19 thoughts on “Top 5 Amazing Dogs Compilation || March 25 2016

  1. The third (no dancing) is terrible! That idiot needs to learn how to read dog body language. The dog was CLEARLY not happy. Shame on you Pet Collective for thinking that was "amazing" to put in this compilation.

    On a happier note, the rest were adorable. Loved the surfing dogs!

  2. I'm amazed by those surfing dogs, omg…he's literally surfing with his dog!
    The last one is like,hey..you're looking at me?…nope,…hah..i got you,no,….yeah i caught you
    look at me…,no,look..i don't, …LoL

  3. Hi Pet Collective "Happy Easter" to you all !! Is there a chance we could have some fluffy chicks with cute cats for Easter please. Have a great Easter Hoilday Lol from Denise your No1fan in the uk.????❤?

  4. The "no dancing" guy with the Doberman is going to end up getting his face eaten if he doesn't learn to read his dog's body language better. That Dobe was giving off stress signals as loud as if he had a neon sign

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