacturing men's trimmers shavers and other personal care items this trimmer is ideal for those who want a precise and consistent cut to make the face look clean this trimmer has a sleek and stylish design as well it looks luxurious and is the best option for those who want a good-looking beard trimmer it comes with a laser guide the projects on of the skin for trimming in a straight line the blades of this hair trimmer are self sharpening and don't need to be oiled it has a wide end which can be used to form straight lines along sideburns and necks the product allows you to create the same style on both sides of the face thanks to its precision it can be used for detailing as a nose hair trimmer and for shaping a moustache as well after being charged for one hour it can be used once besides it has an adjustable wheel to control the length when using it the philips norelco beard trimmer is the best option for you to have a precise cut next up we've got the wall 9 8 1 8 lithium-ion stainless steel on line one groomer the best professional trimmer the wall 9 8 1 8 is by far one of the most professional trimmers that men can use it's made out of stainless steel which gives it a solid body and a clean appearance it has a simple and lightweight design and the power button is placed at the top there's a small LED indicator behind the power button which turns blue and the trimmer is being charged or in use it has a t-shaped blade that extends out of the trimmers body it makes it very efficient the lithium-ion battery makes it twice as powerful as compared to an electric razor after being charged for one hour this trimmer can be used for up to two hours overall the wall 91a is an excellent and professional device for beard grooming and trimming next up is the Panasonic ERG b8e the best organic trimmer the Panasonic ERG b80 is reliable and durable this trimmer allows men to achieve their facial hair desired style it's made out of gray plastic the tapers up its build is ergonomic because it has rubberized grips on your side which make it very easy to hold there is a rounded button to switch the trimmer on and off as well the blades of the Panasonic ERG b80 are sharp and hypoallergenic it comes with three attachable combs so that you can easily shave your beard to your desired style it is a cordless trimmer but it can be used as a corded one as well it's powered by an N IMH battery and is fully washable the blades are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees for a perfect trim and there are 39 customizable setting options available this Panasonic trimmer provides a good grip is handy and is comfortable which is why it makes our best ergonomic trimmer for updated pricing on this product along with every other product mentioned in the video be sure to check out the description down below next up is the norelco phillips beard trimmer 7200 bt7 205 the best vacuum trimmer this is one of the best hair clippers for men because it's the only beard trimmer that uses vacuum technology to suck the hair clippings while you're trimming your beard this trimmer has a solid build as well it has a black and gray plastic body that tapers down to the end the blade used to lift and trim technology and are all made of a steel the blades are irritation free and provide a skin friendly option for hair trimming as mentioned the beard trimmer uses a vacuum system which makes beard grooming even more efficient it's powered by high speed engine and after the vacuum system sucks all the hair the hair goes to a plastic reservoir that makes the task of cleaning much easier last but not least the wall 986 for slate stainless steel trimmer the best trimmer for traveling the wall nine eight six four is an amazing and long running beard trimming device the battery is the strongest feature this trimmer because it's durable and it comes with quick charging technology it has a rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold as well there is an LED that indicates whether the battery is low or fully charged this trimmer is designed for those who travel a lot and spend a lot of time out of home which makes the task of room and trimming more challenging but it won't be a problem with the Walt nine eight six four it can be used as a cordless trimmer for about four hours so blades are self sharpening and made out of stainless steel and carbon this trimmer comes with eight hair guide combs that helps you give flawless styles for your beers The Wall online at six four trimmer made it onto our list because of its good battery life and features our gas that's all for this video hope you liked it and if you did please go ahead and give it a like if you're new to the channel and you liked it consider subscribing we do all kinds of videos like this over a number of products all aimed to helping you make the right decisions if we missed a product personally love feel free to leave a comment down below and let everyone know more about it and if you're interested in exact pricing all the products mentioned be sure to check out the description down below anyway hope you guys enjoyed the video hope everyone has a great day and until next time I'll see you guys later

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  2. I want good trimmer that does not break or stop cutting through curly thick asshole hair that has some stuff stuck in hair, anyone knows a good one?

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